Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wisdom We Need At This Time

The very presumption that the stars are in fixed orbits and that we must adjust our perception of time to those orbits is avodah zara (idol worship). The very intercalation of calendars in accordance with the sun or moon, based on the presumption that they exist in fixed orbits that we cannot control and that we must adjust our perception of time to them, *is the worship of the stars that we were warned not to take part in*.

The astronomical bodies proceed from our consciousness and they spin and orbit in accordance with our thoughts and our feelings. When we are in control of our thoughts and e-motions, we can also determine the course of the astronomical bodies as a matter of fact, a matter of course.

To tell people that disasters (dis-asters) occur during this month, which the Rabbis call after the name of a terrible Babylonian god, is not a description of pre-existing reality. It is a suggestion that they plant in the minds and e-motions of the Jewish People who trust them and believe them and accept their authority. That belief (be life) in the Jewish mind and heart then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because it is a directive to the creation.

Today's Rabbis are not aware of the fact that these negative suggestions, which become self-fulfilling prophecies if not overcome with Wisdom and true Torah knowledge, are actually witchcraft and so they may be forgiven, because they are like children parroting what they have heard from their elders. They have been taught that they dare not question the tradition they have received - which is a fear that all practitioners of witchcraft instill.

However, we must know that the times are in accordance with our consciousness and that we must gain control of our abilities. Not only are we able to do this - we are expected to. We must.

The Temple, the real Temple, was not destroyed in this month. The Temple is not amenable to being destroyed. What was destroyed was a building of dead stones and cold implements. Good that it was.

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