Sunday, September 28, 2008

VIDEO: The Large Hadron Collider Worked. A Stable Black Hole Formed. But...

This is a brief discussion of the mathematics that describes how an event can occur in one reality, but not be experienced in infinite parallel, mathematically equivalent universes.

The man I mention in this video who threatened me told me his name is Alastair Carnegie. He claims to be Military Chaplain of the Royal Military Police. A web site shows one Alastair Carnegie from Pendle, Lancashire, England. He claims to hail from Scotland. Another web site I found shows him as being Scottish. He goes by the name WarzSchoolchild on You Tube.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

VIDEO: Mystical Anarchy

I've uploaded the first 6 segments of "Mystical Anarchy
" on You Tube. The first 3 segments on You Tube are in one part on Google.

The following is the video's synopsis:

Discussion of Anarchy as an Ontological Principle of which the political expression is only one aspect.

Discussion of Anarchy as the social setting that will enable Human beings to cultivate the very best that is in us. Refutation of the idea that private property bestows upon us freedom, strength and independence. In fact, it is shown that the vast majority of us do not really own private property at all.
Jews are often accused of being the source and promulgators of Communism. Our accusers mean statist Marxism when they say this. This is the Communism, i.e., Mystical Anarcho-Communism, that our Tradition speaks of.

This is the link on You Tube:

This is the link on Google:

The fourth to sixth segments on You Tube will be the second part on Google. It's uploading now.


Sunday, September 21, 2008


That would be me.

My computer went beserko when I tried to put the last segment up.

First it was stopped in mid-upload. I had to upload it from scratch.

Though I have a high speed connection the computer got as slow as molasses. Eventually it just stopped.

I had difficulty turning it off.

It was OK on reboot.

I don't understand much about computers. So, I'd appreciate knowing what might cause that.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Let Us (Icke, Marrs, Maxwell, Swerdlow, Dawkins...) Entertain You

I'm deeply honored to find an indication on my Channel page that says that my videos are #83 - Most Viewed (Today) and #65 - Most Viewed (This Week).

I never imagined this measure of success considering the fact that the message I bring is so unconventional.
This video is in two parts on You Tube and in one part on Google.

This is the link to Part 1.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

VIDEO: Some Secrets of the Number 666

Gross misunderstanding and distortions concerning this number are promulgated by Christians and Satanists alike.

These videos come to rectify the error and the damage wrought.

The series is now on You Tube.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Saturday, September 06, 2008


The original:

The remake:

Note the introduction is the same as the final form of the introduction that Rod Serling wrote. He wrote a few versions of the introduction. Evidently, he hit upon optimum NLP. So they stuck with it. The images are the same too - classical hypnosis - the swirling lines, the pocket watch.

This is mind control intended to make you think that the true nature of humankind is dark. It is intended to amplify the darkness that is in us and diminish the atruistic side of us.

We were taught as children to fear monsters dreadfully with such shows as TZ, Outer Limits, Chiller Theater and Creature Features. Concomitantly, it was drilled into us that WE are the monsters. We were taught to fear and loathe ourselves and one another.The original TZ was one of the most powerful tools on TV for mind control and social engineering. The more I watch them again, the more I understand.Rod Serling was a sell-out to the establishment and worked for them. He was acting at the behest of the government who were refining the techniques of the Nazi mind control, social engineering scientists who were brought into the US as part of Project Paperclip after WWII. He says so much in his interview with Dan Rather. I suggest you watch it in two parts.
Compare the characters to those in the original.See how much more edgy people are?In the original they were friendly with one another before the power goes off. The people in the remake are barely civil to begin with and they obviously don't like one another. They act like the characters in Sartr's "No Exit". The gov't succeeded in making people uglier using the original TZ and the messages of misanthropy (and their identification of it with anthropomorphism) that Serling was charged with spreading.Please note too: The original is in three parts of 8-9 minutes. The remake is in two parts of less than 11 mins. So, there's less program (and I do mean program) in the 1/2 hour segment and more commercial time.They had refined the techniques of programming by this time. So, there is more time for commercials, which is programming as well, the programming that makes the public buy.
Notice too: The little boy says it's like a story of an alien invasion, as in the original. He says the word alien very quickly and swallows it a bit. In the remake the threat is terrorists. But the connection with aliens is made. The alien (from another world, so they're dehumanized), alien (non-citizen), terrorist connection is made in the mind.The most violent man in the mob, the man with the gun, is a beefy, Jewish looking man as in the original. In the original he speaks with a sing-song, as many Jews as that time did.The original TZ contained a number subtle anti-Semitic hints. For instance, in "Escape Clause" the devil character when he first appears uses the word "yet" as only Jews at that time did.
It is so important that we think of ourselves as barbarians, as monsters, who, were it not for their laws we would tear each other to shreds, to the establishment that they made a remake of the original.The soldiers are made out to be good guys who don't want people like this. Their commanders, however, you may be sure, do want us to react this way. That is why the sim was done in the first place.Notice which episodes are remade. Those are the messages they want to make sure are especially drilled into us.

If we are to beat the mind control we need to know their techniques.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

And Now We Return to Our Regular Program

Voice Control (that's what they called it)

The Opening Theme for The Twilight Zone

Shock Treatment for kiddies before going to bed

I cannot stress enough how important it is to watch the "classical" TV programs from the 1960s if you wish to understand mass mind control.

Search "psychology experiment 1950s" on YouTube. Watch what they were doing to individuals. The lessons they learned were then carried out on the masses - us.

If you are a baby boomer you must understand what was done to you. If your parents are baby boomers it you should understand what was done to them. And know that you were subjected to more sophisticated programming still. In order to understand subsequent mass population control, it is essential to understand the programs of the '60s, because they are the paradigm. They laid the groundwork and molded our psyches for the horrors we are suffering today.

Twilight Zone is one of the most important programs of all.

Pay attention, pay strict attention.

Remember yourself when you first saw those programs?

Ask yourself if the critique about human nature and character that Serling presents as being high minded really are.

Notice how he was training a generation of children to assume many things about human nature.

Are people really as they are portrayed in "The Shelter" and "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street"? Or, were children being conditioned to believe that people "really are" that way? Were unnatural, extreme societal stresses being applied to people that made they react that way?

Think how that meshes with the conditioning we all received to be one of the crowd, to fit in, "to be normal".

One of the absolutely most important episodes is "Number 12 Looks Just Like You". Notice every detail.

"Mirror Image" conditioned you not to dare to tell, if you discover, that the Nazis have taken over shaping society after they were brought into the US on Project Paperclip to teach mass mind control techniques. If you do, you will be thought so insane that even a stranger can have you committed.

Note that the term "pattern" is used in "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" and the term "trigger" is used in "Number 12 Looks Just Like You".

Those are terms specific to mind control.

Note how the shows make you doubt you doubt your sanity if something just slightly out of the ordinary happens, like something is moved out of place. Has a perfectly rationally explainable event ever triggered you to wonder if you're going insane? Maybe as a child that suggestion was made to you.

This was called "general programming. The more horrific forms of mind control, those used in the experiments that came under the umbrella of MK ULTRA, used the very same techniques, but at a higher level of intensity.

Instead of electroshock, the viewers were emotionally shocked and visually shocked and mentally shocked. But this was done repeatedly. So, perhaps the effect over years was none the less.

Instead of hallucinogenic drugs, the viewers were subjected to "trick photography" that was mimetic of drug-induced hallucination.

And remember that your parents told you to move away from the TV, that the radiation was dangerous? Yes, you were being irradiated to and you cooperated with it by trying to get as close to the TV as you could, the better to see the screen.

People who were subjected to specific programming were conditioned to love the person who programmed them, to think of the programmer as a friend and protector, rather than a torturer. Likewise, the fans of Rod Serling thought he was an intellectual and a super-patriot who was giving them insight into what people are really like. They didn't realize he was programming them into twisted configuration. Listen to how he describes human beings at the beginning of "People are Alike All Over". Does he sound like a humanist to you? Watch the last few minutes of the episode.

Those shows were amplifying the worst that is inherent in us and teaching us to be misanthropic by teaching to disdain just what they were reinforcing and exaggerating in us. These programs, and many more that drilled the message into us in various ways, taught us self and mutual loathing.

Ask yourself: what do you remember of what transpired during the day on any day that you watched "Chiller Theater" or "Creature Features" before going to bed? It kinda overshadowed previous events and overwhelmed you with fear to the point of everything else being dwarfed. Didn't it? I think that was precisely the reason for the shows.

Notice how many of those programs' scripts were centered around conditioning the public to believe that an alien invasion had happened or was immanent.

I am presenting the matter *very* perfunctorily. PhDs can, and should, be written on this subject.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

אזהרה: סכנה מיידית באוטובוסים הציבוריים

יותר ויותר בעלי חברות האוטובוסים דורשים כי כל האנשים, הזכאים להנחות בדמי הנסיעה בתחבורה הציבורית על סמך קבלת סיוע ממשלתי, יוציאו כרטיסי זיהוי ממוחשבים חדשים נושאי תמונתם. עובדי-החברות מצלמים את הזכאים. דהיינו, יש לחברות אלה העתקים של כל הצילומים של כל האזרחים שצילמו והם כולם אזרחים המקבלים תמיכות למיניהן מהמדינה.
כעת מאלצים גם את תלמידי בתי הספר להשיג כרטיסים כאלה כדי לקבל הנחה בדמי הנסיעה.
בכל פעם בה ייכנס אדם לאוטובוס, יועברו פרטיו האישיים, תמונתו והזמן המדויק בו עלה לאוטובוס – אל מסד נתונים ממוחשב.
לכאורה – מה רע?
הסכנה כפולה כשמדובר בחברת אוטובוסים בבעלות ערבים. אפילו אם הם עצמם הערביים הידידותיים ביותר בעולם – מסוכן מאד, מאד להרשות להם להחזיק מאגר נתונים כזה. ערבים אויבים ילחצו עליהם להעביר להם את מאגר המידע. מאגר נתונים זה חשוף לפורצים ול"האקרים" ואז כל אוצר המידע אודות נסיעותינו: מי, מתי, לאן; כל התמונות של הילדים המוסעים, שעות העומס ונוכחות מבוגרים; כל תיאורי קווי הנסיעה וכו' וכו' – יהיו בידיים מאד בלתי אחראיות.
אני מאמינה כי כל זה נעשה בגיבוי ממשלתי במדינה כולה. כרגיל, אנחנו מרגישים חובה להעתיק מ"ידידינו" האמריקנים כל דבר, ביחוד אם הוא מזיק. ברור כי לשרי הממשלה, שכבר שכחו מזמן איך נראה תוכו של אוטובוס, לא יהיו נקיפות מצפון אם המידע הנ"ל יאפשר פיגועים נקודתיים, דהיינו: אם יעיפו אוטובוס שלם באוויר כי נמצא בו מישהו שהגיע זמן חיסולו. הם מביאים על כלל נוסעי האוטובוסים סכנה גדולה מכל מה שידענו. כך מזמינים אסון.

אנא – אל תוציאו כרטיסים אלה! מחיר חייכם גדול לאין ערוך מאותה הנחה.

אני עומדת לפנות אל גורמים שונים בממשלה בעניין זה ולהפיץ הזהרות לפורומים של ישראלים ויהודים בחו"ל בכל האינטרנט. כמו כן התקשרתי אל חברות שונות של נהגי מוניות בעירי וביקשתי מהם להפעיל יותר מוניות שירות.

נא להפיץ אזהרה זאת בין כולם.

דורין אלן בל-דותן, צפת
Hadron Collider: Modern Day Tower of Babel

This is my response to the video "Large Hadron Collider - The Search For The Higgs"

Please be so kind as to watch.


The Netiv Express bus company is requiring that all people who, because they receive various governmental subsidies receive a discount on public transportation, to take out a new computerized identity card with photos that they take of the passengers on the cards.

School children are now being forced to get these cards too in order to get their discount cards.

Every time you get onto the bus your personal information, photo, and exactly when you got on the bus will be transferred to a computerized database.

Even if Netiv Express are the friendliest Arabs in the world; it is
to allow them to have such a database. That database can easily be cracked and hacked and then a wealth of information about who is travelling, exactly which children photos and all, on exactly which bus lines and the exact time they get on the bus will be available to any and all interest.

I believe this is being done with the backing of the government all over the country. They are putting *all* people who ride on buses in more jeapordy than ever before. This is courting disaster.

PLEASE do not take out that card. Your lives are worth more than that discount.

I have been in touch with the newspapers and will be in touch with various goverment offices about this.

I have also been in touch with the cab companies in the town and asked them to make more sherut cabs available.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Monday, September 01, 2008

HEBREW: True Prophetic KABBALAH Pt. 7

This is the 7th installment in the series.

The similarity between true Jewish Kabbalah and Sufi is unmistakable. Indeed, the Mekubbalim and the Sufis learned together in my home town of Tzfat for hundreds of years - before the Rothschild-controlled British came and fomented discord.

In response to the tsunami of pseudo-Kabbalah sites and videos on the net, I've made this video in order to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

I also discuss sources of true Kabbalah.

Please see the whole series.