Friday, June 27, 2014



תקון כל הסבל = 1353 = 354 = שמטה
שנת שמטה באה עלינו לטובה

Thursday, June 26, 2014

We Jews Have One of Two Choices: 
To Be Infinitely Happy and Funny 
or Kozmikly Sad and Ludicrous

I'm going to be writing a few chilufim which will demonstrate that what I'll state in the English below them is not my opinion or something I'm making up. The depths of the Hebrew language reveal these Truths.
In all cases when I show the values of a final letter, it is in the value of the final letter, not the regular letter. When I mean the value of the regular letter, I write the regular letter, even at the end of a word.

ישראל = 541 = המצות = שיא צחוק הויה

גוי = 19 = אחי = אחוד = הוגה

משיח = 358 = השמחה

גוף = 809 = גורם = יצר כלי המקדש   

כהן = 725 = כל העם

הויה = 26 = כל בית ישראל יחד = 1025 = 26

עברית = 682 = סוד ברית = נהיה ברית = מעשה מרכבה

The word HaMitzvot is properly spelled with one
ו, not two. Thus, we see that the word HaMitzvot is equal to the name Yisra'El. When two words have the same value, they are two aspects of one and the same meta-Being.
So, we see that we *are*, HaMitzvot. We do not simply do HaMitzvot. We are the embodiment of HaMitzvot. Everything that we say and do is HaMitzvot. It is we, then, who determine how HaMitzvot will be expressed in the Creation.
Yisra'El is also equal to the phrase: The pinnacle of Havaya's laugh.  We Jews have two choices, we can either be the pinnacle of HaShem's laugh in joy and love by being beautiful expressions of HaMitzvot or we can be the pinnacle of HaShem's bitter, sardonic laugh by making ourselves ludicrous.
Let's grow up from the illusion that HaShem is all sweet accord. We can embody the light side or the dark side. There is the dark side, which is every bit as strong as the light side. It is WE JEWS who have been vested with the responsibility to determine the nature of God's revelation here in the creation. We can embody the light side or the dark side, which is not so much evil as it is miserable and kvetchy. If we make the choice to do the latter, we will suffer and so will the entire creation. We can't just make a Golem who will do evil without our suffering. If we choose to be miserable, we will be surrounded by misery that we won't be able to escape until we choose to be the embodiment of Happiness and thereby change the entire nature of the Creation.

The Gentiles, HaGoyim, or more correctly pronounced HaJoyim, are our Brothers and Sisters, they are one with us, but they are also our creation. As we meditate in Torah, as our intentions and emotions are when we learn Torah – so the Gentiles will be. Get this and get it good. They are as we bring them into existence. We owe it to them to learn in Joy, in good intentions and with the intentions of sweetening and softening the difficult passages in Torah, not merely accepting them as they appear without doing deep Gematriot to the purpose of revealing the Light and the Love. If we do not, we will live the consequences. History proves me right on this.
Hebrew, as the chiluf above shows, is Ma'aseh Mercavah. Yes,  you've been doing it whether you know it or not – every time you say something in Hebrew - *but it is your inner intention, mood and emotions that will determine the inner nature of the form you brought into creation*. You owe it to the Creation to be Joy Itself and to intend the absolute best for all that you bring into Creation.

Mashiach is naught but Happiness itself. HaSimcha is Mashiach. We do not need to be waiting for someone to ride up on a white ass and make us happy. We, each of us, have to make the decision to will ourselves to be the embodiment of Happiness itself. No one can make you happy but you. So long as we learn Torah with darkness in our hearts and without a sense of humor, we will not see the infinite jokes in Torah. We will instead misinterpret it and become a ludicrous parody of what we are intended to be, never realizing that we are HaMitzvot. We will be re-enacting an ersatz of ourselves. Doing so arouses the laughter of the dark side of HaVayah, and instead of laughter in the world, the very same pronunciations become the cries of agony. Have mercy on the Creation! Be happy for the sake of Creation. The only sacrifice that we have to make is giving up the dubious kick we get out of being miserable.

Our Bodies *are* the Temple and all of our Body's organs are the vessels of HaMikdash. We do not have to build the Temple. We are already living in the Temple. Our Soul is always in The Temple Every act we do is that of HaCohenim's Service in the Temple.
When Jews use their Bodies, which are the real Mikdash, to hug stones, we do far worse than just make ourselves cosmically ludicrous. Because our Bodies are HaGorem – that which causes, when we misuse our bodies to perform what is essentially an act of avodah zara, we send "bad vibes", to use the terminology of the current times, out into creation. We Jews have been invested with the responsibility of setting the tone of the entire Creation. If we send out bad vibes because we refuse to acknowledge the depth of the Responsibility that has been invested in us and run away from the fact that WE, ALL OF US TOGETHER, ARE HAVAYAH, the entire Creation will suffer for our fundamental failure. Have Mercy! Let our being the embodiment of Happiness be our Mesirut Nefesh. The only sacrifice we are called upon to make is to give up being heavy and sad. We shouldn't desire to be happy because it feels good. We should endeavor and determine to be the embodiment of Happiness for the sake of the Creation.

See why I do Chilufim? Saves a whole lotta verbiage.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


הקשר בין נקודה חטף סגול ושלושה הבנים שנחטפו, ש ה' ישמור עלינו מצרות

לא אתעסק כאן בספקולציות על מי חטף את שלושת הנערים ולמה. אדבר כאן על הסיבה שדבר כזה יכול להתרחש בבריאה בכלל.
השם אלקים ואף השם הויה (לפעמים) מתחלים בנקודה חטף סגול, המורכבת משלוש נקודות (כנגד שלושה בנים) וסימן כי יש לבטא את האות המנקודת בה באופן חטוף.

האם כאשר אנו הגינו והתפללנו שמנו לב לנקודה חטף סגול בשמות אלקים ולפעמים בשם הויה? האם הגינו את הנקודות בשמחת לב ובכוונה לשמור על הבריאה מפורענויות המתרחשות כאשר אנו לא הוגים ברחמים, בשמחה ובכוונה שהבריאה תהיה כולה טובה?

הענין, רבותי, הוא לא רק להמשיך לנסות לתקן את המפלצות הנבראות מהיגוי בתורה ומתפילה שלא מבוטאים בשמחה, ברחמים ובכוונה לשמור על הבריאה מעוותים הנוצרים מהיגויינו, אלא לשמור ולהזהר עד מאד *לפני* שדברים מכוערים מתגלמים.

שה' ישמור על הנערים ההם ושהם יחזרו אל בתיהם במהרה בשלום.