Monday, July 31, 2017

A visit to Israeli Maximum Security Prison to Witness Human Rights Abuse

This is what is done to a Human rights Attorney in Israel who spoke out about Child Trafficking in Israel.

What does that tell you?

Mother and Activist Lori Shem Tov whose Children were given by Social Services into the sole custody of her drug-dealing, drug addicted ex from whom she tried to protect them is also in custody under similar circumstances. Social Workers bullied and browbeat the Courts to cooperate. What power do they wield over the Courts? The System felt “insulted” when she detailed their abuses. Insulting Child Traffickers is a very serious crime in Israel.

P.S. Our swamp drains directly into the American swamp. If you want your swamp drained, it behooves you to help us drain ours.

Friday, July 28, 2017


 is huge international business.

We all live in an abyss of grief because of it.

Understand this.

Special Thanks are Hereby Extended to AIPAC and all the Jews Who Sold Out to the Degeneracy of Capitalism

Thank you so very much for bringing ignominy upon all of us Jews, for giving the anti-Semites reason to hate all of us, for making us all look untrustworthy, for making all of us look complicit - for endangering the lives of the poor and middle class Jews who cannot hide in compounds from those who might act on the disgust you have aroused in them.
Thank you for coming to Israel and putting pressure on the Israeli government to traffic Israeli Children.
Thank you for bribing Israeli politicians to make life hell for the poor in Israel.
Thank you for all you do to keep the munitions industry running sprightly.
Thank you for bringing dishonor on our Torah and our Tradition of morality to the point where people react with sick laughter when a Jew quotes a moral teaching.
Thank you so much for assuming center stage of the world's consciousness of the Jews and making them forget the efforts of the Jews who sacrificed their very lives for Humanity in every generation.
Thank you for everything. You've worked so very hard.


I'm writing this because a BABY TRAFFICKING ring between Israel and America was recently uncovered and was reported in Israel. The trafficker of pregnant Women to the US is a famous Rabbanit. The ring sells the babies (who are removed from the Mothers by Cesarean section whether needed or not) to Charedi families *and to unspecified businesses* for $250K each.

How can this happen? The article states clearly: In the Charedi world one does not ask questions - especially if prominent rabbis are involved. So, even if the Charedim see something is wrong, very, very wrong, most will obey a rabbinic authority.

The name of the god Baal means "owner", "lord", "master" and finally "husband".

Obedience to authority, simply on the basis of the authority, is strictly forbidden in true, Torah Prophetic Judaism. That *is* what is meant by baal worship. Blind obedience to those who have authority, wealth, prestige, lineage...will all eventually lead to Human sacrifice. That is what the Prophets warned about when they talked about baal worship.

The Prophet Eliyahu (Elijah) said the following for HaShem:
Yet will I leave seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.' - Kings I, 19:18

Now, the number 7000 can be more or less inclusively interpreted employing the gematriot. However, it is clear from the passage that the number of Jews who will not fall into the worship of the baalim will be small. And it is clear from the passage that to be Israel one must have the strength not to be entranced by power or prestige or money or even lineage. There is no place in Israel for worshiping idols and this is what is meant.

The rabbis interpret worshiping idols as cultic practice so that the Jews do not recognize that it is they who are being talked about.

Anyone who accepts Prozbul (proz baal - ordinance of the baalim) is in a position of forfeiture of their place in Israel and will remain so until they do T'shuvah. They are people who are contributing to economic corruption and everything that leads from it - slavery, human trafficking, drugs, prostitution - in short Human sacrifice. They have removed themselves from the sanctity of Israel and are not fit to teach Torah.

Understand that the rabbis have brought the Jewish people to the point where the vast majority of "religious" Jews will turn a blind eye to the sacrifice Children, and even participate in kidnapping Babies from Mothers who have been drugged and had their Babies cut out of them and stolen when they were helpless under anesthesia, rather than go against their authority.

Baal worship is stronger, and uglier, than ever among the religious Jews - and has never been more profitable. Think a thousand times before you accept a rabbi's authority because the leprosy of idol worship is highly contagious.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


 וְאַחַר עוֹרִי נִקְּפוּ-זֹאת וּמִבְּשָׂרִי אֶחֱזֶה אֱלוֹהַּ
 איוב י"ט:כ:ו

הבה נבין את הדברים נכונה, בע"ה.

איוב = 19 = אובי = אביו
= חוה = גוי = הוגה = אחי
= אחוד = עולם חדש = 1018 = 19
= בת התורה = כל עצות בת
= גלגול של דורות = חסד של דורות
= של דורות כנסת ישראל
= 2017 = 19 = אתם זהה
= הזה אתם = התבראתי

ואחר = 215 = חזר = הדור

עורי = 286 = הפאר = האפר
= רפאה

ואחר עורי = 501 = אשר = ראש
= הפאר חזר = הדור הפאר

נקפו זאת = 644 = חולם = ולחם
= אנכי גניך = פועל נחת = מצוה באשר

ומבשרי = 558 = חנך = כל הגן
= שיר מח = שיר גילה = שיר יובל

אחזה = 21 = אהיה = היו
= יהו = הזוג = ההוה

אלוה = 42 = לבי = בלהה = ולאה

אחזה אלוה = 63 = חנה = נביא = מחיה

י"ט כ"ו = 45 = אדמ = מאד
  = חוה הויה = היהודיה


האדם הקדמון גמור

האדם = 610 = ים = עמך
= רבבות = דרות  = צוחקות
= חוה כל ישראל  = כל ישראל עולם חדש
= 1609 = 610 = אתר קבוץ

קדמון = 850 = תמתי = תכלת = מרים
= שתי עיני = הקהל קים = הקהל שריר
= מקום בארץ = 1849 = 850 = מקום לעד
= כל נשמתי = ציון מתבראת
= פקד כל בני ברית השלום

גמור = 249 = מטר = גיל מופיע

הוא שתי עיני ימין ושמאול = 2005
= 7 = ז = או = גד = בה = תורת
= אשר שרה = 1006 = 7 = ראש שרה
= כל ספר התורה = דורות השכינה
= התורה זכר ונקבה

בית מקדש שתי עיני = 1711 = 712
= תשבי = ישבת = יבשת = שבתי

אתם רבבות = 1611 = 612 = ברית
= עלץ תורה = קרן תורה
= בני הברית החדשה אדם
= בני הברית החדשה עמך
= מלא ישראל = כל חג אצילות הגו
= כל חג אצילות הקבוץ

שתי עיני האדם הקדמון = 2315
= 317 = חדשה


הנה כל בני ברית השלום מכל דור מופיעים בהוה

 = 2859   = 861
 = בית המקדש
= אסף
= לחוזרים
= ראש השנה
 =ראש המחשבה
= אשר המחשבה

Monday, July 24, 2017

URGENT-CALL TO ACTION: Save a Human Rights Lawyer Who The Israel Government Has Illegally Detained!

Every time Netanyahu has serious political problems, the Arabs conveniently kill someone and/or riot. Sudden bloodshed is so much more riveting than the slow, painful, everyday Genocide of the Jews in the state that calls itself Israel. Just a couple of days ago Miki Ganor agreed to be the state's witness against Netanyahu in the case of his submarine deal with Thyssenkrupp. Ask why Netanyahu insisted on doing business with the family of the notorious "reformed" Nazi - Fritz Thyssen.

Chilling Interview With Lawyer Elizabeth Beck About Dead Clinton Affiliates 

Elizabeth Beck, LLD is the lawyer working on the DNC fraud case. Protect!

Sunday, July 23, 2017


להתבונן בשמחה

להתבונן = 1193 = הייתי בונן
= 194 = צדק = להתחנן = הייתי חנן
= הייתי כל הגן = נולד בארץ = מוליד בארץ
= ידוע בארץ

מחשבה = 355 = שנה = ספירה = נשגב
= בשמחה

יש "מקבולים" המתבוננים "בספירות" ויש מנהג לעשות כן בימי ספירת העמר. הם חושבים כי המנהג נשגב וכי הספירות הן טמירות. לא כך עושים התבוננות נכונה וכשרה. עובדה: אותם ה"מקובלים" לא הצליחו לגרום לשמחה לשכון בעולם זה כתוצאה מהמנהגים שלהם. התעסקות בנשגבים ובטמירים אינם רצויה. תכלית הבריאה אינה לרחף בספירות מופשטות ונשגבות, אלא להוריד את האורות העליונים לרמת האפר. השמחה היא הנדרשת. יש להתבונן במעמקי האשר. כך אנחנו מורידים את האשר משמי השמים אל רמת הארץ. יש לחשוב: האשר אשר באשר. האשר אשר בדיצה. האשר אשר בחדוה...וכך הלאה אם כל המונחים הנרדפים לשמחה בעברית. העושה כן נכנס לעמקי מקוה הטהרה. כל מחשבותיו סופגים את ימי השמחה והוא רוחץ את כל הבריאה במי טהרה כשהוא חושב על הבריות ומביט בהן.

כמה דוגמות:

עלץ = 1000 = 1 = א = תם
= קרן = הבטחתי וקימתי

ד = 4 = כל בית ישראל = 1003 = 4
= אשר בשר = שאר בשר

ה = 5 = אשר בשאר = 1004 = 5
= אד = דתם = גב

שב = 302 = קרב = אקרא = קראתם
= 1301 = 302

האשר שב... = 808 = אברהם = ברא אדם
= באר אשר באשרם = 1807 = 808 = רחם

השמחה אשר ב = 861 = בית המקדש
= השמחה באשר

השמחה אשר באשר = 1362 = 363
= המשיח

האשר אשר באשר = 1510 = 511 = אשרי
= ראשי

ששון = 1306 = 307 = גדש  = שוא = רקבה
= קרבה = שבה

הששון = 1311 = 312 = ישב = חדש
= ששון אשר באשר = 2310 = 312

האשר אשר בששון = 2114 = 116 = עליו
= עולם אבות = 1115 = 116

עליז = 117 = זיק

עליזה = 122 = זלפה = נבע = כל חסד
= כל כנסת ישראל = 1211 = 122
= פה יחידה = יסוד היחידה

שרה = אשר כל בית ישראל = 1504 = 505

רקבה = 307 = קרבה = ששון = 1306

לאה = 36 = אלה = עלץ לה = 1035 = 36

רחל = 238 = ויהי אור = עלוי זלפה
= עליזה עליו = העלץ עם ישראל חוגג
= 2236 = 238

בלהה = 42 = יוכבד = לבי

שבעלץ = 1302 = שבתם = 303 = שבא
= אקרב = קרבתם = קרב תם = קרב עלץ
= קרב העתיק הקדוש

צלע = 190 = כל הקהל = הנה צהלה
= צהלה עולם שמחה = 1189 = 190
= צהלה עולם גשמי

זה הצלע ממנו חוה נעשית.

האשר שבעלץ = 1808 = 809 = גוף
= גו נשמתי = גורם = גו רם = שרש גו
= קבוץ נשמתי

חדוה = 23 = כאב = חוגג בעלץ = 1022
= 23 = חיה

עלינו ללמוד לחוות כאב כחדוה.

החדוה = 28 = חיי = יחי = יחוד = יחדו
= החוגג בעלץ = 1027 = 28

צהלה = 130 = סיני = כל יסוד = כל לכל

הצהלה = 135 = קהל

הצהלה אשר ב = 638 = לחם = חלם

א + חלם = א
ֹ = 1638 = הצהלה אשר בעלץ

דיצה = 109 = הדק = דקה

בדיצה = 111 = אל"פ = פלא = ממלא
= עולה = מי אני = אני כל = חג מיכל
= המלכה העתיקה הקדושה = 1110 = 111
= קוה

הצהלה אשר בדיצה = 747 = קהל אשר בדיצה
= זמן = מקראות = להבין = אמון
= הויה כאן = חזון הקדושים = 1746 = 747

להבין את = 1148 = 149 = להבין ישעיהו
= קדמה = שבת וינפש

להבין את כל התורה בשמחה = 2169
= 171 = עליונה

מקוה = 151 = לבי דיצה = דינה מבלהה

הצהלה אשר בדיצה = 747 = חלם דיצה
= זמן = מקראות = להבין = ספר אתו
= אמון = ואת שלי 

מקוה השמחה = 509 = הנחמות

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Israel is not a political entity and cannot be a political entity.

Israel is not reached by plane or by boat. Israel is only accessed by dint of long years of improving oneself morally and the sincere desire to become morally pure enough to live in the rarefied moral realm that is Israel.

Israel is everywhere people in true God consciousness, those who walk in the Way of the Prophets (not the Talmud!) make contact with physical reality. Where their feet tread becomes Israel by virtue of their touch. The air they breathe is Israel by virtue of the Breath that issues from their nostrils when they speak true Torah.

The light in Israel issues from the eyes of those who have refined themselves sufficiently to see the true interpretation of Torah.

Israel has no borders. Torah law, as interpreted by the Prophets (not the rabbis!), is the law of the Land in Israel.

God's Wisdom is the oceans and water sources of Israel.

No army can, or needs to, defend Israel. In Israel there is a Host, not an army.

Anyone who imagines that Israel can be a state and that it needs an apparatus to keep it functioning and defend it reveals that they are not real Jews in so declaring or have been so far removed from the truth Tradition that they have no idea of that which they speak for having been poisoned by the rabbis.

No real Jew steeped in our True Tradition makes the mistake of thinking that Israel is a political matter any more than a fish wouldn't discern between alcohol and water.

Friday, July 14, 2017


המקום המרכזי של אם בתורה

י = 10 = אם* ובת = 1009 = 10

*ם = 600

הויה = 26 = היא אם ובת = 1025 = 26

אלהים = 646 = כתר הויה = אם היהודיה
=   מדברת

תורה = 611 = את הרה

הרבנים השתיקו את הויה א-להים כדי להתעסק בעבודה זרה בבלית.

Monday, July 10, 2017



ילדים = 654 = גילאים = ים עלץ גיל
= 1653 = 654 = קרן גילים
= עלץ גילים = גיל תורה = ברא את כל
= השלום אין קץ = 2652 = 624
= אליהו בם = ישעיהו בן אמוץ בם
= אליהו שרה אמנו = ישעיהו בן אמוץ שרה אמנו
= שנרצחו = האשר נצח = נדם
= כל דם = כל עץ החיים = אדמה עץ החיים
= אני משחקת עם כל אהובי = 1653 = 654
= הויה משחקת עם כל ילדיה

Friday, July 07, 2017

The Work that Is Being Done to Combat Pedophilia is Precisely What is Needed to Bring Mashiach

The highest level of Atzilut is the level of the Happiness of a Child.

The gematria of the level of God Consciousness that is called Mashiach
(משיח = 358)  is identical to that of the word HaSimchah השמחה = 358)  – Happiness. The switching of the diacritical point on the letters Shin and Sin from right to left has to do with matters
    (ענינים = כל עינים)  of the light in either the left or the right eye. It is essential that the light be in both to have depth perception.

When a Child is traumatized the horrors that they imagine are far greater than what an adult would imagine. Part and parcel of the sexual abuse is the abuse of the imagination.

When a Child is in a dissociated state due to more pain and fear and shame than they can bear it becomes very easy to teach them that Mashiach is someone else. It is essential to those who purvey false teachings about HaMashiach that Children be dissociated from themselves and unable to reach the level of Joy that is Atzilut – because at that level a Child cannot be lied to. They know the Truth.

A Child who has had many experiences of HaShem as a Child will grow to be an Adult and then and Elder in God Consciousness.

This is precisely what the purveyors of false religion want to avoid at all cost. So, they harm the Children.  Not all Children are raped. All are traumatized by various methods in our societies and that is not just a happenstance.

If we are to bring Mashiach we have to create a world in which Children are allowed to reach the highest level of Atzilut – their joy as possible. It is there that we unite in Joy with HaShem and we know that we are HaMashiach because we are so very, very happy to be in HaShem's presence.

I wrote the Hebrew proofs about the Imagination of Children directly below under the title
אצילות ילדים. I don't want what I write to be taken on faith. Don't take anyone's teaching of Torah on their say-so or on appeals to authority.  Demand the proof. True Torah teachings can always be proven from the Hebrew and gematriot clearly.


אצילות ילדים

בחלופים הבאים בכל מקום בו כתובה אות סופית, הכוונה היא לערך של האות הסופית.

אור = 207 = אדבר = דבר העתיק הקדוש
= 1206 = 207 = ראה העתיק הקדוש
= סוד עלץ וצהלה = תקון = שוקף

שרה = 505 = כל הילדות = הלכה למעשה
= החקים עליונים = 1504 = 505 = אדרש

משיח = 358 = השמחה = שמחי = ישמח
= השמחה = הגשמי

אצילות = 537 = לב שרה = לב כל הילדות
= אשר לאה = ראש אלה
= אור של = ליצר אור = סוד של עלץ וצהצה
= 1546 = תקון של = וישראל = ועין ימין
= עיון דמיון

ילד = 44 = יוד הא וו הא

ילדה = 49 = גלוי

דמיון = 760 = ימין = עצם = עצרת

דמיון של ילד = 1134 = 135 = קהל
= הצהלה = יצהל

דמיון של ילדה = 1139 = 140 = עיני = פני
= מעל

תקון דמיון של ילד = 2340 = 342
= אור דמיון של ילד = השואל
= שאולה

תקון של דמיון ילדה = 2345 = 347
= אור של דמיון ילדה
= אור של דמיון גלוי
= דמיון סוד של עלץ וצהלה גלוי
= שמשון = שמש עלום = שמש עולם
= משה אתם

תקון לב ילדה = תקון לה הילד
= 1287 = 288 = פרח

תקון לב הילדה = 1292 = 293 = טוב ורע

עץ החיים = 1603 = 604 = דם

ילדים = 654 = כל עץ החיים

דמיון של = 1090 = 91 = צא = אפי
= דמיון ליצר

אצילות ילדים = 1191 = 192 = קבצ
= צאצאי = כנסת ישראל עמי
= חסד אליהו הנביא
= חסד ישעיהו בן אמוץ הנביא
= 2190 = 192

ברוכים החוזרים לגן!

Wednesday, July 05, 2017


סוד מדין

מדין = 754 = גן אמי = גן תמים = 1753
= 754 = בכל שבת = שבת אליהו
= בן אליהו = בת אליהו מכל דור
= בן ישעיהו בן אמוץ = 2752 = 754
= שבת ישעיהו בן אמוץ = בת ישעיהו בן אמוץ מכל דור
= שלום נחת ושמחה = בנות שלום ושמחה
= ילדים הויה מתגלם = שמחות

Sunday, July 02, 2017







#ShaiNitzanHeadStateAttorneyIsrael is the identity that I have asked you to analyze and investigate.

As the interviewer states, Mr. Nitzan has come in for trenchant, scathing and repeated criticism by some of Israel's finest professionals and most respected moral personages.

Corroborating testimony and additional evidence may be obtainable from the following professionals, all of whom are impeccable professionally and very highly regarded and respected by the Israeli public.
All have spoken out publicly about Shai Nitzan, Head State Attorney in Israel, and/or his Office under his direction.

Evidently, the Israeli justice system his become too moribund to be capable of self-correction. If our the Israeli Justice System is not robust enough to heal itself, intervention from a trusted ally and friend seems called for.

Since the critical systems and economies of the US and the State of Israel are so intimately interwoven, I exercise my right as a Citizen of the United States of America to turn to US authorities to investigate not only the Human Rights abuses that Mr. Nitzan is exercising over moral dual US-Israeli Citizens, but also to investigate if his actions are causing disruptions in the United States. It is possible that Mr. Nitzan has turned to US Agencies with requests for cooperation.