Friday, July 07, 2017

The Work that Is Being Done to Combat Pedophilia is Precisely What is Needed to Bring Mashiach

The highest level of Atzilut is the level of the Happiness of a Child.

The gematria of the level of God Consciousness that is called Mashiach
(משיח = 358)  is identical to that of the word HaSimchah השמחה = 358)  – Happiness. The switching of the diacritical point on the letters Shin and Sin from right to left has to do with matters
    (ענינים = כל עינים)  of the light in either the left or the right eye. It is essential that the light be in both to have depth perception.

When a Child is traumatized the horrors that they imagine are far greater than what an adult would imagine. Part and parcel of the sexual abuse is the abuse of the imagination.

When a Child is in a dissociated state due to more pain and fear and shame than they can bear it becomes very easy to teach them that Mashiach is someone else. It is essential to those who purvey false teachings about HaMashiach that Children be dissociated from themselves and unable to reach the level of Joy that is Atzilut – because at that level a Child cannot be lied to. They know the Truth.

A Child who has had many experiences of HaShem as a Child will grow to be an Adult and then and Elder in God Consciousness.

This is precisely what the purveyors of false religion want to avoid at all cost. So, they harm the Children.  Not all Children are raped. All are traumatized by various methods in our societies and that is not just a happenstance.

If we are to bring Mashiach we have to create a world in which Children are allowed to reach the highest level of Atzilut – their joy as possible. It is there that we unite in Joy with HaShem and we know that we are HaMashiach because we are so very, very happy to be in HaShem's presence.

I wrote the Hebrew proofs about the Imagination of Children directly below under the title
אצילות ילדים. I don't want what I write to be taken on faith. Don't take anyone's teaching of Torah on their say-so or on appeals to authority.  Demand the proof. True Torah teachings can always be proven from the Hebrew and gematriot clearly.