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The Truth About Western Man's Belief in Jesus and Aliens

Due to the fact that most humans don't get what the Jews are on about and the fact that Euro-gentiles in general get "trippy" when they are confronted with the Holy, that which they intuit about the Jews takes on impossible mytheological [sic] proportions. That being the case, and together with not being able to accept that there is a People among them that possess a body of knowledge that is beyond their understanding (largely because they refuse to understand it), they attribute their delusions about us to some great Other. They either think that what we are is only true about one person - Jesus or they think that it is true of a far-away unimaginable culture out in space.

Because they cannot understand that we walk among them, are human like them in every way that they are human, yet not like them in very important ways, they hallucinate about aliens being among them.

Because they cannot understand that an entire People are what they think Jesus alone is, without the myth(ra)ology, they not only do not recognize us for what we are and cannot because we are not like their hallucination of what Godliness looks like, they yet try to convert us to their delusion and idol and crucify us continuously for thousands of years - not three days, not one man - but all of us for three thousand years!

Forgive them, Avinu, for they know not what they do.

Imagine what it is like to have people look at you, not understand what they are seeing, interpret what you are as some impossible image and proportions because they comprehend God inherent in nature or what God having taken on human form really means or looks like- that It appears as a natural phenomenon, and then speak to you, often violently and with the most horrible vulgarity, about yourself in the third person and tell you that if you don't accept their hallucination of God, that is you, you will go to hell.

Imagine what the Euro-gentiles look like to the Jews who are conscious of the truth about Who and What the People of Yisra'el are.

If they cannot see God standing before them, having reduced Itself to human proportions so that they can relate to It somehow - how shall they ever see God as It is in Itself without being cloaked? How can they ever be revealed them Themselves as they are?

We cannot, or rather will not, compel you to see and understand. If you do not do this of your own free will, it is meaningless.

Yes, God does make junk (inter alia) and, tag, the Euro-gentiles are it. No, God does not like everything It has created and does not take pride in Its every creation. Sorry, this is the unpleasant truth that only you can change as supreme act of Will.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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The Good Neighbors Life and Health Insurance Policy that Diaspora Jews are compelled to take out comes at far too dear a price - their moral/spiritual and cultural integrity - and it's only partial coverage at best.

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"Egypt and the UN TROOPS INSIDE THE US and NWO

The main objective or agenda right now is the formation of the world government or should I say the "acceptance" of the World Government, by the US people is the last objective and they are very close to it. The activities in Egypt are a CIA/Illuminati operation in the beginning final phase to bringing together now the 10 unions formed. They are practicing their use in the USA once the violence starts here and then we are into it. Several of us in the Know have wondered whether the violence would precede the PROSPERITY or would Prosperity be first then the violence. This is for certain. The Arab states, GCC is looking to now form a Union like the EU but first they must have the violence in order to bring order that will follow once the Illuminati has involved all the GCC states. They will replace the leaders and cabinets with mostly PRO-Islamic members and then they will target Israel. The time frame we don't know yet. Three occasions our shadow government planned a coup of the US government in favor of the UN takeover just during the 20th century but all three operations failed. One resulted in the assassination of a president. After JFK, all presidents were traitors to this country for their behind the scenes planning for the final blow since the Constitution was declared null and void in a Federal court case in 1938. They know Americans would not take this lying down. So, a massive effort to soften the US military began in 1962 to now in four stages. In any case, back to the Iraqi dinar, the GCC will eventually form a coalition after a Muslim rises up to speak to his Arab brothers that they should stop killing each other. The idea is to form a common currency among all the Arab states, and then a Union. The last union formed will be the North American Union, (Canada, Mexico and the U.S.) which was already approved and signed in 2005 by Fox, Paul Martin and George Bush. The currency will change to a treasury note instead of the worthless dollar.

So, Right now there are in fact up to 6 million UN troops scattered around the US in bases from 80-100 bases underground to an unknown number above ground. Chinese are slowing taking control actively since the establishment of the FTZ's or Foreign Trade Zones replacing little by little Americans and the Chinese, Russians and Various Cuban/South American troops are deployed around the US since the late 1990's now preparing their invasion once a crime wave similar to Egypt is launched. I'm posting a very lengthy expose on my site detailing this operation. All this in the US has been going on while we watched the missiles off the coast of Calif, NY, Texas, and the HAARP caused the Death of the Birds and fish, to now, our eyes are on the CIA orchestrated Egyptian takeover. Mubarak has never been a dictator and never was and not even now. This media portrayal is designed like they did Castro (CIA/Masonic plant), Milosevic (CIA/Masonic Plant), Saddam (CIA/Masonic Plant), and now Mubarak (CIA plant) who is part of this facade and is filling his role perfectly. The Globalist anticipated that the Egyptian military would not fire on the Egyptian citizens as they determined in the 1990's by inquiry of the US Soldiers in a questionnaire given out to several thousand therefore came the decision to use Chinese, Russian and UN troops to take the weapons once this US operation takes place.

So, now it's a waiting game to see that incident will spark "peace" in the middle East and what made up crisis will spark the violence in the US, prosperity or violence first we don't know but it will be one or the other."

The lady who wrote that commentary has been sent a friends request here on Facebook. As soon as she gives the OK, I'll be honored to let you know who wrote it.The lady who wrote that commentary has been sent a friends request here on Facebook. As soon as she gives the OK, I'll be honored to let you know who wrote it.

You can add to that: Binyamin Netanyahu, CIA/Masonic plant.

The following PMs are/were Masons:

David Ben-Gurion - Freemason
Moshe Sharett
Levi Eshkol
Yigal Allon
Golda Meir - Co-Mason
Yitzhak Rabin - Freemason
Shimon Peres - Freemason and Jesuit (Roman Catholic) trained
Menachem Begin
Yitzhak Shamir
Benjamin Netanyahu - Freemason
Ehud Barak - Freemason
Ariel Sharon - Freemason
Ehud Olmert - Freemason

Let's understand clearly what is meant by CIA.

When the The Office of Strategic Services (OSS), started during WWII in the US absorbed Nazi mind control and social engineering scientists, they changed their name to CIA.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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The TV Show CSI is Aversion Programming

CSI Season 11, Episode 12 – A Kiss Before Frying
Date Aired January 20th, 2011 CSI Season 11


I do not own a TV and normally do not watch TV. This episode came to my attention because I like Dita Von Teese's artistic/styling talents and belong to a couple of groups on Facebook that feature her. The link was listed on one of those groups. So, the program came to my attention and I watched it. She is the only living actress whose talents I really respect. Had Dita von Teese not been in this show, I never would have watched it.

I want to state out the outset that I do not fault Dita von Teese for playing this part. It is unlikely that she was aware of the reason why she was invited to play this part.
I was quite surprised by what I saw, more from the analytic POV of how programming works than the fact that it would appear that I am the subject of the aversion programming.
It is my contention that this is aversion programming, used to implant very negative associations in the mind of the public against those deemed to be political and/or ideological opponents of the system whom the system considers to be potentially influential.

The story line and the pretty lady are the entertainment part – the hooks that keep the public riveted. The real deal, however, is the NLP and the trauma-inducing, violent scenes that are flashed on the screen that make the public more susceptible to the NLP.

My name is Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan.

The first character in the show to be horribly burned is named Carlton Doreen. That is the first time in my life that I have seen the name Doreen as a family name. It is a common Gaelic private name and some Germans use it as well. I have never seen it as a family name.

Look at the name Carlton. I'll spell it thus, so that what I'll now say is more immediately apparent: c A r l T O N. The name already contains the letters ATON which are in my last name, Dotan. If I put a small c and a small l in carlton next to one another, you'll see that they graphically describe the letter d together. Graphically, the c and the l in the name carlton describe the d in the name dotan. So, the name Carlton is the name Dotan, with an additional r, which is a very weak consonant.

I have a Cousin Carl. He was named after my Grandmother's brother Carl. My Cousin Carl is the Grandson of my Grandmother's brother Carl. I think my Uncle Carl was the Anarchist who went to fight in the Spanish Civil War and died there.

In fact, the name DiTA vON Teese contains the name Dotan in it as well. It is popularly known to her fans that the stage name that she originally chose for herself was Dita von Treese. See here: http://tinyurl.com/6ypkfbq
Had she kept the name DitA VON TREEse, the name Doreen as well as Dotan would have been in her name.

The second man to be burned in the show is a character by the name of Elijah Newbloom. The name nEwBLoom has the letters b, e and l in it. The name ELjah has the second l necessary to get the name Bell, my maiden name.

In the show, the names Newbloom and Doreen are shown as the names of intersecting streets, a Boulevard and an Avenue, respectively.

There is a repetition of the letters b, e and l in BouLEvard, just as there is in nEwBLoom. Together the two words, Newbloom and Boulevard contain the name Bell and so the names Doreen and Bell are shown intersecting and related to the public. The association with the name Doreen Bell is reinforced.

The name Carlton Doreen is shown to the public on documents both in capital letters and with the name DOREEN appearing first and with small letters with the name Carlton appearing first. Thus, both the name Doreen and the carlton, which graphically describes Dotan, is reinforced in the mind of the viewers. The name Carlton Doreen, with him referred to simply as Doreen, is also verbally repeated a few times in the show.

The lady who turns out to be "the rotten one who smells so good" (played by von Teese) calls herself Ellen in the show.
There you have my name in full – Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan – associated with people being horrifically burned and a woman who seems good, but is a show "show girl" and "actress" who turns out to be rotten.

Coincidence enough? There's much more.

My Mother's name was Phyllis. Her parents were first Cousins. They were named Gussie and Hirsch (or Harry, the English name he went by).

The story has Ellen avenging the death of her Grandmother, Agnes, who was killed by Bugsy Siegel.

My Grandfather, Hirsh (Harry) was in the Jewish mafia. My Mother told me about a friend of his, an Italian man, who used to kill people for a living. They used to visit him at home and have lovely Italian dinners there.

Bugsy Siegel was from the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, where my Mother's family lived when she was a child.

My Grandmother, Gussie, died at age 56. I always believed she was murdered. My Mother also died at the age of 56, from aggravation induced heart failure. I do what I do to right the wrongs of the society that caused their untimely deaths. Von Teese's character, Ellen, is avenging the death of her grandparents. The aversion programming is to make the public associate avenging death with violent revenge – which in my case it is clearly not. It is also meant to have the public associate people being murdered with "Jewish psychosis", not with societal evil.

In the story, Ellen looks just like her Grandmother, Agnes LaPlouff.

Since my Grandparents were first Cousins, it would stand to reason that their Daughter, my Mother, Phyllis, resembled them and I resemble her.

Let's look at the name Agnes LaPlouff. It contains the letters g and s, the strongest letters in the name Gussie, my Grandmothers name. It also contains the letters f, l and s – the strongest sounds in my Mother's name, Phyllis.

The name Bugsy Siegel can be seen to contain all of the letters of the name Gussie. bUGsy SIEgel.

One of the characters involved in the murder of Agnes LaPlouff was called Hertzog Hirshkowitz. His grandson, Heimish Hirshkowitz, is one of the characters murdered in the show. Again, my Grandfather's name was Hirsh and he called himself Harry. Lots of H's, and the name Hirsh appears in Hirshkowitz.

The names Bugsy Siegel and Herzog (there is a Herzog Hershkowitz in the episode) are both connected to Israel, where I have lived for the last almost thirty years. Bugsy Siegel sold arms to Israel during the War of Independence, when the United States would not. In return, he asked the State of Israel to allow him to flee here in order to avoid prosecution in the US. The government of Israel refused that request, wishing to remain on good terms with the US.

Again, two of the characters in the CSI episode "A Kiss Before Frying" are Herzog Herskowitz and his grandson Heimish Hershkowitz.

Chaim (or one might pronounce it with an aspirated h Haim, much like the character Heimish in the CSI episode) Herzog was the sixth President of the State of Israel. Chaim Herzog was born at in Belfast, the son of Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, who was Chief Rabbi of Ireland from 1919 to 1937. Later Yitzchak HaLevi Herzog became Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Palestine, which became the State of Israel. From 1919 the family lived in Dublin. My father's family are from the Republic of Ireland, near the northern border.

Isaac "Buji" Herzog is now Minister of Social Affairs and Social Services. Herzog is the son of Israeli President Chaim Herzog and Aura Herzog, and the grandson of Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog. His is the Ministry that is in charge of "Child Protection Services". I have been exposing their corruption for years. In the CSI episode "A Kiss Before Frying", the character Heimish Herzog is said to be listed as a foster parent. Fostering comes under Isaac Herzog's ministry. Isaac Herzog has designs on the Office of Prime Minister. Herzog knows I am opposed to that.

There's more. The characters Carlton Doreen and Elijah Newbloom lived in Las Vegas. My Mother's brother Sheldon moved to Las Vegas. He was very, very, VERY wealthy. I was supposed to inherit his fortune, but my family saw to it that I did not. In the story, Carlton Doreen lost his family's fortune. The other character, Elijah Newbloom was living off a trust fund. One of the sources of money that I was supposed to inherit was a trust fund – the name on which was changed with a POA.

Ellen's boyfriend is someone who is described as: delusional, schizophrenic and believes he is Jesus Christ. I have promulgated my ideas that the Jewish People are the true Jesus. I believe that the public is supposed to associate my ideas with insanity. The psychotic, imbecilic, murderous character's first name in the show is Roderick. You can see the letters RODE in Roderick. My name is DOREen.

I mentioned that Dita von Teese, who plays Ellen, is the only living actress who talents I respect. I also belong to a Facebook group that features Rita Hayworth. Dita von Teese's character's name is Rita von Squeeze.

What first attracted me to Dita von Teese's styling is the fact that she wears vintage clothes. Those who know me from high school know that a number of the girls in our school were "into antiques". I was one of them. There was a girl by the name of Linda when I was in school with whom I would listen to her original Boswell Sister records. My friends and I often went to Greenwich Village to paw through the wares of the second-hand stores that sold "antiques". I still own the jacket that is photographed in a collage on my blog Doreen Dotan's Arhcive. See here: http://doreendotansarchive.blogspot.com/
The jacket was an "antique" when I bought it while I was still in my teens. I am now 53.

There is something else that my Husband can verify happening once for sure. Three times I received a very bad shock that should have killed me and didn't. The first time, I turned on my vacuum cleaner with my bare foot and my light with my hand. The second time, that was when my Husband heard the sound and came running, I was cleaning an electric heater with a rag I moistened with vinegar. I thought it was unplugged. I was sitting on the floor barefoot. With one hand I held the heater, with the other I put the rag to it. The third time, I was making macaroni. The water boiled over and there was a puddle on the floor. When I went to light the burner that went off when the water overflowed, I pushed the electric sparker on the stove. Again, I got a bad shock. It is a standing joke between me and my Husband that I can't die by being electrocuted.

My love of Jean Harlow and Rita Hayworth prove that I, like Dita, appreciate old-style glamour. In fact, it was my Mother who introduced me to them. She was always in love with the stars from her youth and we often watched old movies together.

BurLEsque also contains the letters BEL, which phonetically sound out my maiden name, Bell. The word BUrLEsque also contains the letters BULE, which all appear in BoULEvard – which ties back to the ELijah NewBLoom character.

I consider this a very interesting example of aversion programming. I would not have been able to analyze it as deeply as I have, were I not a subject of it myself. It would have gone unnoticed, as I'm sure it did to the general public.

Having seen this type of aversion programming, I am sure that it is used frequently to subconsciously poison the public's view of people who have taken a political and/or ideological position that is not state-sanctioned.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
Doreen Dotan@gmail.com

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הדרך להצלחה: תחנה ראשונה - שכונת עופר, צפת

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צפת - עיר אוכלת יושביה

?מה עושים המתקנים החדשים על הטרנספורמטורים בצפת