Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Continuation of No, I Won't Vote! (see entry directly below)

The record low voter turnout at the polls yesterday, 57%, which broke the record set in the last elections, when 63% of eligible voters cast their ballot has been interpreted by some commentators that the voters don't care what the future of Israel is.

The public was adjured to vote by organizations whose stated purpose is to uphold democracy. They were told in repeated broadcasts: "Get out and vote. It is more than a right. It is a duty. Don't give up your rights to someone else."

Oh, please! The reason why so few Israeli voters didn't bother is because after having been betrayed by Ariel Sharon we learned that the "democratic process" is an utter farce and it doesn't matter how we cast our votes.

More important, vastly more important, is the fact that they do not understand that our inaction does not bespeak indifference or an abrogation of our power.

We are whittling away at the ersatz democratic state and we intend to supplant it with a truly democratic, that is, anarchic, state.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
March 29, 2006

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

No, I Will Not Vote

My husband just got back from the polls.

He won't tell me who he voted for because he doesn't want to influence my vote in any way.

Fat chance of that happening.

I don't intend to vote anyway.

I'm not taking part in this charade anymore.

I didn't vote for him, but I certainly believed that Arik Sharon meant what he said and had this country's best interests at heart.

I would never have believed that he, of all PMs, would be the one to run Jews out of the homes utilizing the army, the police, the riot squad and UN soldiers, throw them out into the streets and scatter them helpless throughout the country so that they could not regroup.

Those who voted Sharon in did so because they feared that a Labor PM might do such things. No one believed it would be Sharon.

He destroyed our faith in any politician.

He crossed the line into making Israel a fascist state that turns the armed forces on its own citizens for political purposes.

There are still some families from Shomron who do not have homes. There are still some children who are not in school.

Young adolescents, I mean boys and girls as young as thirteen, were put into adult prisons for demonstrating. Their parents were not allowed to bring them school supplies. A judge ruled that: "being in jail is not a luxury".

The wife of the lawyer who was giving counsel to the Jews in Shomron was arrested and taken to prison, though she did nothing. She was nursing at the time. They hauled the baby off with her.

If Sharon, the supposedly most staunch defender of Israel did all that, who would not? The next stage of evacuation of Jews is already in the works. Minister of Defense, the former Chief of Staff, Sha'ul Mofaz has said he supports the plan.

Dan thinks that it's important that I vote.

For what? A grotesque? A farce - that is anything but funny?

It is clear that whoever is dictating Israeli policy is outside Israel and will continue to do so no matter who the PM is and no matter what the breakdown of the seats in Knesset will be.

No. I, for one, will not play their game. I will not take an action that will signal to them that I'm still buying into the lie that this is even a quasi- or ersatz democratic state.

By not voting I cast my vote. It is a vote for anarchy.

Evidently, I'm not the only one picketing the bogus election:

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Sunday, March 26, 2006


My response to this is:

We should be absolutely incensed about this!
This is arrogance, dominance and disdain in their very worst manifestation.
Why do the world's unwashed masses have to put up with this???
There should be unwashed mass demonstrations - all over the world.
We are as entitled to enriched uranium as the rich are!
On second thought, the world's unwashed masses have a part in their being treated with contempt.
Their complacency is an open invitation to being treated shabbily.
The unwashed masses must learn to be more critical if they wish to get their fair share of exposure to enriched uranium as well!

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

If Purim is my very favorite holiday, then Pesach is my very least favorite. I hate it.
Why should I clean? Why should anyone? Is there any work more Sisyphean than dusting? Dust is cosmic. Dust is the stuff of the formation of galaxies. Dust is more sublime than we can fathom. From dust we are and to dust we shall return. Anyone who thinks that they can rid their miniscule homes of dust doesn't have the first notion of the greatness and vastness of creation.
Dust, if you ponder the subject with the depth it deserves, is as Pesachdik as it gets. What is the desert, after all, if not a huge dust heap? Isn't that what we are supposed to be celebrating - our liberation from Egypt into 40 years of wandering aimlessly in the desert? Dust is very near and dear to me. Ever since that incarnation during which I wandered through the desert for forty years, I simply cannot but be surrounded by it. It was amidst the dust that I received the Torah. I am deeply sentimental about it.
Besides, I find the accumulation of dust on my shelves very convenient. F'rinstance, when someone phones (as is wont to happen once a month or so on the average), I can jot the person's name and number down right there on a handy, nearby shelf. No need to say: "Just a minute. I'll find a piece of paper and a pen" and then make the poor schmo wait 1/4 hour 'til I find them buried under the dust.
Dust makes me feel good. I never miss an opportunity to ROFL.
I always thought that Pigpen was the true star of the cartoon and found that nauseatingly sweet and insipid Charlie Brownnose nothing but annoying.
I also dearly want a cat, but because I have guinea pigs I have to wait until they die. In the meantime, the dust balls that are forming in my house are my ersatz cats. They look just like those pricey Rag Doll cats. How would you feel if someone swept your cat away and dumped him?
The mites are my companions and in the depths of depressive despair it is to them that I turn for comfort and solace. They advise me wisely and well.
To our Xian brethren I say: Console yourself that all you have to worry about is going into hock to the tune of your yearly income for Xmas. At least your dusty world is not shaken and uprooted.
In our next episode: Doreen laments having to eat matzah and horseradish.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Don't Misunderestimate Him

I serendipitously came across the following blog:

I present it not merely for your entertainment. It's really not at all funny.

I have suspected for some time that a program has been implemented in the US to divest people of the ability to think incisively and discern by systematically dulling their linguistic tools.

I don't believe for a single moment that Bush's malapropisms are the expressions of mere semi-literacy. He does not speak impromptu. He is, after all, the President of the United States. His speeches are painstakingly crafted by professional writers whose job it is to imbed subliminal messages.

I think that Bush speaks as he does in order to set the tone for unclear and imprecise speech so that the thought of the American populace, and by extension entire English-speaking world, will become increasingly unclear. Our powers of discernment are being whittled away systematically.

I don't know who this semi-literate, soi-disant editor Peggy is, but I suspect that her blog is not simply a compendium of egregious and laughable errors. I'm quite sure that many young people are not laughing along with us.

I think that "Peggy", and many more like her, are employed to disseminate fuzzy language and encourage fuzzy thinking.

Imagine if we were youngsters today. Would we be able to speak, read and write English as we do? I think not.

Soon we will be gone and with us the ability to discern between and among fine points and think analytically will go. There will be no one to correct the young people's spelling, grammar and syntax. There will be no one to lead them out of the haze. There will be no one to provide young people with the exacting mathematical and linguistic tools they need to clarify nebulous ideas to themselves and then articulate them to others - and someone is very interested in bringing about that state of affairs.

I recently came across the following:

I think it lends substantial endorsement to the observations and concerns I expressed above.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Reasons Why People Do Not Accept Alphanumerics

Message 2391 on the Yahoo Group Acephalic Swine & Stupid Parrots

The system of Hebrew alphanumerics treats these matters and answers these questions incomparably more satisfactorily than classical math could ever hope to.

There are a number of problems that stand in the way of people accepting it generally.

1) People think that the laws of classical math exist a priori. Why anyone would assume this has been a wonder to me since the first time I was ordered to accept an arithmetical law as true just because an old harridan in orthopedic shoes, elastic stockings and a severe bun said so.

2) Hebrew alphanumerics requires the study of Hebrew, which is the math and the math is the language. They are inextricably bound. They are, in fact, one and the same and should never be entertained separately, lest one is reduced to what is called 'mochin katnut' in Aramaic (restricted consciousness, or the consciousness most of us think of as normal and all there is).

3)The math doesn't artificially do away with "mess" and provide an illusory this-and-not-that reality. It produces a reality that is a *conjunction*, not a disjunction. That is: this *and* that - concomitantly. It allow for a vastly more complex and elastic universe.

4) There is an emotional component to not accepting alphanumerics. People are reluctant to take responsibility for the reality they are living in and to accept that it is being generated out of our minds hearts and *moral level*.

4) The teachings have been made a travesty of by the "Lurianic" school of Kabbalah, which deals in superstition and mind bending. Lurianic Kabbalah is big business with all the accoutrement. I am not from the Lurianic school and have spent many years as a pariah because I came out against it strongly. My work is an extension of that of Rabbi Avraham Abulafia, whose work was hidden away for 800 by the Church and Orthodoxy alike and for exactly the same reasons - his work sets the mind free. Yet, his work was not without taint and he was most certainly subject to human errors and failings. Rabbi Abulafia did not elucidate an absolute revolution of Hebrew alphanumerics and neither did I. All I did was see a few steps further than he did because I climbed up to that giant's shoulder.

It is the work of Humanity to unfold it gradually. No one Human being, no one People, no one generation can conceive it all. It is what we are. It is the substrate of all actual and potential being.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This Time I Say: YES!

I do not take a simplistic, unilateral, across the board position on the death sentence that allows me an illusory peace of having a mind made up and always knowing just what should be or should not be done.

I think that each individual case has to be considered based on the very specific circumstances.

There are cases in which I believe the death sentence is dead wrong. See my article "Some Thoughts on Revision of the Death Penalty in Light of the Case of Stanley (Tookie) Williams" on the following URL:

There are cases in which I feel it is absolutely right and I do not feel the slightest hesitation or compunction. Cases in which adults rape, torture and kill children are just such cases.

I would, if I was legally enjoined to, carry out the death sentence myself in those cases.

This is one of those cases:

He himself says he wanted to die just before he raped and murdered that 11-year-old girl.

Let's support him in getting out of his misery, her and his families', and society's.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

When The Irresistible Force Meets the Unmovable Object

Robertson Finds Radical Muslims 'Satanic'

The confluence we are sharing is a spectacular one - filled with danger and supersaturated with opportunity.

The Christian world is reaping the whirlwind of the winds it sowed in the Crusades. Its own megalomaniacal aspirations of spiritual world conquest are coming back to haunt it and challenge it for a final showdown. They do not recognize their own image being reflected back to them. They imagine that, having laid down the weapons of the Middle Ages and desisted from armed evangelism, they have been forgiven and their actions have been forgotten. They do not know that the perturbations and disruptions they caused in the universe when they swung their maces and engaged their catapults are still reverberating and are returning to them.

The discovery of the Coelacanth changed the way we think about "extinction" forever. Scientists, wholly baffled, ask: "How could Coelacanths disappear for over 80 million years and then turn up alive and well in the twentieth century?" They use the terms as though they have some vague idea of what they mean.

The Okapi and other animals, most recently a "rat squirrel", thought to be long extinct have been discovered alive.

The genetic mutation that causes some of the siblings that belong to a family in Turkey to behave in a quasi-apelike/humanoid manner has caused scientists to ask if they are witnessing a case of human devolution. They note, however, that the family are characterized by singular love, warmth and acceptance - far in advance of that evinced by most human families. Scientists are entertaining the possibility that this is a case of devolution based upon what appears to be findings of devolution in other species.

The universe is showing us that our conception of time is wholly inadequate. We are amazed by the above-mentioned discoveries because we cling to a hopelessly inadequate conception of time. Time is certainly not a vector; that illusion is an artifact our consciousness. The common understanding of reincarnation is based on this illusion.

Space-time is the creation of our emotions, most particularly our inability or unwillingness to encounter objects, persons, situations, etc. We create space-time in order to distance ourselves, to put someone or something off.

The Irresistible Force that compels us to learn, encounter and accept is coming up against the Unmovable Object of our unwillingness to be divested of our ways of conceiving and cognizing. Our collective consciousness, and thus our universe, is imploding. But, never mind. The next universe we create will be bigger and better, as was the last universe we created, as is this one...

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
Someone asked: "Do you believe in Soulmates?"

Someone else answered: "I believe that some people have shared a past together and when they find each other in our current incarnation, they know and can share a deeper relationship than most of us. But I also think that searching for one's soulmate can lead to misery if you're not careful. Always trying to find that one special bond that may not be available in our current lifetime. "

I responded:

There is one problem with the belief in reincarnation. It presupposes that time is a vector. There is no reason to assume that this is the case. It appears to us that this is so because of the way that our thought is structured.

I believe that there are soulmates. I believe that they are together eternally, but I also understand that space-time is a creation of our emotions. When we do not wish to be in immediate contact with a person, situation, object, etc., we create space-time to create a distance.

When we want with all of our being to be with our Soulmate we are there - spontaneously and instantaneously.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Obscene Contraband

Returning from a sensual vacation in Miami, after having dropped into their favorite sex shop, Mary and Joseph Jones were just crossing the state line into their home state of Abalamala when Joe Jones saw the blue strobe light of a police car in his rear-view mirror. "Oh. Oh. Mary, I think they're on to us."

Sho' nuff, they heard the feigned polite, authoritarian voice of a policeman coming through a bullhorn. "Pull your car over to the side of the road, please."

Joe Jones pulled over, rolled his window down and said: "Good evening, officers. What's the problem? I don't believe I was driving over the speed limit."

"No, sir, you weren't. We have been tipped off that you and your wife are attempting to enter the holy land of the state of Abalamala with obscene contraband."

Joe Jones gasped as if horrified and said: "Us? Mary and Joseph Jones? Obscene contraband? Why, we have been members in good standing of the White and Decent Evangelical Church for two decades. We'll be attending the AEGA World Conference once again this year. Us? Wherever did you get the idea that we would bring contraband into the holy land of the state of Abalamala?"

"We've received information, and we must investigate. Now, please cooperate and tell us where the contraband is."

"There is none. We don't know what you're talking about."

"Please get out of the car." Mary and Joe Jones got out of their car and the two policemen proceeded to check every inch of their car. "There's nothing in the trunk."

"There isn't anything in the glove compartment or under the hood either."

"Check under the seats and under the carpeting. Check under the dashboard. It must be here somewhere. Think, Murphy, where the hell would somebody stash a butt plug and a vibrating egg?"

"Dunno, sir. Sir?"

"Yeah, Murphy. What is it?"

"What came first? The vibrating chicken or the vibrating egg?"

The senior officer looked levelly at the more junior officer. He was clearly not amused. The two officers found nothing. Not just a bit frustrated and embarrassed the policemen told Mary and Joe that they could go, got back in their car and drove away. "My cop's nose tells me they've got it somewhere, Murphy, but if we can't get our hands on it we can't bust 'em."

Mary and Joe got back in their car looked at one another and smiled. As they drove away the faintest buzzing could be heard...

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
Expunge Humanity from Textbooks

Reference: 'Mom,' 'dad' to be axed from school textbooks? Zelda's revenge: Gender-neutralizing billcould also jeopardize prom kings, queens

I think humanity should be expunged from all books used in schools. This will solve a number of problems. First, there will no longer be a need for revisionist history. Second, the problem of gender vis-à-vis sex will be obviated. And last, but certainly not least, as all schoolchildren know, humanity provides an atrocious role model.

"Expunge 'em", Doreen says with a dismissive, imperious fluttering of the wrist.

Think how much more interesting English and American literature will be without people ruining perfectly good story lines.

Think of "The Raven". It's the raven that carries the poem. Who gives a fuck about Lenore?

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Two Hard Lessons I Learned In My Life

One of the hardest lessons I learned in my life is that we can't love someone more than they are willing to be loved or in a way that they don't want to be loved or intervene before they are ready to be "saved". We can't decide when it's time for someone to recover from alcohol addiction, food addiction, drug addiction or from violence and addiction to primitivism.

Another one of the hardest lessons that I learned is that those who are willingly enslaved and allow evil to occur because they will not organize themselves into an effective force against evil are more reprehensible, and responsible, for their unhappy condition than are those who enslave them.

All we can do is be there for the ones who come of their own free volition and according to their own time table.

Humankind has not yet evolved to the point where we know how to form alliances based on purely altruistic and other-serving principles. Evil people are better at organizing based on selfishness, brutish competition and hierarchies, than are the good folks - and creation favors organization.

So long as the peace-lovers who will not organize are atomized and dispersed we remain powerless and it remains wholly indeterminable whether we would, if we organized, constitute the critical mass necessary to change things - we deserve every kick in the butt we get because it need not be this way.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
Spike Tells Condi: "Quit Smoking That Crack!"

Hot damn, dat Domstella brown dwarf do look smokin' in dem Spike-heeled, patent leather boots and dat suita dark matta. Yas, indeedy.

I don't know if she's darkening, but she sho' is ultrakewel.

Vintage Prawn

The discovery of old "bones" from the JurAssic period that belonged to a "beaver", which ate fish and baby dinosaurs and, in turn, was eaten by fish and dinosaurs, has proven conclusively that the development of transsexualism, cunnilingus, arse play and paedolphelia had all evolved by at least 1.64 E8 years ago.

Hope for Humans to Regain Ability to Cooperate

A gene that apparently sets human evolution back about a million years holds out hope that humans can be devolved to the point where they regain the ability to cooperate strategically for the good of all concerned, which we evidently lost somewhere in the mists of time. Scientist are hopeful that the genes we evolved that cause modern humans to refuse to cooperate, despite the deleterious results to all concerned, can be mapped on the human genome and chemically neutralized, thus returning us to the cooperation level of chimpanzees.

Articles: and

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Palestinians – Encroachers, Invaders and Squatters
By Their Own Admission and Self-Definition

The etymology of the ancient Semitic radical p-l-sh or p-l-s is:

In Aramaic-Syraic: to break through, to dig

In Akkadian: to dig through

In Arabic: to cleave, to split

In Ethiopian: to invade, to emigrate

In Hebrew: to open, to dig through, to make a passage, to invade, to squat (on land, not to hunker), to encroach, to be invasive

Reasonably now, would any people who knew what they were talking about take on this name?

Could it possibly be the name of an indigenous people?

Do people call themselves: "Those Who Invade"? "Those Who Squat"? "Those Who Encroach"?

Could it possibly be the original name of this geographic area?

In their ignorance of the Bible and all of the Semitic meanings of the radical p-l-sh or p-l-s, the “Palestinians” took on a name that they thought would give them historical support to their claim to this land. If you will examine both the Bible and history, you will find that the P’lishtim of the Bible have nothing to do with the present day people who call themselves squatters and invaders. The P’lishtim of the Bible were associated with another invading people from Crete. If you can read Hebrew and some Latin, please consult the entry הכרי/הכריתי (Criti = from Crete), who, you will see are identical with the people called Philistaei in Latin (see Veteris Testamenti CONCORDANTÍAE Hebraica Atque Chaldaicae by Solomon Mendeldern.

Herodutus (and after him Ptolemy and Pliny) used the phrase Syrie e palaistine (=Palestinian Syria) to denote Judea and Palestine as well as the interior of the and down to the Arabian Desert. Later the phrase ‘Palestinian Syria’ was shortened to ‘Palestine’, the name used by Josephus and Philo as well. Since the time of Vespesian the country was called officially ‘Palestine’. In 1948 the name was changed to Yisra’el. The land was not renamed Judea, as that name is based on the name on only one tribe, Yehudah, while the name Israel is comprehensive, including all of the children of Yisra’el (Ya’akov – Jacob). As it is our desire to gather in all of the exiles of all of the tribes, thus we took the comprehensive name Yisra’el as the name of our State.

The people who call themselves "Palestinians" are the descendants of indigents who came from surrounding lands to find work in the reborn Israeli settlement. They are so undesirable their countries of origin refuse to take them back. In 1972 the Bedouin King of Jordan Hussein killed 10,000 “Palestinians".

Doreen Dotan, Tzfat, Israel