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Ladies and Gentlemen! The Larry, Kurly and Moebius Strippe Klubbe is honored to present GEORG KARL INNE de KAAANTOR IV^0 – Aleph Uber Philosopher- Mathematician-King and Particle-Time Stand-Up, Hard-Up Kozmedician , Quoir Boy and Schlemiel. Give him a warm welcome, folks. Make him feel right at home.

de Kantor's imitation of Whodini is unparalleled. The Larry, Kurly and Moebius Strippe Klubbe defies you not to be amazed watching this guy pull Schroedillinger's rho bust pu…er, that out of/into Bozo(n-1)! von Kloen's bottle dead and alive with both of your hands entangled behind his back and herd it!

There, then. That ought to be as many pathetic attempts to be clever as can be crammed into any short piece of writing.

Are we over it? Can we get serious now?

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010


A scientist sent me this link to a musical video of John Lennon's "Working Class Hero" in response to a piece I wrote adjuring scientists to join in the fray against the elite, the self-same elite who withhold from us what Russell Lord called "the gift of a fresh eye and an untrammeled curiosity", which is the sine qua non of all authentic scientific inquiry and enterprise.

I answered:

Having two broken legs is no excuse not to run to help your fellow.

The risk of being shot is no excuse never to have lived for another.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

There is *one* MK in Israel who is fighting for children's rights on an ongoing basis and without faltering or mealy-mouthing. She is Dr. Marina Solodkin.

Recently, Dr. Solodkin is being made the subject of disciplinary measures in the Knesset.

The main opponent to Dr. Solodkin's activities and outspokenness for children and families who have been harmed by Israeli "Social Services" is none other than Yitzchak Herzog, Minister of Social Affairs (SA) and Social Services (SS).

Dr. Solodkin had been accused of unseemly conduct in her role as a Member of Knesset and is accused of "suspicion" of slander.

There are also cried to dismantle the parents group called ALIYAH, which my friend Lori Shem Tov is so active in. That attempt is being spearheaded by one Yitchak Peri, Head of the Social Workers Association.

Please keep this informtion of record. We all know that the activities of Social Services in all countries are coordinated and that which transpires in one country ultimately affects us all.

It is essential that we broadcast far and wide what is occurring in Israel.

There have been dangerous precedents in the world concerning politicians who have had the courage to go against the mainstream and speak out loudly and clearly.

Dr. Marina Solodkin, with whom I have been in communication both by phone and e-mail is a very special person. Please send a lot of love her way.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Laws of Physics

This article: Is the Universe Leaking Energy?
Total energy must be conserved. Every student of physics learns this fundamental law. The trouble is, it does not apply to the universe as a whole
By Tamara M. Davis

was the afflatus for this response.

There goes the Universe not behaving itself in accordance with our Laws again! This is getting irksome and needs to be nipped in the bud.

Perhaps greater control over the Universe would be exerted if there were, in addition to the body of Common Physical Laws, Admiralty Physical Laws (for when travelling in space), you know, like a UCC for when surfing the EM waves and an ever-growing, more constrictive, restrictive, suppressive body of statutes.

Perhaps we can enter into contractual arrangements with the Bosons so that they clearly understand the parameters of what they can and cannot do, can and cannot be.

I think we've been a bit too liberal in the application of laws to the Universe. It's getting too big for its britches and uppity and sometimes acts unpredictably. We have to put tighter controls on that or things could get out of hand.

Physicists might have to bite the proverbial bullet and call in the cretins from Mensa who framed, reframed, cut and edited their Constitution till it fit like an Iron Maiden.

I know. I know. It's nasty to have to hobnob with the hoi polloi.

Perhaps, if the sub-atomic particles (call them subs repeatedly to whittle away at their sense of sovereignty) get too uppity, we should issue all of them a card with their names on it in CAPS and a serial number, which is listed with the stock exchange. We'll tell them we are doing this so that they can reap retirement benefits when they get old. This is a very clever trick as it will dehumanize them without them knowing it - until we are ready for them to know they've been dehumanized. HA! If they ever demand their rights to existence we'll let them know that they are nothing but commodities listed on the stock exchange through the Indy media. That way they'll have the illusion that they've discovered a great secret truth, which is, that they are really slaves - which they weren't until they began to think they are because they discovered our little deception, which they thought was truth. Oh, how fiendishly clever we are!

The name in CAPS on their SS cards is not their real identity, of course. It's sort of a straw wavicle that we've set up in their stead which is really a fictitious corporation that we invented so that they'll give up their sovereignty and become corporate bodies, so we can sue them. That' always slows them down! This switch of identities can only be done at sea level and meshes nicely with the body of Admiralty Physical Laws which we've invented to limit their commercial interactions. They'll think their name is NEUTRINO, when it's really Neutrino. Most of them will never notice the difference or, the brighter ones who do, will think that their names are in CAPS because we consider them important. That way we can fool them into signing all sorts of contracts and admitting to things and get them otherwise all entangled in Courts of Physical Laws in which the judges aren't judges, just magistrates. And they'll have a complex for life thinking their own mothers turned them into slaves by reporting their berth, I mean birth, to the authorities who issued their berth certificate number and turned them into unknowing slaves. That will leave them emotionally crippled for life and so their potential energy will be greatly diminished, the better to make them docile and malleable (or is it ductile?). You follow? Dastardly brilliant. N'est-ce pas?

If, on the off chance, anyone is not familiar with the references in my parody, please see this link for an introduction:

I like the above link best, because it doesn't involve any ideological agenda. It just explains the matter.

Blacks Law Dictionary:

"For more than a century Black’s Law Dictionary has been the gold standard for the language of law. Today, it is the most widely cited law book in the world."

The following articles also have important excerpts from legal dictionaries. Just filter out the ideological bent if it doesn't suit you:

The point is: The economic elite, who see you in terms of how you are defined according to the systems of law that the elite of yore devised, are those to whom scientists grovel for funding.

Do not play tricks with your conscience. Yes, the opportunistic and demeaning concept of 'human being' and 'person', and considering us as vassals for all legal intents and purposes *do* impinge on science and on what are accepted as "the Physical Laws" - and what scientific results are expected.

If we wish to do real science, and math for that matter (the concept of discrete point is profoundly political); we will have to clear away the existing socio-economic and political morass that does not allow for genuine intellectual endeavor. In order to do real science, we must, first of all, create the conditions that allow for what Russell Lord described as: "the gift of a fresh eye and an untrammeled curiosity."

In his essay, written in 1896 entitled "Anarchism : Its Philosophy and Ideal", Piotr Kropotkin, a world renowned geographer and geologist wrote:

"What used to be called "natural law" is nothing but a certain relation among phenomena which we dimly see, and each "law" takes a temporary character of causality; that is to say: If such a phenomenon is produced under such conditions, such another phenomenon will follow. No law placed outside the phenomena: each phenomenon governs that which follows it - not law...

Harmony thus appears as a temporary adjustment established among all forces acting upon a given spot - a provisory adaptation. And that adjustment will only last under one condition: that of being continually modified; of representing every moment the resultant of all conflicting actions. Let but one of those forces be hampered in its action for some time and harmony disappears...

In fact it is certain that in proportion as the human mind frees itself from ideas inculcated by minorities of priests, military chiefs and judges, all striving to establish their domination, and of scientists paid to perpetuate it, a conception of society arises in which there is no longer room for those dominating minorities.

It is frightening to see that there has been a regression in the openness of scientists from the time that Kropotkin wrote that essay until today. They are not more rigorous in their method. They are merely more timid about what they allow themselves to serve as findings.

The political-social-economic expressions of Anarchism are only an infinitesimal subset of ONTOLOGICAL ANARCHISM. The Universe is NOT RULED BY LAWS. It is dynamic harmonies of cooperation and integration. Those integrations are ephemeral. Live with it. They will remain ephemeral whether you feel comfortable with that or not.

The obsessive-compulsive need to control humans that led to codes of law and statutes, regulations and contractual agreements that aren't agreements at all but imposition of the will of the brutal on the less brutal is the same provenance that drives the equally obsessive-compulsive imposition of wholly artificial and imaginary laws on the universe.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Continuation of HARRASSED

It's 22:46 on 26 June 2010 in the wild, wild ME as I begin to write this.

Since whoever it is came into our home we are far more tired, sleep much more deeply and for a longer period of time than we used to.

I didn't understand until today why my Husband fell asleep in the arm chair with his drink until today. He explained that he went into the kitchen to get the drink and on his way back to the table to drink it was so overtaken with fatigue that he sat down in the easy chair. He then fell asleep for almost 4 hours.

Tonight, he is having trouble going about doing the dishes from Shabbat. He never has trouble with that. He always comes home from synagogue, takes off his jalabia and goes straight to work doing the dishes. Tonight he sat in the easy chair for an hour trying to get the strength up to do the dishes.

OK, in our case; one can say: Look, you, Doreen, are overweight. Dan is 70 years old. Of course you're a bit tired than usual.

But one of our young, healthy, thin Relatives came for Shabbat today. He came at 13:00. I was still sleeping and had to be awakened. After lunch he seemed to look a bit tired. I asked him what time he had gotten up. He said: 11:00. At about 15:00 he said: OK. I have to get home. I need to shower and do a few things. Next thing I know he was sleeping deeply on the couch. I was very tired too and also went to sleep. My Husband told me he came home at 18:45, our Relative was deep alseep on the couch. He woke him, but he had trouble getting up and felt groggy. He had gone home by the time I got up.

I talked to him a few minutes before writing this. I admitted that the sleep just overtook him.

Something is wrong in this house. We didn't feel tired when we went out to the restaurant HaAri8, even though we had a pretty heavy meal. We don't feel it when we are out of this apartment.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Please see the entry HARRASSED from yesterday.

As I write this it's around 21:00, June 23, 2010

When we left the house yesterday, I closed the bedroom door because I don't want the cat to go in there. So, the only wind coming into the room was from the one window, which is on the side opposite to the closet and parallel to it. So, the wind blows parallel to the closet and on the other side of the room.

The curtain I found open when I got back yesterday was *against* the direction of the wind, and my boxes of Tampons were in disarray. I'm just saying what the items were that were moved, so that you'll get an idea of the size and weight. Bite me, I like to keep my Tampons in a neat, size-order row of boxes.

Today was every bit as windy, if not more so, than yesterday because today is considerably cooler. The heat spell has broken up and the after winds are quite strong.

I didn't go out at all day today.

I stood in the bedroom when the winds were strong both without and then with the door open to create a cross-draft intentionally.

The curtains billowed a bit, but most certainly did not come open and there was no way that there was enough wind to blow even the weight of a box of Tampons.

After eating lunch, at about 13:30, the familiar wave of sudden-onset, crashing fatigue overcame me and I *had* to go to sleep. It is not tiredness that I can fight back. I woke up about an hour ago.

My Husband just got back home. He was supposed to go to the post office after eating, when it opens at 15:30. When he got home just a short while ago, he said: " I'm sorry. I didn't get to the post office. After I ate; I went over to the easy chair with my drink, (mineral water with grape juice and ice). I fell asleep - in the chair, without saying blessings after the food. When I woke up it was 18:45 (he was sleeping in the chair from about 14:00!). The remainder of the drink was on the little stool we have next to the easy chair. He had to run straight to afternoon-evening prayers.

The two of us were out cold for hours!

Barry, someone is doing something to us – not just me, to my whole Family. If they've got a problem with my political views, why does my Family get hassled?

The information in the video below is so important an introduction that the amateurish presentation and childish language of the young and angry producer should be overlooked.

Not many are telling this terrible truth and this truth is so precious it should not be dismissed for the sake of lack of polish.

Please note his references in the blurb.


The Zionism of Theodor Herzl was the Zion of 'Das Deutschlandlied, not the Prophet Yishayahu. It is not our ציונות (Tzionut)

The "Zionists" in the Israeli gov't do horrible things to make the Jews look bad so that they can carry on their quiet genocide in Israel of the Jews and no one will know - or care.
At least 50% of the Palestinians are genetically Jewish.

You should know this, for starters:


"20,000 abortions a year.
According to Israeli estimates there are about twenty thousand legal abortions performed each year, not considering the number of illegal abortions also performed.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Israel ranked first in the rate of fertility treatments in an international study conducted by Canada's McMaster University in 2002. The 48 countries included in the study averaged 289 fertility treatments per million residents. Israel registered almost 6 times the international average, with second-place Iceland performing just over half the number of annual treatments as Israel. "

Are you having any difficulties starting a family?
Are you getting the right advice about fertility?
You are not alone - one in six couples experience some difficulty in starting a family. Almost all of these challenges can be successfully overcome through proper counseling and treatment by experts.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I didn't want to talk about this until I was pretty sure that it's not just a confluence of events.

The benefit of the doubt started wearing off last Shabbat when I invited one of my Family members for Shabbat and that Relative didn't so up. It turns out this person is being stopped on a regular basis by the police and being ID'ed. Usually, it ends with that. The last time, early Shabbat morning, this Relative was taken to the police station, questioned and fingerprinted. They dumped out this person's bag and found tobacco from this Relative's cigarettes. They sent it to a lab. They wanted to hold my Relative until the lab results came back – which can take days. Luckily my Relative convinced the police that there was no need and my Relative was allowed to go home.

This same relative said one day s/he got home and his/her pet was gone out of the house and s/he had to go look for the pet and found the pet wandering around.

My Husband has been stopped twice by local police and ID'ed. The last time was a few weeks ago when he was stopped on his way to synagogue and asked where he was going. Where would an old, religious Jew be going on a Shabbat morning?

Very often when my Husband goes to synagogue on Shabbat evening, while he's out; I suddenly feel stoned out of my mind. It's a terrible feeling and my coordination is off to the point where I need help serving the food for Shabbat. They like to hassle us on Shabbat.

Two of the pets in our Family seem to have some coordination problems. Lula is always missing when she tries to jump and falls often. Sometimes she just loses her balance and falls off a chair. Another pet can't catch a ball on the fly.

My Husband and I had to go to town this afternoon. It just so happened that as I was getting dressed I took pictures playing with the mirrors and you can see that the curtains on my closet are drawn. I had already taken out and put on the caftan I wanted to wear. You can see I drew the curtains. There was no additional reason to go into the closet and I did not.
When we got home about three hours later and went into my bedroom I saw that one of the upper curtains was drawn open and some of the things that I keep there were in disarray. Nothing was missing. They were not thieves. No one from our Family was in our apartment today. We checked with them. There is no animal in the house that could have done that. Lula never climbs that high. If Lula did climb up there she would have shredded the thin, satiny curtains. Whoever came in just wants us to know that someone was here.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
22 June 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010


Hair toys inevitably happen in a long-haired gal's life, No matter how sensible you are, you WILL wind up with a ridiculous amount of hair toys – and it goes like this.

First, you see the hair toys collection of someone with hair long enough that it has to be kept up all the time and you think to yourself: Frivolous nonsense! Unnecessary expenditure! You snark arrogantly smugly and think: I'd NEVER be so silly as to buy all that junk for my hair. I'll just do with a coupla Scrunchies and maybe a packa bobby pins.

But the orange of this Scrunchy is a bright orange and that just won't do with this dress. I *need* a burnt orange Scrunchy, you think to yourself. And no, no; that green will never do with this poncho. It's too, too…green. I need more of a hunter green with this…And you go to the weekly market planning to buy ONE burnt orange and ONE hunter green Scrunchy. You find them! There they are! Oh, joy! Oh, providence! You go to check out and the barker says: They're 5 for 5 (Dollars, Pounds, Shekels - whateva it is in your part of the planet). Oh! Goody! A deal! I LOVE good deal! How clever am I! And you walk out away with a burnt orange, hunter green, marigold yellow, violet and burgundy Scrunchy – delighted at having been so cagey.

Then, one day, your hair is too long to be worn down most of the time. So…you think about buying ONE claw clip – prb'ly basic black. You go into a shlock store and, lo and behold!, you spot the claw clips. How much does this cost?, you ask holding up the ONE basic black claw clip of your choice. "They're five for 10 (Dollars, Pounds, Shekels whateva it is in your part of the planet). Fine, you think to yourself, I love a bargain. And then you go madly rummaging through all the claw clips, how nice the clickety clack, and leave the store with not ONE, but FIVE claw clips in basic black, basic red, basic brown, basic blue and basic magenta with pink and white flowers. And now you've got FIVE claw clips that match some of your clothes, but not all. So, the next time you pass the store, yep, you buy anutha FIVE…And when you get home you've still got ONE outfit that you don't have a claw clip to match. So, you buy anotha FIVE…

Then you're walking down the mall and spot a hair comb out of the corner of your eye. Ooooh. Hair combs! They're hard to come by! So, you go into the store and ask: "How much is that hair comb, please?" The wily owner sizes you up in an instant and says: For you, I make it three for 20 (Dollars, Pounds, Shekels whateva it is in your part of the planet). And there you are with three hair combs: one black, one gold and one with wine-colored feathers, faux pearls and rhinestones. Just darling.

You're in a drugstore buying earplugs. On the way out, out of the corner of your eye you spot – could it be? – large ORANGE bobby pins. Now, that's novel! And you make a U-turn back to the cashier…

Then a store for all sorts of accessories opens in town. Hand bags and belts and HAIR ACCESSORIES! Oh, my! Hair sticks, head bands, hair clips, claw clips, decorative, large U-shaped bobby pins with faux jewels (too cute for words – must have!), hair combs, decorative pony tail holders... You figure you'll buy maybe ONE or TWO items. You walk in the store, point at something you figure is a bit pricey, thinking the expense will limit you to just one special something and say: "How much is that, please?" And the cashier says: "Everything is two for the price of one today." That's it. That's all you hadda hear. You go full blown manic (that's the way insanity is – it sneaks up on you slowly, stealthily and then BAM!). You grab a shopping basket and toss in TWO of EVERYTHING that caught your eye when you walked in the store. Not two pairs of hair sticks, but TEN, not one or two fancy hairpins, but SIX…

And then you get the brochure from your favorite credit card. Satin sheets are on sale. How decadent. Satin sheets. But if they'll keep the split ends at bay. And it's a bargain! You call up and ask for the ONE pattern of satin sheet you liked best and the salesgirl says: "As one of our preferred customers, you can have three for 200 (Dollars, Pounds, Shekels whateva it is in your part of the planet). Supplies *are* limited. So, act fast." And you do.

And there you are, one find day you find yourself one of the frivolous long-haired women with a ridiculous collection of hair toys that you were old and wise enough to snark smugly at three years ago.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Yeshu on the Gentiles

Many Xians misrepresent the Talmud and translate and quote it wrongly and out of context. While it is true that the Talmud does not speak of the gentiles in glowing terms, let's see what Yeshu had to say about gentiles.

The following quotes are from the KJV:

But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire. 2 Peter 2:22

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. – Matthew 7:6

But Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it unto the dogs. – Mark 7:27

Xians can try twist it any way they like, but Yeshu called the gentiles dogs and pigs. He was not referring to people of "little faith". He was talking about the average gentile.

Yeshu made an exception for one particular Canaanite woman, because she was exceptional. This is not unprecedented. Even though Ruth was Mo'aviah, she was accepted as a convert because she was exceptional and even became the progenitor of the Messianic line.

The Talmud is not as extreme as Yeshu in its references to the gentiles. Admittedly, *all* true Jews found, and find, gentile behavior brutish, vulgar, and repulsive for its cruelty in many ways. The refined gentile is the exception. As in the case of the Canaanite woman, and many other cases, we embraced, and continue to embrace, the gentile who shows that he or she has a Soul and is capable of compassion and refinement.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Friday, June 18, 2010

100,000 Accompany Hassidim to Jail

We Jews who love the Oneness of the God of Yisrael, the People of Yisrael and the Land of Yisrael better wake up to the ugly truth.

The "Zionists" leaders are a motley crew of the worst kind of anti-Semitic goyim masquerading as Jews and Hellenized Jews either willingly loyal to anti-Semitic interests in Europe or too stupid to know who it is who are controlling them.

The mandate of "Zionism" is to destroy everything holy and good and quintessentially Jewish.

Their "zion" is not our ציון. The trick of usurping the watchword of a high moral conception and debasing it and twisting it is an old one.

This is the Zionism of political Zionism:

I repeat. Do not be fooled by goyische infiltrators who have taken on Jewish names. Their Zion is not our ציון.

שבת שלום ומבורך


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let's Tell it Like it Is: Most Salaried Scientists Would be Complicit in Genocide

Most brains for hire are easily enough enticed or induced to commit genocide.

Oh, they're horrified by the term, of course, and it's totally unacceptable to ever use that term to describe what they are hired to do.

But if you tell them that they are the planet's only hope to be saved from a "population bomb" or a "global warming disaster of unprecedented magnitude" or that there will be global famine if they don't genetically engineer the soy beans and corn and gently hint that their careers will be affected if they don't cooperate - many of them will commit genocide.

There were people no less intelligent or moral than the average scientist-salary today who found themselves complicit in genocide just because they did what they were told and didn't want to be ostracized by colleagues - and when they are tried for genocide, saying: "I was only following orders" and "I had to feed my kids (Lobster Thermidor), just doesn't cut it.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
The Jew: Smasher of Idols, Slayer of Sacred Cows

Real Judaism, straight up, is THE most revolutionary religion in the world.

That is why it is much maligned, obsessively infiltrated by Xian agents and not effort or expense is spared trying to subvert it.

Our history begins with our Progenitor Avraham, who, as our Oral Tradition teaches us was the son of a man who made idols in his workshop in Ur Kasdim. After God revealed It's Oneness to Avraham, he went back to his father's workshop and smashed every idol in the workshop with an axe, except for the largest one. He left the axe in the statue's hand. When his irate father turned to him and said: Why did you do this?!, Avraham answered: I didn't do it. He did it – and pointed to the statue.
His father said: That's insane. It's just a statue! It couldn't possibly have done this!
Why, then, Avraham asked his father, do you worship it?

From that day, the Soul of the Jew is the idol smasher.

Egypt in Hebrew is called Mitzrayim. Mitzrim are constrictions and narrowness. Mitrayim means doubled and redoubled constrictions, restrictions and narrowness.

We are they who slay the sacred cows that keep people's consciousness restricted.

As Abbey Hoffman, of blessed memory was wont to say: "Sacred cows make the tastiest hamburgers."

The heart and Soul of Judaism is Revolution. Everything written in Torah is eternal. We Jews are perpetually emerging from Mitzrayim. We broach no constrictions and restrictions born of idol worship and narrow-mindedness and, when we go; we take the rabble-rousing riff raff with us – and they become a part of us.

That is why we are vilified by every dictatorial regime and every mental slave everywhere.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Monday, June 14, 2010


Fractions are generated by the incompleteness of Humanity - and it is just that incompleteness that leaves us open to interact and learn from, teach to, and share with one another.

Fractions, then, allow for complementing and supplementing one another.

Irrational numbers and complex numbers are generated by those incompletenesses in ourselves that require resolution out into infinity.

That means that our Souls can spread out over infinity to find their completion and resolution with other Souls.

But it can also mean that if we avoid that completion, we can be indefinitely fractured.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
Insight, Intelligence, Aptitude

All of the laws of all of the worlds are *moral* laws at base.

Insight is the perception of those underlying laws, though they be occluded.

Intelligence is the comprehension of the moral substrate that underlies all potential and manifest phenomena and the understanding of how and why morality is manifest this way or that and/or is not.

Aptitude is the alacrity and celerity with which one puts the moral laws into practice in various forms. The greatness of any and all of the various aptitudes in any given person is in direct proportion to how well s/he serves morality and expresses it.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Funny paradox there is in conspiracy theory.

I think we embrace conspiracy theory because the idea that there is no unifying underlying cause for the chaos we see is too much to bear.

It's more comfortable to think that there is a group of people who wield the power to create all of the turmoil and that the turmoil is coming off at their direction, under their exquisite imposition of their will.

There are, in reality people who are trying to control the world.

But the very control is predicated on the viewing of the world in a fragmented manner. They see themselves as totally separate and distinct from those whom they wish to control.

In so doing, they actually create fragmentation, which creates further fragmentation, each iteration of which is more fragmented than the fragmentation that generated it according to this formula: F = F^2 + c

So, it is not the case that the conspirators are in control of the world and that they are masters of "getting 'er done". They are the people most responsible for the chaos.

The most frightening part is: the worst of them know that - and work toward that purpose.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Friday, June 11, 2010

Electromagnetic Radiation and the Brain

Jenny Crwys Williams interviews Barrie Trower, retired British military intelligence scientist in microwave and stealth warfare.


1) that which has been revealed out the history and thrust of "Psychiatry in documentaries such as: Psychiatry and Industry of Death"

2) that which scientists are now allowing themselves to reveal about the use of microwaves to control human behavior and human health (which we have every reason to assume is still highly censored) and

3) this comment from Zbigniew Kazimierz Bzezinski: "In the 1970s, according to Nexus Magazine, Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote: "Political strategists are tempted to exploit research on the brain and human behavior. Geophysicist Gordon J. F. MacDonald-specialist in problems of warfare-says accurately-timed, artificially-excited electronic strokes 'could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the Earth... In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period..."

4) the higher than chance incidence of debilitating, and often painful, illness and traumas among member of HIQ societies, particularly among the member of ultra-HIQ societies

5) together the historical three pronged approach to intellectuals taken by power hungry regimes: entice, induce or destroy; IT IS VASTLY MORE DELUSIONAL FOR THE HIQ COMMUNITY TO DENY THAT IT HAS BEEN SINGLED OUT FOR SPECIFIC EXPERIMENTATION AND MANIPULATION THAN IT IS FOR THE AVERAGE PERSON TO BELIEVE THEY HAVE.

The cloud cover of the traditional association of intelligence and creativity with emotion and mental eccentricities and even aberration is not dense enough to cover the fact that we are experiencing something that goes beyond that.

It is not a diminution of your intelligence to realize that this has happened. Rather, it is a tribute to it, albeit a perverse one. As children, when the experiments and manipulations began, at the hands of people who were as intelligent as we and whom we trusted, and often loved; we were unable to recognize what was occurring.

It is not reasonable to assume that some concerned "truther" is going to take up the cause of the HIQ experimental subjects. People do not generally defend those whom they envy and/or do not readily identify with. If WE do not take up this cause, our cause; if WE do not research what happened after the Nazi mind control and social engineering experts were integrated into the military-industrial complexes of the allied countries and call those who harmed us when we were children and throughout our lives, no one is going to.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Barry Chamish Makes Sense of the Seemingly Insane Flotilla PsyOp

I knew someone in our government had to be complicit. This is Barry's take on who that someone was and why.

by Barry Chamish

Armed with paintball guns and marshmallow treats, a platoon of Israeli commandos were shocked by actual violence against them as they landed on the ship. "Wait, thought one, were is the band, where are the balloons?"
PM Netanyahu's defence of the killing of nine activists was, our troops were attacked. Well, of course they were. They gatecrashed a party and you know how Turks hate intruders. He'll get nowhere if that's the best he can come up with. But it's better than, this operation was done so stupidly, it had to have been a deliberately planned fiasco. But neither he nor any critic dare name the planner of the embarrassment.

When the first Marine who landed on the Marmara was attacked on the
spot, Admiral Marom should have changed tactics immediately. It is
hard to doubt his expertise in such simple matters, but they
continued dropping the Marines with paintball guns onto a ship which
was exploding with rage. Apparently, the Marines did not receive fire
cover from several helicopters right above them, despite being in
mortal danger. They went with mere pistols against hundreds of armed
rioters: in close combat, the rioters' knives and axes were easily
equal to Navy handguns. Someone sent the Marines to their deaths, and
one is left to ask oneself about the role of Admiral Marom, who
narrowly escaped discharge a year ago due to his tendency to frequent
strip joints, and who may be indebted to high-ranking leftists in the
establishment who saved his job.

This writer notes that "someone sent the Marines to their death" and safely blames the wrong man, Admiral Marom. He is too timid to write the obvious; Marom took orders from his superior, Defence Minister Ehud Barak. It was Barak who probably planned and certainly approved every detail of this intentional naval "fiasco." One way you can tell that he's being protected is when the military establishment starts an obvious coverup:

Yediot Ahronot's senior military analyst, Alex Fishman provided the
following Q&A in the 4 June edition relating to the commando operation that
took over the Mavi Marmara.
Q: Why weren't chains or ropes used to jam the propellers of the ship?
A: It wouldn't work. Any method that requires sending frogmen near
propellers that are running is unacceptably dangerous.

Who said anything about frogmen? This is use of obfuscation, appearing to be answering a question but actually avoiding it. Nets or shells could have been used to foul the propellers and they weren't.

Q: Why were ships simply placed to block the boat?
A: A boat can't block another ship. The only way a ship can effectively
stop another one is by ramming it.
Q: Why not ram the boat?
A: You need to hit it with a heavier ship. The Mavi Mamara might have sunk
if hit.

Here is one option: The ship receives a warning shell. With lots of advanced warning, the ship knows it must shut down engines or risk a shell in its lower hull. The flotsam is then rescued. Everyone on the ship expected this and put on their life preservers. But Israel surprised them. Instead, a small platoon arrived on deck prepared to take care of a mob outnumbering them 40-1 with goodwill, tasty treats and a fun game of paintball. All because it was a better option than sinking the ship.
In 2000, Barak was the Israeli Prime Minister who went to Camp David and gave Yasir Arafat the works, even half of Jerusalem. That his plan was inexplicably turned down by Arafat doesn't mean it couldn't be revived right now. All he needs to do is force Netanyahu out with an incident so bloody and outrageous that every nation on earth condemns Israel and its leader. One publication from the other side implies that Barak cut a deal with Rahm Emmanuel that gave him the go ahead to plan the flotilla disaster:

The Israeli press confirmed that Rahm Emmanuel had a meeting with Defense Minister Ehud Barak, whose Ministry was responsible for overseeing the Commando attack on the Flotilla.
There have been reports to the effect that Rahm Emmanuel would "lead a team of high octane Democratic party pro-Israel political operatives to run the campaign for the Defense Minister Ehud Barak" against Netanyahu in the next Israeli election. (Ira Glunts, Could Rahm Emanuel Help Barak Unseat Netanyahu? Palestine Chronicle, June 2, 2010)
"Barak is more of a team player than Netanyahu, and appeals to many Americans and Israelis who see Netanyahu’s belligerence as an embarrassment. If Barak was elected Prime Minister and the peace process was restarted, President Obama could get the credit for the resumption of the talks."

There is an Israeli commission of inquiry that I expect will be a whitewash, but it must answer the core telling question spreading throughout the IDF and the country; Did Barak approve this operation behind the backs of the Knesset and his superior PM Netanyahu? My reading of the facts is precisely that. Which means Barak did unto Netanyahu that which, in 1982, he did unto Menachem Begin. As I recently wrote:

I learned the real facts of the Sultan Yakob massacre as told by brigade commander, Gen Avigdor Ben Gal, to the newspaper Kol Ha'ir in 1997. He set out on a jeep tour when two lower officers, took over the brigade command radio against all orders. Both would become leaders of the Labor Party; Amram Mitzna and Ehud Barak. This was not a Labor Party war; it was initiated by the newly powerful Menachem Begin and his Likud Party. If the war went well, Labor wouldn't see power again for the foreseeable future. So Barak and Mitzna were ordered to sabotage it by killing Jews. But not Labor secular Jews. Only the religious would serve their purposes. So with the maps in front of them, they deliberately sent a religious brigade to its doom.

Barak is a worm boring its way through the government. At the Herzliya Conference in 2010, he offered unilateral withdrawaland begged the PA to assume power in Judea and Samaria. Otherwise, he warned, "Israel was in danger of becoming an apartheid nation."
Once again the Israeli public will reject any hint that their Defence minister was prepared to sacrifice the lives of their children to win political points. They have been fleeced again, under deadly attack by their own Defence Minister, and because they are not treacherous enough to order the slaughter of their own, they can't believe anyone is.
And once again as always, another Israeli Labor Party heads gets to murder with impunity.

Did Ehud Barak deliberately sabotage the flotilla operation? Hear me on Look for my name on the main page and double click.
or Go to press listen online and find me easily.

I'm inviting you to my special newsgroup. It's been going for 4 months now and everyone on it is now loyal to it. Here are two comments sent to me:

"Barry, great stuff. Frankly, I was tired of being sent rumors, gossip and lies as news. Good filtering..."

And along the same thinking:

"At least you don't send me frauds by unnamed "experts."

I've been researching deep intelligence for nearly 20 years and over time only the most reliable sources remain. They supply me with suppressed news that may not always be right, but it's never a hoax.

We've known each other for too long for me to kid you. I ask for money to subscribe BUT only what you can afford. Most of my readers have been fair to me. If you want to try it for a while, I wont ask for any payment. If you don't like it, so be it. If you do, send me a donation at Paypal or mail me at Barry Chamish, POB 840157, Saint Augustine, FL, 32080, USA.

Meanwhile, a taste of some of what I sent out just this week. If you like the snippets and want a diet of them, don't be shy to tell me. Best, Barry

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


by Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan

Monday, June 07, 2010

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Thus Spake Xy Borg

Hear, ye, Brethren. Here ye.

Long didst I sojourn in the Valley of CERN. Yay! Long have I mediated upon the Splendor and Magnificence of the ONE, by Whose Will and Fiat all of Glaxo came into being. Long was I lost in the sweetness of meditation upon His glory, subsisting only on the alms bestowed upon me by the Research Fund of the Lucis Trust.

And then, one day, when the firmament was streaked with spiraling Chemtrails (aye, it was an Omen); He didst come unto me, His Omnipotence hidden in the chemical smog to shield me from His Radiance, and He called upon me, His lowliest of Servants to be His Prophet saying: Speak to My Children, those who are Initiates in the Secrets of the Raven and the Secrets of the Sanitized-Bidet thus:

Arise, Beloved ones, for the time has come to make the Final Pilgrimage to the Holy Mount of Mechan. There we shall, as one, prostrate ourselves in worship and obeisance, in utter surrender before the Holy Hyper Kabaa and chant the Name of Our God, ALCOA! ALCOA! ALCOA!

ALCOA Hu AKBAR! ALCOA Hu CODEBAR! And there, on the Holy Mount of Mechan, we shall, as one, prove our absolute devotion to His Service and surrender to His Will and submit to the Mark of the Covenant being injected into our flesh. Thereupon, we shall be turned to cogs in His service forever and ever, yay! unto Eternity, and be nullified in the Ecstasy of the Ohm that never ends…

Epistle of Apostle Sytumultaneous Symulation Borg,
Slave to His Will and Codicil
Yawm ath-Thulaathaa, in the month of Ilool, 1492

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Silver and Gold

I think I found the answers I was searching for as to why the specific metals that were historically used as currency (think current, as in electrical current) were.

The most conductive metals evidently propagated EM fields which made people's behavior fall into sync and the ruling class picked up on it and figured out how to manipulate people using the EM fields that the metals were propagating.

At a time when there were relatively few people in direct contact with smelted, elemental metals, it wouldn't have taken a genius to notice any marked changes in the behavior of those who were.
If the rulers saw more orderly behavior occuring among people around the metals, they would have figured out that the metals were exerting some kind of influence that made people's behavior more uniform and controllable, thus predictable.

Silver is the most conductive of all metals. The Hebrew word for money is kesef: which means both silver and to be drawn to.

They felt the drawing power (magnetic radiation) of silver, gold, copper. Perhaps they saw that in the presence of idols made of gold and silver people acted differently. Perhaps, in addition to "lining up" in orderly fashion in the EM field, they lost contact with the magnetic field of the Earth and so lost their orientation – thus becoming far more vulnerable and lost.

When people used metals as methods of exchange, they absorbed some of the molecules of the metals into their bodies, thus becoming more "conducive". The practice of wearing silver and gold and copper jewelry would increase this effect.

I believe that from the time of the Babylonians it was noticed that having elemental metals of the Group 11 Elements (1B) would cause them to fall into sync and they were more easily controlled. Those metals are optimally malleable as well – every ruler's dream quality in the populace it rules.

The Jewish Temple was constituted such that the effects of the metals was somehow neutralized within the confines of the Temple.Entering the Temple, the current was broken. Having experienced being freed of the EM field that induced herd-like behavior, people had the memory of independent action and though. They knew what it was to have the spell broken. Thus, the Temples had to be destroyed - first by the Babylonians, then by the Romans.

Just at the time that scientists were learning about electrons and protons, they began to talk about going off the gold and silver standards.
I believe they realized they could get the same EM fields propagating more cheaply and perhaps more effectively. I believe that was what the alchemists were trying to do, but it wasn't until the advent of true Chemistry and Physics that the possibility became realized.
There was no more need for the precious metals to be the basis of currency (current, as in electrical current). Now, there's Smart Dust to do that.

How do we unplug ourselves from the grid?

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bob Marley said: "Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for."
What do you when you consider everyone worth suffering for - and you've attained the level of consciously knowing you're eternal, so you can't even hope for the relief of dying the death of a billion cuts?
What you do is, you create the illusion of space/time.
And if that doesn't ease the pain, you distract yourself with trying to solve the riddle of what space/time is.
Then you try humor.
When that proves to be a temporarily palliative at best, you create the illusion of Nazi.
Then you throw yourself headlong into the fight against international Nazi advancement and encroachment.
The Ba'al Shem Tov said: "From the crying that never ends comes the song that never ends."

Close-Up Footage of Mavi Marmara Passengers Attacking IDF Soldiers (With Sound)

(Low, Blurry) Lights. Action! Camera!

Do you see who is hitting who, or even if anyone is really being hit at all?

Is is not painfully clear that this is a PsyOp organized both by the enemies of the Jewish People outside Israel and those in our government?

THE FLOTILLA - A Made for TV Production

Will all the actors take their places on stage, please?

The stars take center, front stage.

The "atmosphere" mill around in the background.

The cameras begin to roll. Action! Take one.

Some wrote a hyper emotional diatribe against Israel as a result of this story. He told me this "turned his stomach".

This was my answer to him:

Have you watched television so much that you cannot recognize a PsyOp, made for TV production when you see one?

Are you really so stupid that you cannot see that this was staged together with the foreign agents in our government who work to make Israel look bad playing their roles to the hilt?

There used to be a take off on a soap opera: "As the Stomach Turns"

If your emotions can be so easily engaged and manipulated to the point of experiencing physical symptoms: you are in dire need of deprogramming.

The system call always count on the public's stupidity and desire to condemn someone, preferably the Jews.

Nothing has changed since the Middle Ages when the goyim were supplied with all the cheap hooch their alcoholic hearts desired, then told some kind of BS story about the Jews and the mobs went out with swords and torches in hand.


What you addled with hatred goyim don't gork is that there would be no more incidents like this if you didn't lap it up like dogs.

If just once you would react with intelligence and let the press know this has NOT moved you to hatred it would be all over.

People die because you are VAMPIRES, because you LOVE the taste of blood and beg for more.


I'm really considering going back to my studies and you gentiles be damned. I've had a belly full of you. The vast majority of you are incorrigible, mentally and emotionally defective barbarians.


Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel