Thursday, August 28, 2008


In response to a couple of requests that I've received, I've begun to create a series of videos treating the Kabbalah, the true Kabbalah, which is none other than living a life of increasing loving-kindness and plumbing the depths of the Hebrew language, which is the gateway to Godconsciousness.

The first few parts of the series have been uploaded onto Google.

As of this evening, I'll have five parts on Google.

I'll be adding more as time allows.

Please be so kind as to start with this, the first part of the Intro.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Russia vs. the US? Don't You Believe It.

I heartily suggest the readers to watch this incredible video:

Rare year 1982 video with G. Edward Griffin & Norman Dodds

Part 1:

Dodds reveals that the US and USSR were working hand in hand all along during the Cold War.

Dodds' research assistant committed suicide when she learned the truth. Poor young, loyal American thing was so brainwashed, she believed every word of the propaganda she was being fed.

In imagining that the US and Russia are on opposite sides, those falling for this most recent episode in the decades-long America-Russia PsyOp are making the same mistake that our American Grandparent and Parents made during the Cold War.
The only two sides here is World Gov't against We the "Useless Eaters".

Want proof that the US and Russia are bedfellows?

Over the last 20 years one million Russians were brought to Israel. At least half of them, and some say as many as 2/3, aren't Jewish and feel no loyalty whatsoever to either Israel or the Jews. They retain Russian citizenship. They travel back and forth between Israel and Russia and Ukraine and wherever else from the former USSR they came from freely. And a good number of them have left Israel after using their 5-year New Immigrant Benefits Package to settle in the US.

The first wave of Russian immigration, twenty years ago, brought half a million Russians here in a flood - into a country whose population all told at the time was 5.5 million.

I remember feeling very bewildered, and often exasperated, dealing with Israeli bureaucracy as a new immigrant. When they first arrived here, they sliced through the Israeli quasi-Bolshevik political system liked greased lightening. It's a no-brainer understanding why that is. They made their way through the morass and labyrinths of diverticula in ballet shoes.

Within five years they, except for the many old people (who were brought here to exert a drag on the economy by receiving retirement benefits in addition to welfare and the New Immigrants Benefits package), all the Russian immigrants were all employed - doctors, including psychiatrists and neurologists; scientists of all kinds and engineers filled every nook and cranny of the health system of Israel, the military-industrial complex, as well as the civil service and, of course, the army.

How they were all housed virtually immediately and employed in their fields of expertise within 5 years remains a mystery.

Upon their arrival, the entire atmosphere of Israel changed. We just don't speak as freely in public places as we once did.

On my floor of the building there are four apartments. We are the only Israeli family. I think twice about speaking about political matters with the door open. I never used to before they came.

The once open, warm, friendly atmosphere of Israel is not what it was. Before talking politics in public Israelis now glance around to see if there are any Russians. In fact, many Israelis glance around when they discuss just about anything to see if there are any Russians.

Young Israeli men do not want to marry their women, many of whom wear more make up than clothes, and Israeli women less so their men because they drink so.

So, they take up with Arabs, hostile Arabs in the main, in large numbers. Israelis may with their tax Shekels for the support, and anti-Israeli education, of thousands and thousands of single Russian mothers and their half-Arab children.

They're all installed, all awaiting instructions. It dwarfs Project Paperclip. Imagine a country of 5.5 million people absorbing one million Russians, most of whom do not so much as make the pretense of caring about this country.

They speak in Russian among themselves. They arrange concerts for themselves, the notices are only in Russian. Every municipality has a Russian representative who sees to it that they get preferential treatment. They treat us with disdain in the public and private sectors.

They voted Arik Sharon in bloc. Arik Sharon would never have become PM without their massive support. He bought them with a few Russian phrases he picked up at home as a kid and a promise to handle politics as only a megalomaniacal general knows how to. They lapped it up and swept him into office.

I once had a Russian boy of about ten approach me in Russian. I answered him in Hebrew that Hebrew is the language of this land. He switched into perfect, accentless Hebrew and said: "I was told that all the white people here are Russians."

I once had a young, attractive Russian female physician start to question me about a senior physician I had worked with on a research project. I had an interesting time not giving her information but letting the questioning flow to see where she was going with it. She wanted to know if he was married, for instance. He is, in a classical, monogamous relationship. So is she. So what? Getting ahead on your back is just the way it is in Russia.

Would the US have allowed this flooding of Israel with morally degraded, alcoholic, highly-trained Russian professionals from the former USSR were they not in cahoots with them? Would they have allowed this virtual invasion of their most trusted and subservient suzerainty if it was not part of their plan?

Those who create conflicts think multilaterally. So must we if we are to understand their plans for world-wide Corporate Fascism and thwart them.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

True Kabbalah - Path of the Just

There is so much misunderstanding about what the Kabbalah is.

In fact, the Kabbalah is a simple, straightforward programme of self improvement that arouses God above to infuse us with Supernal Wisdom insofar as we are able to integrate it.

The video I made is in three parts.

Here is a link to Pt. 1. It will lead you to the other two:


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Truth About Untruth in Religion

It is intentional that religions are not pure truth and goodness.

No one should expect religion to be nothing but truth.

The truth is mixed with dross in every religion. It is a test that God puts us to.

To imagine that religion should give us pure revealed truth without effort on our part is as foolish as it is lazy.

Religion is a testing and training ground that separates the pure from the impure of heart. It is the boot camp wherein those who are destined to "graduate" to higher levels of training and become warriors for God and are separated from those who can't pass muster.

Those with a pure heart chose the truth in religion.

Those who are impure choose the dross and are led the way of delusion within their religion.

Fools and cowards believe and observe all of their religion, truth and falsehood alike, without discernment.

The weakest of spirit give up entirely and, blaming religion for not fulfilling their infantile desires, feel justified by their disappointment with religion in turning their backs on God entirely and indulging their whims and wallowing in materialism.


Monday, August 11, 2008

The article
"The Role of Kabbalah in the Founding of the United States of America" by Ariel bar Tzadok [should be called The Role of (Pseudo-)Kabbalah in the Founding of the United States of America] is an important article.

The Zohar, which bar Tzadok accepts, is a forgery. It was written in the Middle Ages by Moses de Leon, not by Rabbi Shim'on bar Yochai, to whom it is attributed. De Leon's own family attested that they saw him writing it.

However, though bar Tzadok himself adheres to heretical Lurianic pseduo-Kabbalah, what he writes in this article is very accurate.

It is well worth reading this essay.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Richard Dawkins' Service to Man and God

Please watch this short video:

Dawkins makes me :0)

Atheists are an inside joke between God and those in Godconsciousness - those who know God, not believe, but know.

Every time God "dresses up" as an atheist and expounds on the non-existence of God, and how science is supplanting faith, we roll laughing.

Dawkins is doing a wonderful service to man and God alike. He is "killing", as he puts it, faith and belief.

No one should believe in God or make do with faith.

The purpose of life is to *know* God.

I wish Dawkins every success in "killing" faith and belief, for they are the primary stumbling blocks to knowledge of God.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Friday, August 08, 2008


The J'm Post published one of those typical articles about Tzfat that make me want to barf.

It's here:

Ode to Tzfat

To which I responded, and lo and behold! the J'M editorial stuff published, this response:

About Did you visit Ofer, Shikma, TzaHa"L, parts of Cana'an and numerous other neighborhoods in Tzfat where the residents are so poor their houses are nowhere near as lovely as the tomb of Nachum Ish Gamzu? Do you think that HaShem is happy that the dead are housed in fine structures, while about half of Tzfat languishes in poverty and eat in gemachim (charities) and out of dumpsters while no one in the Old City care because they're too busy defiling themselves in graveyards? Enough with the revolting tum'ah (spiritual filth).

This is the work of the Masons, BTW, who are very active in Tzfat and have been for at least a couple of hundred years. Knowing that Tzfat is considered the Kabbalah center of the world, they have been busy little devils undermining Judaism for generations. They are continuing the work of destroying Judaism that Isaac Luria, a character with the same mindset as Ignatius Loyola, who was planted in Tzfat by the Catholic church, began 500 years ago.

A former Mayor of Tzfat told me that his great grandfather, whom he assured me was a very correct Chassid, "proof positive" proffered that the Masons are not a cult, was a Mason. He said it was a political expediency. You couldn't be anything in Tzfat without being a Mason. You still can't be anything in Tzfat without being under the Rothschild's control. Let's not forget that Rosh Pina which James de Rothschild founded is a 7 minute drive from the outskirts of Tzfat.

The Freemasons' temple is housed in a very expensive old structure on the same street where the Ruth Rimonim hotel and a cultural center are to be found. Not a shabby address.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

בסיס הנתונים הביומטריים

נא להעביר לכל ישראלי

אם פלישה ללא תקדים בעולם זאת לפרטיות שלנו תעבור ותהיה לחוק; אם הממשלה תדרוש מאתנו למסור להם מידע ביומטרי אינטימי – תחת איום במאסר ובשלילת זכותנו לקבל ממדינת ישראל תעודת זהות או דרכון בגלל אי ציות – אזי, אומרת אני, נציית להם, ועוד איך!

על כל אחד לאכול כמות הגונה של חומוס או שעועית בטרם ילך אל משרד הפנים.

בהגיע תורך לגבות ממך את טביעות אצבעותיך וסריקת הזהות, עליך להגיש להם דגימה (רבתי) של צואה, שתן, זרע, טמפונים משומשים ו/או תחבושות היגייניות. אם יש לך דלקת באיברי המין, עליך לתת להם, בלי היסוס, דגימה גם מזה – או לחתוך את המפשעה מהתחתונים אותם לבשת יום שלם ולהגיש להם אותה. יש לתת להם גם ממחטות-נייר משומשות. האם בשעות הבוקר יש לך שיעול כבד המעלה גוש דחוס בגרונך? מצוין! יש להביא גם את זה. גם קונדומים משומשים יהיו לווית-חן.

הציפו את משרדיהם במעטפות המכילות שערות ערווה קצוצות. גלו מיהם חברי הכנסת הדתיים התומכים בחוק ושלחו להם במכתב ציפורניים קצוצות (הם שטופים באמונות-הבל בעניין זה).

גידשו את סניפי משרד הפנים בנתונים ביומטריים אינטימיים רבים ככל שתוכלו להפריש. מה לא נעשה כדי לעזור לבטחון הפנים?!

הבה נהיה כולנו אזרחים טובים; ניתן להם את כל מבוקשם – ועוד הרבה יותר! האם לא לכך מצפים מאתנו, אזרחים נאמנים, בסופו של דבר?

דורין אלן בל-דותן, צפת
Biometric Data

If this unprecedented invasion of privacy passes and becomes law and the government requires us to give them very personal biometric information on threat of imprisonment and not being issued an Israeli ID card or passport for noncompliance, then I say comply! And how!

Eat a lot of whole chummus (chick peas) or beans before you go to the Ministry of the Interior.

When it's your turn to be fingerprinted and scanned present them with (large) samples of your feces, sperm samples, used tampons and sanitary pads. If you have a vaginal infection, by all means, bring them a smear or just cut the crotch out of your underwear after you've worn them all day and present them with that. Bring your tissues after you've blown your nose. Do you cough up a nice big "clam" in the morning? Good! Bring it along too.

Flood their offices with letters containing clippings of your pubic hair. Find out which of the religious MKs are supporting this and send them letters with fingernail clippings in them (they're very superstitious about that).

Fill the offices of the Ministry of the Interior and with as much internal biometric data as you can excrete. How's that for internal security?

Let's all be good citizens and give them more than they ask for. Isn't that what's expected of loyal citizens after all?

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Is There Or Is There Not Free Will?

Someone wrote: "Free will is an illusion, there is only the divine will."

I'm glad that person brought up this subject because many fall in to this error. The reason for the error is that they attribute to God human thought processes and intentions, and undeveloped human thought processes and intentions at that.

The correct teaching is this:

"Everything is foreseen, yet free will is given. The world is judged with goodness, and all is according to the abundance of good deeds."- Ethics of the Fathers, 3:19

Human beings are capable of reaching the level of apprehending how it is possible that something is foreseen by God, yet free will is given in order to allow us to choose to do good deeds, upon which the world is established.

F. Scott Fitzgerald said: "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function."

The key phrase is "retain the ability to function". If one cannot still function one has fallen victim to doublethink.

What determines whether one has an ace mind or is the victim of doublethink is one's intentions. If one's intentions are to elevate and liberate Humankind, then holding two opposed ideas in the mind is *paradox*. If the intention is not pure, holding two opposed ideas in the mind is *contradiction*.

"The world is judged with goodness, and all is according to the abundance of good deeds." This last part of the quote explains why the first part is the case.

Those who judge the world with goodness *want* others to have free will. And their will makes it so.

The key phrase is "retain the ability to function". If one cannot still function one has fallen victim to doublethink.

What determines whether one has an ace mind or is the victim of doublethink is one's intentions. If one's intentions are to elevate and liberate Humankind, then holding two opposed ideas in the mind is *paradox*. If the intention is not pure, holding two opposed ideas in the mind is *contradiction*.

"The world is judged with goodness, and all is according to the abundance of good deeds."

It *is* the Divine Will that we will have free will in order to be able to choose to do the good.

Likewise, people who judge the world with goodness *want* others to have free will, and their will makes it so.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

New Video: Satanists Give Satan a Bad Name

In the following video I discuss the true nature of Satan.

The video is in four parts. As You Tube is very busy with people sharing now, I'm not sure that all of the parts will be linked. So, I'll provide the links herein.

Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3

Pt 4

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Monday, August 04, 2008


Directly below you'll find a message that I wrote, which the moderator of the large Tzfat Yahoo! group refused to post.

Below it is the comment that accompanied the rejection.

I cannot understand the rationale in her reaction to this topic.

I also cannot understand how any community can stifle discussion about child abuse.


Rereading this passage that I wrote, I see that there may be some equivocation: I wrote: One woman said that although her daughter was abused she will not file a complaint. She said that if her father (the victim's grandfather) knew about it he would kill the child.

So, please allow me to clarify that the child that this mother is afraid of her father killing if he knew is not the perpetrator, but her daughter, his grandchild, the *victim*.

There is no equivocation in the original Hebrew, as it is a sex specific language, and makes it clear that she is referring to her daughter, not the perpetrator. So, she is not going to lend her support to the complaint and will instead look for another place to live. The Welfare Office, the article claims, said that they won't look into the matter because they only take measures against families who have files in their office - which is a bald-faced lie and in contravention of the law.

Friends, there once was a time when child abuse, wife abuse and sexual abuse in the Charedi community was no more, and probably less, than in other communities, Jewishand non-Jewish. I am of the opinion that the Charedi community is being infiltrated by nefarious interests in order to destroy the community from within. All indications point in that direction: the widespread and horrendous abuse, the "Rabbis" who "posken" (decide new Jewish Laws) in contravention of Halakhah (Jewish Law), the weirdo take on the Kabbalah (like Avraham the Kabblah Stoner), the widespread use of drugs and drinking in the Charedi community, the admission of chozrim b'tshuvah (newly religious) with a criminal background before they demonstrate a real desire for rehabilitation, the trance music to which they set Hebrew lyrics, getting young couples of chozrim b'tshuvah married while they are still in the thrall of abuse and trauma they endured...the list goes on.

WAKE UP! There is a war on for our Souls.

I'm not bashing the Charedim. I'm aware that they are under attack.


The moderator of the large Tzfat Yahoo! list wrote this with the rejection:

"If you don't agree with my decisions about posting stuff here, postit on your own board!"

D2 (shaking head)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Case Of Repetitive Child Sexual Abuse by Juvenile in Tzfat Closed?

The 13-year-old who molested and sodomized a number of children in the park near Super Sol has had the investigation about his activities closed due to lack of evidence. The one family of a victim has withdrawn their complaint and no one else will come forward. All of the families involved are religious families. Their Rabbis said to shut the matter up.

One woman said that although her daughter was abused she will not file a complaint. She said that if her father (the victim's grandfather) knew about it he would kill the child (his Granddaughter, the *victim*!)

The matter was on TV and in the press. So much for not airing one's dirty laundry. If you don't, someone else will just have to do it for you.

The message that's getting out in the press is: The Charedi is world very tolerant of these activities and protects child abusers. You can expect to attract more and more of them from the "chozrim b'tshuvah" and more and more people who are already Charedi will "let their freak flag fly" in such an atmosphere.

I spoke to my Daughter about this during kiddush. She said that there *is* a rampant problem with this in the Charedi community, not amongst the Orthodox so much, but among the Charedim. There were a number of incidents in the park her window overlooked in Beit Yisrael when she lived there. Even the wife of an Admor in Me'ah She'arim told her students to be very careful when they take their children to the park. My Daughter heard the Rabbanit sayt this herself when she learned with her and my Daughter tells me that the problem is WIDESPREAD in Me'ah She'arim, Beit Yisrael and other Charedi neighborhoods in Jerusalem. She got annoyed with me when I tried to say that it's not any worse among the Charedim. She said boys are regularly abused in cheder and at the mikveh. She told me not to delude myself and not to let anyone else tried to delude me either. It was one of the main reasons she left the Charedi world after my Grandson was born.