Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The resident of TZAHAL 12 who took me around wanted to take me down to the bomb shelter that same day, but I had no flashlight and there is absolutely no light down there. You have to walk down pitch black flights of stairs to get to the bomb shelter and, as there are rats and this is the snake coming out of hibernation season when they have the most venom in their glands, it's very dangerous. (Just a couple of days ago a man was bitten by an asp in Ashdod. Asps have been found in these apartment buildings too - once on the sixth floor!).

We bought a flashlight just to see the bomb shelter.

I called the resident back and said we'd (my Husband and I) would like to see it. They said: "Sorry. We can't go down there. It smells like something died down there. The stench makes it impossible to get anywhere near there."

I hope it was some*thing* that died down there.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Zionist Eugenics - Government Housing in Israel

Myriad are the testimonies in Israeli society to the fact that Labor Zionism not only was in its inception, but still is, a virulently active program of Eugenics being carried out by the Vatican and Jews loyal to the Vatican.

From the day that Theodor Herzl turned to the Roman Catholic Church with his offer of providing them with a solution for the Jewish problem, the Vatican has been actively involved in Zionism. We are taught that Herzl had a change of heart after the Dreifus affair and no longer believed that Gentile Europe in general, and the Roman Catholic Church in particular, could not be counted upon to help him with his program for the Jews. Even if that were true, the Church never saw its role in the creation of the Jewish entity – designated to become the largest and best-camouflaged concentration camp of Jews in the world – as having been diminished. The only difference between Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work Makes (One) Free) and Labor Zionism is one of degree and speed.

In this article we will concentrate on government housing in Israel.

I have uploaded photos of Amidar housing in Tzfat onto three servers so that the reader can choose his or her preferred program. Flickr only allows a limited number of photos to be uploaded per month, and so the album on that server is not as comprehensive as the others. One of the buildings that I photographed, Ofer 214, is our building. Please see the captions under the photos.

See: AMIDAR HOUSING IN TZFAT in the left sidebar

http://www2.snapfish.ie/ thumbnailshare/AlbumID= 255674030/a=163223906_ 163223906/t_=

http://www.flickr.com/photos/ 36442463@N03/

It is only because I am limited physically that I could not provide more photographs, equally heartbreaking and horrific, from many other buildings in any number of neighborhoods in Tzfat. These same conditions exist in many development towns and in the poor neighborhoods of cities throughout Israel.

It is eminently clear that the conditions that prevail in government housing in Israel are calculated to break the spirit of the residents and to make them feel helpless and hopeless – thus inducing the depression and impotent rage that leads to lucrative criminality and drug use.

Tzfat is on the Vatican's black list and has been since the Jews who were expelled from Spain and Portugal settled there near the turn of the 16th Century. The expelled Jews joined a small community of Jews who had been living in Tzfat for many generations hoping to rebuild their lives and learn Torah, including the Kabbalah, undisturbed. The Vatican sent a Jesuit agent, Isaac Luria, to infiltrate and undermine the circle of Kabbalists who settled in Tzfat. The Church was not satisfied that the desire of the Jews to learn authentic Torah had been effectively derailed into occultism by Luria and a careful eye has been kept on Tzfat all these many years seeing to it that any attempts to rekindle the ember of true Torah scholarship is summarily squelched.

When Ashkenazi Jews (the Biluim) began to return to the holy land in the 1880s, the Sabbatean Rothschild family chose to build nearby Rosh Pinah instead of supporting and building Tzfat.

To hail from the groups of Jews most likely to harbor within them a remembrance of the ancient truths of Torah and to live in Tzfat is to be twice targeted, unless one proves one's loyalty to the Zionist vision by putting one's vocation above learning Torah. If one is religious and attached oneself to one of the groups of Orthodox Jews who fully accept the pseudo-Kabbalah of Luria, one is also afforded a measure of protection. Either becoming secularized and wholly given over to materialism or being religious and practicing the Gnosticism masquerading as Judaism that constitutes the Lurianic system, satisfies the Vatican that one is sufficiently pre-occupied and poses no "threat" of returning to the true way of Torah.

The Jews slated for slow, painful destruction are: The Sephardim, the Yemenite Jews, the Ethiopian Jews, any religious family who do not follow a state-sanctioned form of Judaism and, as one would expect from any classical Eugenics program, the elderly and the infirm. The primary target of Vatican-backed Zionism is the ancient Jewish populations – those who carry within them the recollection of true Torah Judaism and have not been inculcated with European values.

The conflict with the Arabs in the Middle East is a smoke screen. The Arabs are not the primary target of the Vatican-loyal Zionists. They are merely expendable pawns. If the Vatican has to create a situation in which a hundred or a thousand Arabs are killed for every one Jew killed or morally degraded, they consider it a worthwhile sacrifice. Some researchers into the Vatican, like Walter Veith, go so far as to contend that Islam was a creation of the Vatican to the purpose of creating an army against the Jews in the Holy Land.

The conflict with the Arabs was cultivated during the British Mandatory period to both degrade the Jewish people morally by making them brutal soldiers and to craft an image of Israelis, and by extension all Jews, as being money and power mad who will resort to every brutality if only given the chance. The conflict with the Arabs was created so that the slow destruction of the Jews can go on in Israel unnoticed, and if it is noticed, no one will care, because the Gentile world will think we have received our just deserts.

It is essential to bear in mind that many of the residents of government housing in Israel are mature adults who were experimented upon as children. The radiation (and God only knows what else) they endured rendered many of them incapable of being gainfully employed. It is reasonable to assume that many of them could not function optimally as parents due to their inflicted injuries. Rather than receiving real assistance and understanding guidance, they were humiliated and labeled as second-class citizens. Obviously, the true reason for their disabilities was not revealed. Israelis were taught that they just are "that way" because of some genetic defect.

School enrollment follows strict zoning laws. If a child attends a school in the town in which he or she lives, he or she must attend the school closest to his or her residence. Typically, the most unqualified teachers are employed in the schools in the poor neighborhoods. The effects of relentless systematic traumatizing of targeted populations causes personality maladjustments among parents and their children almost invariably react in kind. These are the children most likely to fail in school, to exhibit personality problems to be labeled learning-disabled and to be medicated for hyperactivity.

It is only due to the obstinacy of the Jewish psyche that these effects are not more pronounced. The fact that a program of Eugenics is effective and fully implemented in Israel is masked by the fact that some children somehow do manage to achieve in school and leave the neighborhoods targeted for povertization and cultural deprivation despite all the odds.

Another reason that it is difficult to discern that there is a program of Eugenics effective in Israel is because the chosen method of destruction of the targeted groups of Jews is to slowly waste them away. We do not see people disappearing or falling from plagues in the streets. This method is not only an effective masking tool, it keeps a number of legal and illegal industries going.

Israelis are taught to disdain those who cannot work. These populations are repeatedly referred to as weak and pitiful in the media. To disparage and disdain the poor are not Jewish values. Jews have always been valued on the basis of their character, their wisdom, their learning, the good they do – not on the basis of how much money they have and their tax bracket. The supplanting of Jewish values with the Protestant work ethic and its valuation of human beings is part and parcel of the ongoing program of rooting out and destroying Jewish values.

Zionism is cultural genocide. It does not slate all Jews for destruction, only those who hold our age-old traditions dear and attribute to them greater import than to European values. Zionism is a program of genocide aimed at Jewish Jews. It allows those Jews who jettison their tradition to live rather a comfortable material, if vacuous spiritual and morally questionable, existence.

The housing of traditional Jews in conditions that relentlessly wear away at their dignity, their physical health, their emotional well-being as well as minimize their children's chance for a happy and fulfilling life is a major component in the Zionist program of Jewish cultural destruction. The Zionist message is clear: either you will adopt European norms or you and your children will die a slow and painful death and no one will come to your rescue because no one will hear your cries over the cries of the Palestinians.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Vatican, Talmud and Kabbalah

This video discusses the Pseudo-Kabbalah, which comprises so much of Tzfat history since the arrival of Isaac Luria, the Jesuit infiltrator, and provides a strong economic base ever since.

I also discuss the true Kabbalah and those who are privy to the true Tradition.

It is available on You Tube in three segments starting here:


And also on Google in one part:



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

עמידר צפת - כמו לחיות בסרט

לצורך הכנת סרט ע"י עיתונאים אקטיביסטים בחו"ל על מצב הדיור הציבורי

מתבקשים תיאורים ותמונות מכל דייר עמידר *צפת* שנתקל בבעיות

סודיות מובטחת

נא להתקשר אל דורין דותן


Further to my crusade against the sub-human, unlivable conditions in some Amidar apartments in Tzfat I have uploaded photos of the living conditions on the following servers.




It has been brought to my attention by a few independent sources that there are families who are given much better housing by Amidar and receive preferential treatment. I am investigating what the policies and criteria are.

I have been requested to write an article for a Jewish newspaper in NYC. If anyone wishes to add anything, please contact me.

I also welcome photos.

Doreen Dotan
Phone: 692-5590

Friday, March 13, 2009


Opposition to Lurianic Kabbalah

"It is remarkable that Besht, whose starting point was the same as that of Isaac Luria's Kabbalah arrived at seemingly opposite results. His conception of God was panentheistic; while the school of Luria laid the greatest stress upon the principle of emanation. Later Hasidic works spent much effort in reconciling these views. The Besht's fight against asceticism was directed more against the school from which it sprang than against pure Talmudism. His teachings concerning "joy" (simcha) were especially opposed to asceticism. The followers of Luria considered weeping an indispensable accompaniment to prayer; while Besht considered unrestrained weeping and feelings of sorrow to be wholly objectionable."

-and this-

"Another important result of his doctrines, which was of great practical importance, was his denial that asceticism is pleasing to God. "Whoever maintains that this life is worthless is in error: it is worth a great deal; only one must know how to use it properly." From the very beginning Besht fought against that contempt for the world which, through the influence of Isaac Luria's Kabbalah, had almost become a dogma among the Jews. He considered care of the body as necessary as care of the soul; since matter is also a manifestation of God, and must not be considered as hostile or opposed to Him."


Any search of Gnosticism + emanations + divine sparks, reveals that what Luria taught is Gnosticism at base, with Jewish terminology and a few tweaks.

It is no surprise that Luria encouraged asceticism and sadness. Those are the mainstays of "Ignatian spirituality" - and they lead invariably to the dark side.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Like Living in a (Horror) Movie

To the purpose of making a home documentary movie about the conditions that exist in Amidar housing in Tzfat, I turn to the public with requests to contact me with any information and/or photos that you would like included in the documentary.

Anonymity is assured if you wish to remain anonymous!

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat,

Thursday, March 05, 2009

תלונה על צפיפות ברכבת

אל משרד הבטחון, פניות הצבור
משרד התחבורה, פניות הצבור

נסענו ברכבת מעכו לבאר שבע ביום ראשון האחרון, ה-1 במרץ ש"ז. רצינו 'לתפוס' את הרכבת היוצאת מעכו ב-09:48 לבאר שבע. עמדנו על הרציף מס' 1 בתחנת עכו, ממנו – על פי ההכרזה הרשמית וכן בדרך כלל – אמורה הרכבת לצאת. עד 10:05 לא באה שום רכבת לתחנה ולא היה כל הסבר לאיחור. לפתע התעורר הרמקול לחיים וממנו בקעה הודעה, בקול בהול במקצת, המורה לנו לעבור מיד לרציף מס' 3 דרך המנהרה. עשינו זאת, עם כל חפצינו, בזריזות מרבית. ברציף מס' 3 חכינו עוד כ-10 דקות ואז הגיעה רכבת מן הדרום. הקורא ברמקול דרש מהנוסעים, שהתעתדו להגיע ברכבת זאת לנהריה, לרדת לרציף ולהמתין לרכבת מיוחדת שתקח אותם לנהריה ואנו הוזמנו לעלות על אותה רכבת. יצאנו מעכו ב-10:25.

עד חיפה הרכבת אספה נוסעים נוספים עד להתפקע. חיילים ישבו על הרצפה בכל מקום. לא יכולנו לעבור מרוב צפיפות. נסיון להשתמש בתא השירותים היחיד שיכולנו להגיע אליו הסתיים במפח נפש: האסלה היתה סתומה לחלוטין מרוב השימוש בה. ביציאה מתחנת חוף הכרמל נעצרה הרכבת ללא תנועה, וברמקול הכריזו כי "הרכבת עמוסה מדי ולא תוכל להמשיך אלא אם כן יירדו כל העומדים במעבר וימתינו לרכבת הבאה 5 דקות". רבים ירדו; רבים אחרים (מנסיון מצטבר, לדאבוננו) לא האמינו ל-"5 דקות" זה ונותרו ברכבת. בסופו של דבר הרכבת יצאה לדרך בכל זאת והגענו לבאר שבע באיחור של שעה לפחות. כך, כמו בקר לשחיטה, מובילים בני אנוש בישראל.

אחד מאנשי תחנת באר שבע נעלב, בשם "רכבת ישראל", כשאמרנו לו שלא היו שירותים ברכבת. היה עלינו להסביר לו כי פירושה של אסלה סתומה הוא חוסר יכולת להשתמש בשירותים, כלומר: אין שירותים ברכבת. נסעה אתנו אשה בהריון מתקדם. ייסוריה של הרה הממתינה 3 שעות כדי להגיע לשירותים מסודרים אינם סוד. זרמנו אל השירותים בתחנת באר שבע, וחיילת אחת אמרה כי "זה עוד היה מרווח, יחסית לימי ראשון אחרים." כלומר, לפי התרשמותה, בנסיעות קודמות היא סבלה יותר מצפיפות ודוחק. "אז למה אתם לא מתלוננים?" דורין שאלה אותה. "דבר אל הקיר," היא ענתה. אנו מקווים להיווכח כי היא טעתה, ויש כתובת לתלונה על השירות ברכבת.

כל אחד יודע כי בימי ראשון הרכבת עמוסה. אנו מבינים כי בעיה דומה קיימת בימי חמישי. אנחנו, ב"ה, גמלאים, ונוכל להחליט כי מעתה לא ניסע ברכבת בימי א או ה. אבל החיילים, הסטודנטים ושאר הנוסעים הרגילים בימי א/ה אינם קובעים לעצמם את מועדי הנסיעה, כלומר: הם נידונים לנסיעה מפרכת ומבזה. מדוע על החיילים והסטודנטים להגיע ליעדיהם מותשים כאילו עשו את הדרך ברגל? הלא כל הנחוץ הוא הנהגת רכבת אחת נוספת, דו-קומתית, בימי ראשון, וגם בימי חמישי (בתיאומי זמנים, כמובן). רבותי, מנהלי הרכבת – ודאי תוכלו לסדר זאת. גם אם הרכבת היא מונופול.

עובדה: חזרנו מבאר שבע לעכו ביום שלישי לפנות ערב. ברכבת היו נוסעים רבים, אך לא יותר מדי. אנשים השתמשו בתא השירותים, אך לא סתמו אותו. הרכבת יצאה בזמנה והגיעה בזמנה. כאילו רצו אנשי הרכבת להראות לנו: נוכל לתת שירות גם כך. אין להתייחס לשינויי עומס כמו אל גזירה ממרום, אלא לקחת זאת כאתגר. הרי איש אינו נוסע ברכבת חינם – משרד הבטחון משלם לרכבת ישראל תמורת הסעת החיילים, והשירות הלקוי שהחיילים מקבלים הוא גזל כספי הציבור; צפיפות מוגזמת היא נזק ודאי לרכוש צה"ל ועלולה לגרום לפגיעה בבריאות הנוסעים (או, ח"ו, גרוע מזה).

דורין ודניאל דותן, צפת

העתק: הנהלת רכבת ישראל