Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The resident of TZAHAL 12 who took me around wanted to take me down to the bomb shelter that same day, but I had no flashlight and there is absolutely no light down there. You have to walk down pitch black flights of stairs to get to the bomb shelter and, as there are rats and this is the snake coming out of hibernation season when they have the most venom in their glands, it's very dangerous. (Just a couple of days ago a man was bitten by an asp in Ashdod. Asps have been found in these apartment buildings too - once on the sixth floor!).

We bought a flashlight just to see the bomb shelter.

I called the resident back and said we'd (my Husband and I) would like to see it. They said: "Sorry. We can't go down there. It smells like something died down there. The stench makes it impossible to get anywhere near there."

I hope it was some*thing* that died down there.