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This is my YouTube site:

I don't have a TV. So, I didn't see it.

I was told by people that they saw me on הלינק בערוץ 8 recently.

Evidently, they did a show on "conspiracies" and they profiled by videos on You Tube.

Do you know anything about the show? I've never watched it.

The site of ערוץ 8 is temporarily under construction and not available.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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Yahoo! switched over to web hosting and, though they promised that our premium Geocities sites would be intact, destroyed the sites.

This is the link to the reconstructed


The Difference Between the Jewish and the Christian Approaches to God-Consciousness and Attainment of Moral Purity

A Xian pacifist just sent me a blow-by-blow description of the wars perpetrated by and evils that "invaded" the Xian churches. Then he hastened to assure that that's not real Xianity. Real Xianity, despite the fact that it's history is blood-drenched, is really peaceful, he would have us believe. I responded:

You are a kind man *despite* the fact that you are Xian, not because of it.You are the exception that proves that rule that Xianity exacerbates the worst in people by the demonically clever technique of causing violent backlash by demanding that people be far more morally advanced than they are really capable of being without long and arduous work on themselves.Jewish tradition, as taught in the *Hebrew* Torah, in contradistinction, starts at the base level of human morality, without unrealistic presumptions of what we are or expections of what we can and cannot be at base level, and walks us step by step to moral heights far greater than Xians can even dream of.

This is why Xians think that "the Old Testament" is on a lower moral/spiritual level than the new.

They don't understand that Torah teaches us to toddle (at the level of פשט, the most basic, apparent level of Torah), then to walk (at the level of רמז the level at which Torah hints that there is something beneath what we see on the surface level), then to run (at the level of דרש the allegorical or homiletic level), then to fly (at the level of סוד the secret level of Torah).

Non-Jews can't see those lessons and how they are accomplished because they don't understand Hebrew and can't see the חילופים and גימטריאות.

By Xianity expecting people to be ready for the Olympics of morality just by belief alone (remember, acts don't matter to them!, thus they don't undertake a life of תיקון מידות) - it sets them up for fall after fall.

The person who was the most extreme case of the backlash that comes after one forces themselves to do what they are not ready to do and do it in a harsh manner is the founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola.

After years of cruel self-mortification and maximal self-denial, he reached what we call "the other side". You don't want to go there.

Rather than undertaking a kind and gentle, but firm, programme of improving one's moral structure by undertaking to act, dress and speak modestly; go out of one's way to make people smile and be happy; give charity (some 10-15% of one's income, not povertize oneself); visit the sick; honor the elderly; avoid speaking about people behind their back; not to lie and doing this on a regular basis, gently increasing in the frequency and growing in the abilities, many traditions undertake a life of extreme asceticism as the road to God-consciousness.

I have spoken about this at length in my video: True Kabbalah: Path of the Just. If you wish to see it, it is on Google videos on this link:

As a result of years of extreme self-mortification, self-denial and self-denigration; one arrives at a very strange place where one imagines that they are so pure and Godlike that they can do whatever they want - and they compensate for the years of self-denial with a vengeance. They also see humanity as being like bugs in comparison to themselves rather than seeing the Godliness of each person.

This is not the way to true God-consciousness. On the Jewish mystical path to God-Consciousness, one also merges into God (insofar as we are able when incarnate and each according to their merits) and also realizes that God is above good and evil, in fact all dualities, as in other mystic traditions, *BUT* one *chooses*, as God does, to deal in goodness and in justice with the creation.

As is written:

R. Yochanan says in the name of R. Yose: How do we know that the Holy One, blessed be He, says prayers? Because it says: Even them will I bring to My holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer. It is not said, 'their prayer', but 'My prayer'; hence [you learn] that the Holy One, blessed be He, says prayers.

What does He pray? — R. Zutra b. Tobi said in the name of Rab: 'May it be My will that My mercy may suppress My anger, and that My mercy may prevail over My [other] attributes, so that I may deal with My children in the attribute of mercy and, on their behalf, stop short of the limit of strict justice'. It was taught: R. Ishmael b. Elisha says: I once entered into the innermost part [of the Sanctuary] to offer incense and saw Akathriel Yah, the Lord of Hosts, seated upon a high and exalted throne. He said to me: Ishmael, My son, bless Me! I replied: May it be Thy will that Thy mercy may suppress Thy anger and Thy mercy may prevail over Thy other attributes, so that Thou mayest deal with Thy children according to the attribute of mercy and mayest, on their behalf, stop short of the limit of strict justice! And He nodded to me with His head. Here we learn [incidentally] that the blessing of an ordinary man must not be considered lightly in your eyes. – BABYLONIAN TALMUD: Tractate Berakoth Folio 7a

The Jewish path to Godconsciousness, then, does not end in a sense of entitlement and nihilistic realization that it does not matter if one is good or evil because God is above all duality.It ends in praying the prayer above, with God and as God prays it.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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Are we really literate?

I've been seriously entertaining that question lately. Bear with me. I'll explain.

The elite allowed us, the workers, to learn to read and write en masse. They even provided (almost) free schools for us to learn in.

The advantages of letting us read and write are clear. We can now do jobs that they need, en masse, so there is competition and salaries are kept low.

But the advantages of having masses that are illiterate are also clear. The illiterate are not privy to a lot of information that is right under their noses.

So, I ask: Are the elite using a language that we don't know about and/or using language differently than we use it so that they can pass messages that we can't read right out in the open to one another?

I know that simple English terms are defined very differently in Black's Law Dictionary. Perhaps the elite use English differently than we do.

Maybe when they say dinosaur they mean taxes or something to that effect.


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A compendium of random thoughts:
Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat
Answer to the Claim that All Blacks are Hebrews

First, in response to the quotes out of context which those who contend this position take not only from the Torah (in translation, of course, the "Hebrews" can't read Hebrew) but also from the "New Testament" (which no real Jew would give any credence to), Torah says this:

" And Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman whom he had married; for he had married a Cushite woman. " - Numbers 12:1That is *why* Miriam was turned leprous white, a point that those who quote this passage out of context neglect to mention – and what they hope you don't know. Luckily, we real Jews *do* know what Torah says.Furthermore, it is most certainly true that light-skinned people can be seen to be ill if their skin turns chalk white. Just last week I read about a little Swedish boy who had a severe adverse reaction to a swine flu vaccination. His mother reported that he turned dead white and that is how she knew something was very wrong with him.

Torah also says: "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?" - Yermiyahu

Blacks contend that they are the original ancient Hebrews. Where are the Blacks' Biblical commentaries *in Hebrew*? We Jews can show Biblical commentaries *in Hebrew* in every generation.Why can't most Blacks even learn to speak Hebrew fluently? Even those *born here in Israel* don't speak Hebrew very well. I know the community in Dimona. They are lovely people, but they can't get Hebrew for the life of them. I know, as my Husband tried to teach them Hebrew.Why would God give an alpha-numerical language to people who have low literacy and numeracy skills?

The Ethiopian Jews, in contradistinction to the American Blacks who came to Israel and claim to be Hebrews, are very good at both Hebrew and math - like all Jews - no surprises there.

How can we take a group of people who can't learn Hebrew seriously when they insist they are the real Hebrew?If you want to know just how ridiculous the claims of American blacks are to being Jews, just ask the Ethiopian Jews.Not only do they not embrace you as their own, they are more vehement that you are not Jews than White Jews are because they saw African idol worship first hand and are profoundly sickened by it.

I know it is terrible to have lost your language and culture. But trying to steal ours will not solve your problem. It will compound it. Do you really wish to have the same guilt of stealing cultures on your hands that the Whites are now sufferring the tortures of the damned for having done to others? Do you really wish to live the life of a cultural vampire on this Earth? Why condemn yourselves to the existence of the living dead.I suggest that you look into the Seven Laws of Noah. Those are the laws that are meant for all humankind. When you follow those laws, you will find yourself.Trust me, we are the real Jews. No one would volunteer for what we have been through for over 3000 years.

I am not a racist. I am good friends with the Community in Dimona. I have been there a number of times. My Daughter is pregnant with a baby of one of their sons and we are delighted about that. But they are not Jews. Her baby will be Jewish becuase his *Mother* is Jewish. Jews just don't lose their language and their traditions and their practices. That is why God chose us. Nothing ever separates us from our Soul. It takes more than a slave ship to separate a Jew from Hebrew. About 3,300 years have gone by (that is the accepted European phraseology for saying having served God in many configurations) and the true Hebrew People still speak Hebrew and have a singular aptitude for the language.

The Blacks who call themselves Hebrews make many allusions to the Ethiopian Jews. Why don't you try to actually reach out to them? We know why you don't and you know why you don't – you would be firmly put in your place as the descendants of idol worshippers of the most crude variety and the charade would be over.

Have the Ethiopian Jews ever reached out to the community in Dimona? Would the community in Dimona be so brazen as to try to tell the Ethiopian Jews that they are also "Hebrews", the *original* and true Hebrews? Certainly not. You run that on ignorant Euro-Gentiles, your White counterparts who are as unknowing of who they are as you are.

The Ethiopian Jews *do* intermarry with all of the other ethnic Jewish groups in Israe, as is known. I have seen a number of children of couples in Israel where one parent is Ethiopian. The children invariably come out *much* lighter than do the children of a White and a Black gentile and their features are semitic, not Negroid. The features of the Ethiopian Jews are also very different than the true Negroids.This is not a racist issue. It is a matter of protecting our heritage from whoever it is who is manipulating you to believe this nonsense. This is most definitely some kind of Xian manipulation because the Blacks who say they are "Hebrews" on the net as well as the community in Dimona all read the New Testament and quote Revelation extensively. *No* Jew would do that. If you came at an Ethiopian Jew with the New Testament he would run, not walk, to get away from you. As all Jews, the Ethiopian Jews have a built-in instinct that makes them flee from all forms of idol worship.

I know it is terrible to have lost your language and culture. But trying to steal ours will not solve your problem. It will compound it.I suggest that you look into the Seven Laws of Noah. Those are the laws that are meant for all Humankind. When you follow those laws, you will find yourself.BTW: My Daughter is pregnant from a young man from that community in Dimona. This is not a racist issue. They are lovely people. They are just not Jews. The father of my Daughter's baby is a prime example of what I mean about Blacks not having the built-in affinity for Hebrew that Jews have. He was born here. Yet, his Hebrew, of course better than the older generation, is nowhere near the fluency of a born Jew in Israel, or even mine, though I arrived here when I was 25. And he's not good with numbers, as most Blacks are not (the few exceptions prove the rule). Hebrew is an *alpha-numerical* language. And the Jews have those specific talents more than any other people on Earth.

I can't help but notice that when Blacks try to use Torah to "prove" they are the real Hebrews (in translation, always in translation) they speak in the past tense about the past and about "history". The first lesson to learn in Torah is that it is eternally true and eternally occurring. That is the reason why when we get to the "last" word of Torah at the end of our yearly cycles of Torah readings, we immediately start with the "first" word again. Everything you say tells me you are not in a Hebrew state of consciousness.

As to their claim that they fulfilled the Biblical prophecy of their being enslaved for 400 years:

"Slavery in the United States began soon after English colonists first settled Virginia [1607] and lasted until the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution [1865]."

"From 1654 until 1865, slavery for life was legal within the boundaries of the present United States."

1865-1607 = 258 [absolute max possible yrs of slavery in the US]

Allow me to anticipate the next trick. You'll say that not all affliction is slavery.There are many, many White gentiles that are afflicted in the US over that time period too - most in fact. White gentiles just l-o-v-e to afflict - even one another.

*All* Jewish groups have some individuals carry the Cohen gene because we strictly followed the laws of marriage of the Cohenim. That is how the Lemba were identified as Jews. The Cohen gene, as well as Semitic markers, were found in their genes.All Jewish groups have very specific genetic markers. Some of the Palestinians have them too and those same Palestinians know they are Jews but keep up a Muslim face for political reasons.

The very fact that people claim that a group of Jews are less Jewish because they *might* be Khazar converts shows that person is neither of the seed of Avraham nor the faith of Avraham and has no concept of what Avraham is and represents.Avraham was the first convert to Judaism and HaShem loved him for that. To be a convert is to be more like Avraham than a born Jew is.

Genetic tests done on my Mother when she was ill showed that she was Sephardiah Tehora. In fact, her bloodline was so pure Sephardi Tahor that her doctors questioned her about her origins because they had never seen a blood sample like that in North America. Yet, though I know my Jewish ancestry is very ancient, I say to you: any real Jew would be prouder to be the child of converts than of born Jews. It is a higher level of devotion to God - a free choice to give oneself and one's progeny to God as a Jew. The fact that you try to degrade and diminish Jews by saying they are converts in a derogatory manner, shows you are not of the true Jewish faith and not in covenant with the God of Yisra'el or you could not say that. You would be ashamed to say such a thing.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Yisra'el

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When Yahoo! went over to web hosting, they destroyed all of the links that lead to our Geocities sites, even though they promised those of us who had the Premium sites that our sites would remain intact.

It has taken me a month to reconstruct my sites, one link at a time.

I wouldn't have done it at all, except for the fact that their program is very simple and I am not very computer techy.

Here is the new link to my



Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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Highly recommended book:


See the following article: Dec 3, 2009
Mere coincidence or divine truth?
By Yocheved Miriam Russo in the Jerusalem Post

"Shore's methodology was relatively simple. He took the Hebrew names of five colors that appear in the Bible - red (adom), yellow (tzahov), green (yerakon), blue (tchelet) and purple or magenta (argaman) - and calculated a numerical value for each word by adding the total values of the letters, with aleph as one, bet as two, etc. Then he plotted them on a graph. The vertical axis charted the colors' wave frequencies, which are scientifically established, while along the horizontal axis, the 'CNV', Color Name Value, appeared. When it was complete, "I was astonished," Shore recalls."

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The Jewish Plan For World Domination

Hidden in plain sight.

We wrote it all out.

If you do enough digging on the net you'll find it.

Micah Chaper 4

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I Was Right About Nazi Infiltration into Israel

I received this from someone whose family is Bavarian. He wrote it to me after seeing my video: "Israel is a Nazi Enterprise/Experiment" on You Tube, which can be found on this link:

He thought I was going to give the standard Jewish self-hating schpiel. He was very surprised to hear an Israeli citizen understand that Israel (HaYesuv in those days) was infiltrated.

Moved he wrote the following to me:

After hearing that I recalled years of my family feeling sorry for the peaceful Jewish people of Israel because there is an element there that is a total opposite from the Bavarian Jews who were patriots to Bavaria and the idea of Nazis penetrating Israel in it's early years to promote Jewish Supremacism and hurt the religion and influence the weaker scared Jewish people to contribute to their demise was something that was mentioned by my family because my grandmother or great grandmother never remembered hearing about Jewish people being close to what Israel...

He didn't complete the sentence. So, I asked him to elaborate on what he meant and I asked him for permission to post what he sent me. He wrote:

"yes please because besides my family's position on Israeli military actions and small groups of American Jews who condemn the military actions of the elitist government but don't consider the potential that Nazism based ideology plays a role in it, my grandmother many times during the recurrent conflict prior to her death in 2007 said that there is no way that the elitists and settlers in the west bank represent Jewish people or their values and said that Nazis must have penetrated and brainwashed the people and their behavior because that behavior in a different way supported Nazi lies..."

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel