Friday, July 30, 2010

It is High Time We Acknowledged the White Elephant in the Room

This piece is in response to this most alarming article:

Earth experiencing sixth great mass extinction; this one may be caused by humans

Clearly, matters do not break down neatly into racial and ethnic groups. Howver, I do think that we can no longer afford to pussyfoot around and ignore the socipathic elephant in the room – and that elephant is, in the main, a White elephant – trumpeting its crazed rage, charging and trampling everything under foot without distinction.

We are going to have to make a decision whether to live in a world without sociopaths or without bees and bats.

I think all people should be measured by the same yardstick of Humanity and be asked such questions as the following to prove that they have a moral mandate to continue to live on this magnificent planet:

Did you ever kill someone who posed no threat to you and/or meant you no harm?

Did you ever poison the food or water supply?

Did you ever submit a child to experimentation?

Does you believe in a religion that says that anyone who doesn't follow your way is deserving of eternal punishment?

What do you enjoy more- making another happy or hurting someone?

Have you ever planted a tree that wasn't fenced in and intended for your own pleasure?

Do you live below your means in order to preserve natural resources?

How much of your day do you dedicate to others without any remuneration?

Would you do something against your conscience if your boss or government told you to?

Did you ever endanger yourself for another upon whom you do not depend in some way?

Was your chosen profession/course of study intended to help Humanity or just make the most money or get the most power and influence for you?

Let all Humanity be subjected to the same questioning. Fair and square.

I think we all know that each of our ethnic groups and races will have to eliminate some sociopaths in order for the rest of Humanity and this planet to be kept safe - with the Whites heading the list as having the most sociopaths among them.

The same people who looked upon others and devised the negative Eugenics program and who decided that some people are "life not worthy to be lived" were projecting the truth about themselves.

Any honest and objective comparison of White history to that of the world will reveal that they were the perpetrators of the overwhelming majority of atrocities. It is they who devastated culture after culture. It is White-owned, multinational corporations that are destroying the ecology of this planet.

You can have your precious PC if you wish. I want the birds, the bees, the bats, the fish. Goddamnit, I want the blue sky again and I want to sing and dance with and learn from and share with that part of Humanity that has not sinned against the Laws of Nature. Your way, there will be none of them.

A friend wrote: "We human beings are, as Nietzsche said, the skin-disease of the earth."

The generosity, eagerness and largesse of the Whites in inviting all of Humanity to share the guilt of their perversity and destruction, in contradistinction to their reluctance to share their wealth and power, always amaze me.

Let's face it; the ugly reality is that the Whites adapted a bit too well to the Ice Age. They are stuck in a time warp. They still look out on the world and see a bitterly cold and harsh tundra, described by cruel scarcity, even in a rain jungle. Their behavior is wholly inappropriate to the planet as it is today. There has been no event on Earth as positively compelling as the Ice Age was brutality compelling to force them to evolve out of the Ice Age. The weltanschauung and behavior of the White race is an anachronism. They are, quite literally, perfectly adapted to Earth when it was another planet.

We have humored, cajoled and mollycoddled them as long as nature allowed. We can't afford to be so generous anymore. They crossed the line. It is now a matter of undeniable choice: the sociopaths have to go or the whole planet will be destroyed by them - and we will all go, them too.

Yes, there are certainly Whites who are not psychopaths, a goodly number of them. They suffer horrifically in their societies in which they are a persecuted, if not an outright hunted, minority. Every care must be extended to protect them.

Yes, there are sociopaths among all the human groups, but they do not evince mass, organized, focused, systematic, pseudo-scientific sociopathy (think phrenology). They did not devise elaborate negative Eugenic theories - and then implement them methodically, systematically - indeed, gleefully and with diabolical ingenuity.

The closest thing to the psychopathy of the Whites among other peoples is the Japanese among the Asiatics. Even they run a sad second when it comes to deviance and moral degeneracy.

There is no honest denial that the sheer scope and extremity of the depravity of the Whites, and the ingenuity and vast resources that they bring to bear in the execution of their madness, is unparalleled.

The psychopaths have thrown down the gauntlet. It is either them or us.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Saturday, July 24, 2010

רשויות הסעד אחראיות לרצח שלושת הילדים הקטנים בנתניה‬

This is Yitzchak (Buji) Herzog, Minister of Social Affairs (SA) and Social Services (SS) in Israel.

Please watch this video even if you don't understand Hebrew-the better to read his body language.

He is making a bid to become Prime Minister.

An inordinate number of PMs were first Ministers of SA and SS.

Psychiatry is state-sanctioned, nay, state-mandated, torture for those who were indiscrete enough to allow state-sanctioned, state-mandated cruelty and injustice to drive them mad with outrage.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Few things are more profoundly embarrassing and pathetic to witness than drunken Euro-gentiles trying to mount high horses of moral indignation and ride them into the camp of the Jews to the purpose of trying to best us in ethical combat.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

DR. AMOS WILSON (1941-1995):

Dr. Amos Wilson (1941-1995) Discusses Education of Gifted Children

If this were a class for gifted White children, the scene would have gone down something like this:

A four-year-old was able to spell: bizarre, fiduciary, mendacious, salacious, nepotism, asphyxiophilia and necrophagy.

Upon examination, she demonstrated to the satisfaction of all present that she knew the definitions of all of the terms.

However, tried as she might; she was neither capable of spelling the word, nor understanding the concept of, defrocked.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Jews are the Product of Voluntary, Positive Eugenics

When I was living in Florida, I was already considering leaving the US. One of the places that I considered emigrating to was Canada, where I had done my MA.

Then I went on a date with a fella who took me to the Keys. One of the attractions there was a Native man who wrestled alligators (or crocs, I never know which is which) for the entertainment of White people who could afford to go on dates to the Keys.

I was beyond outraged for the man and it was then I knew that wherever I went, it would not be on another's land.

I decided to return to the ancient land of my foreMothers and foreFathers.

Then I get silly messages from people in places like San Diego, Sydney, Toronto and Christchurch about being an occupier.

You wouldn't call me a "Zionist" occupier had I gone back to Montreal. Correct? A kike among friends, maybe, but not a Zionist occupier. I would in fact be an occupier, but the pain of the Natives is somehow not quite as poignant as that of the Palestinians. If it were as poignant, you'd be faced with the reality of your moral dissonance. I have written elsewhere about the fact that the moral dissonance adversely affects our ability to perceive more than any of our natural limitations.

Do you know that our average overall IQ is 117 and our average verbal IQ is closer to126 than 125, but let's call it 125 (so that you won't think me exaggerating our abilities)? That is an order of magnitude above the rest of humanity.

Your rejection of the Jews' moral and intellectual superiority won't detract an iota (and most certainly not a yud :0) from it.

It is not that you gentiles are a sub-species, as you accuse us of viewing you. It is that we are the result of a careful program of voluntary, positive Eugenics.

This is an excellent introduction to Jewish Eugenics:

There ya go. No secrets there. Another oddity is that the very same people who refuse to learn from us are the first to level accusations that we are secretive.

In my Family, for instance; young scholars, who were poor because they spent their lives studying, married the daughters of scholars who also valued learning above material wealth. This, my understanding is, went on for countless generations in our Family. While gentiles were choosing mates based on material wealth and T&A, we were choosing mates based on the exquisite genius and sensitivity required to learn Torah. Yes, we have produced a different genetic product. Will your anger at that fact change it? Or, will you accept reality and benefit from it?

You cannot change history. You cannot change the legacy with which our foremothers and foreFathers endowed us.You can change your attitude from one of rage and consuming jealousy, to appreciation for the fact that my People worked this hard and long just to be able to give you a gift.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
The Goyim

Yes; I do make many derogatory comments about the politics, economics and depravity of "goyim" (by which I mean Euro-gentiles specifically, though the word in Hebrew means Peoples). I state, quite uninhibitedly, that I consider Christianity to be dark paganism with all that pertains thereto

I stand by those statements and make no apologies for them.

I do believe that the majority of Euro-gentiles are morally, if not genetically, defective.

With that, my heart is always with the minority of Euro-gentiles who, by some miracle and personal Divine intervention, despite all the pressures to the contrary, tenaciously hold on to their humanity, their sensitivity, to their principles.

I know how those Souls suffer amongst a majority of barbarians, even if they have not been singled out for specific torments, as many of my friends who have fallen afoul of SS or the psychiatric system have. Just having to struggle to preserve their humanity amidst ambient and endemic cruelty on the part of the vast majority is beyond valiant.

Those Souls are precious to me beyond what words can say. They are the embodiment of miracle.

Far, far more than I despise the Euro-gentile brutes and perverts, who I have no delusions are the majority; I love the righteous Euro-gentiles and the Saints among them, who are not few in number.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Friday, July 09, 2010

PLEASE sign this petition to get Gilad Shalit home.

He has been held by Hamas for FOUR YEARS.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Monday, July 05, 2010

Hope has nothing to do with whether or not we are in a remediable situation. To remain hopeful is an act of supreme will. Acts of supreme will create new conditions.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


I admit the video is heavily edited.

It is Obama's way to embed his messages in contexts that take some of the edge off them and so sometimes quoting out of context is necessary to hear what his real message is.

In this particular video, you'll see some of that and it may be questionable, as quoting out-of-context is,

However, there are also some parts of the video that clearly leave no doubt in one's mind that Obama is a loyal and practicing Muslim and subservient to the Saudi Muslim royal dynasty.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Lecture by Aldous Huxley: The Ultimate Revolution (1962)

In a 1962 interview Huxley discussed the increasing realization of the dystopia he described in BRAVE NEW WORLD. (BNW was written in 1932). He speaks specifically about mind control, using that term quite uninhibitedly, and refers to conferences that were held on the subject of mind control, specifically that aimed at manufacturing willingness to accept servitude by making it seem pleasant.

Aldous Huxley - The Ultimate Revolution (1962) pt.3/9

Listen very carefully to what Huxley says about children just a bit after 3:40 into this segment.

Anyone who seriously entertains any doubts that the governments of the Western world were testing us not only for IQ, but also for character traits and deciding what to do with us (if we were suggestible) and do about us (if we weren't) from very early childhood, you are sadly, sadly mistaken.

Remember: in 1953, IQ testing was mandated for all children in the school system, public and private.

Of course, the discussion begs the questions: Can those who are less suggestible be made to be more like the more suggestible? If so, how? If so, would HIQ interfere with this process? If so, can its effects be neutralized? If so, how?

He begins to answer these questions when he bring up what he calls "the pharmacological method".

The Nazis, of course, were the first to fluoridate potable water. They found that fluoride made inmates in concentration camps more docile. In higher dosages, it also makes them sterile. Conservative estimates have it that fluoridated water lowers IQ by 5 points. Others say it lowers IQ by as much as 20 points.

Huxley finds it difficult to conceal his respect for Hitler's "infernal genius". Indeed, in a strange slip of the tongue, he speaks of Hitler in the present tense in this segment. Was it because Hitler is still very much influential in his mind? Or, did he know something that those who are not scions of "elite" families and highly-positioned members of Eugenics societies didn't know?

I have been discussing the world-wide phenomenon of reduced fertility on my profile. In Israel, one in six couples have trouble conceiving. Six times more people turn for fertility treatments in Israel than in most developed nations.

The country second to Israel, with about half of our fertility problems, or about three times more that of most developed countries, is politically pesky Iceland.

Aldous Huxley - The Ultimate Revolution (1962) pt.4/9

After out-of character blathering about the harmlessness of synthesized drugs (however, omitting to mention BZ interestingly); Huxley touches on the subject of brain implants in this section, saying that it was being carried out quite widely in the case of "the hopelessly insane" (and the hopelessly and intractably trenchant, i.e., the "incorrigible"?).

In part 6, which begins the questions and answers segment of the lecture; someone asked Huxley a question concerning what Huxley terms "scientific dictatorship". "Scientific dictatorship" is an intentionally misleading misnomer. Scientists are wholly controlled by large corporations and governments (the latter being the ex officio clerical staff and security personnel of large corporations). Scientists are deluded into thinking that they are essential, but the untimely deaths of a hundred top-flight biologists over the period of a very few years show that scientists working on "top secret " research are eminently expendable.

The dictatorship may be science-based, but it isn't now, and won't be, scientist-dependent. The corporate elite are practiced in the age-old ways and means of making those they depend upon loyal.

And (I know. I know. You're not supposed to start a sentence, all the more so a paragraph, with the word 'and'. Tough noogies. I like the dramatic effect.) frankly, there are many more people with IQs in the one in 30,000 range (presumably the IQ range of most of the best mathematicians and physicists) than there are jobs in the sensitive areas of the sciences.

What is said at the beginning of the next segment is extremely important. Listen to what Huxley says about the "oligarchy" not being a domesticated species, even though they have domesticated the rest of humanity.

Aldous Huxley - The Ultimate Revolution (1962) pt.7/9

To put the lie to this rubbish, simply observe the pomp and circumstance and protocols of very strict behavior that the royal families believe they must follow, and do so to the letter. Note the strict, stylized behaviors of the secret societies. The monied elite are roped in by "corporate culture". His illusion of being untrammeled is very interesting. They cannot so much as dress inappropriately for a given occasion. While it is true that they were not trained directly by the masses, as they trained the masses; the absurdity of their situation foisted upon them unnatural limitations and stylized, wooden behaviors and norms. More to the point still, the elite are wholly dependent upon technology to control the working classes. Somehow being in the wild and natural human state and highest-tech R&D and controlling the money system don't seem to jibe.

Listen to the conversation in whispers at about 3:00 into this segment.

Is the interviewer kidding about the lack of windows in the lecture hall being part of conditioning? They don't seem to laugh after the comment.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
Remember the Movie "VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED"?

I've stated and provided links to corroborate my statements that Israel has 6X more referrals for fertility treatment per capita than any other industrialized country. One in every 6 couples in Israel find they cannot conceive without treatment. Iceland is second to Israel among the industrialized nations, with half of the Israeli figures per capita. Bear in mind that Iceland is considered politically intractable by EU and has sufferred economic "hits" in order to try to cower them into cooperation and giving up their independence to EU.

Now this is where things get bizarre: Many of the children that are born as a result of fertility treatments in Israel are platinum blonds with star blue eyes. It's starting to look like Village of the Damned here. You see couple after couple where the parents look like Jews and the kids look like Swedes or Norwegians.

I see that phenomenon a great deal among Ashkenazis, particularly among the Charedim. The Ashkenazis are the most European-looking of all Jews, yet are decidedly Semitic in their appearance. You can tell the difference between a fair haired, skinned and eyed Jew and a northern European. Also even the fairest Jews are not platinum blonds. They stay in the honey blond range and often their hair is wavy or curly and their features are Semitic.

These kids, in addition to being platinum blonds with star-blue eyes, have classically Nordic features, startling so. They look like the children produced by the Leibensborn project. I am not being allegorical. It is downright creepy and cannot be chance genetics.

It is fair to assume that this are not the phenotype that Ashkenazi Charedi Jews would choose for their children.

To give you a point of reference as to how off the graph of normal genetics there is: I am what you get when you cross a Jew with a Celt.

My Husband is one quarter German.

Do we look like Norwegians?

The Jews have been the target of genetic invasion throughout history. They used to do it the old fashioned way. Now rape of our People is being carried out scientifically. Now isn't that civilized and rational?

Disturbing Addendum July 20, 2010: Please also see this news article coming out of Nigeria:


Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Friday, July 02, 2010


All Orthodox Jews are the target of the "Zionists".


Notice that the special forces policemen do not look Jewish.

If this happened in any other country, would there be a doubt in your mind that the people doing this are rabid anti-Semites?