Friday, October 31, 2008


About a year ago, Alex Jones showed a document that criminalizes certain activities that the government of the US claims "obstructs" the flow of society and/or business. One of those activities is animal rights endorsement. At the time it seemed so extreme and far out to me that I made a mental note of it, but filed it away in my memory as something not demanding immediate concern.Now I'm concerned.

I'm nobody's vegan, or even vegetarian, but I do recognize the fact that animals have rights to life.

I cannot accept animal testing on products.

I went to get my Son some more of his favorite body wash/shampoo for men. It's an Israeli brand called "Hawaii".I looked at the label on the back of the squeeze bottle for some reason, even though I was quite sure that the bunny that shows that it's not tested on animals is on the label. It wasn't.I was almost positive that if we embraced the product as a "regular" that it must not be tested on animals.I didn't buy the body wash/shampoo. I wanted to double check at home. Sure enough, when I got home I saw that the squeeze bottle we have does have a bunny on it and says that the product is not tested on animals.I checked other products in the store. Again, products that I am quite sure had the bunny and said they were not tested on animals now do not have the bunny on them.I am not talking about products we import through Unilever, which never had the bunny on them. I'm talking about the products I once felt confident were cruelty-free.

This may be a trend in regression to animal experimentation.Please be very careful about the products you buy, even those you thought are cruelty-free may not be now.If you care, please check every product that you buy.Boycott any products that experiment on animals. Those experiments are horrific. Even products for babies can be, and some are, formulated without testing on animals.

There is simply no excuse for it and nothing justifies a company reverting back to testing on animals when they know damn well that the products they formulated were just fine without testing them on animals. I am going to send this notification to a number of companies and let them know that I am broadcasting this all over the net.Please join with me in both protesting this wanton cruelty and letting the companies know we will boycott any product that was developed by torturing a helpless animal.

This is not some kooky cause. This is a very real necessity. Animals are treated horrendously by people interested in nothing but profits and that includes many, many industries.

This is a list of products to boycott. They remain recalcitrant in the face of ongoing boycott. More people are needed to stop buying their products to break their backs.

None of these products are essential and none do not have cruelty-free alternative products on the market.

Avon Cosmetics
Johnson & Johnson
The Body Shop/L’Oreal+
Lever Fabergé
Christion Dior
Miners Cosmetics
Colgate Palmolive
PZ Cussons
Reckitt Benckiser
Estée Lauder
SC Johnson
Virgin Vie
Yves Rocher
Yves Saint Laurent
Helena Rubenstein
Unilever markets widely in Israel. They are a very aggressive company. Though their site claims that they are committed to phasing out experiments on animals, they appear on the lists of offending companies.

None of the products that they market in Israel are indicated that they do not do testing on animals - not one.

I have written to them complaining about this.

The e-addies are:

feedback.israel at unilever dot com

sherut.israel at unilver dot com


Monday, October 27, 2008


A Facebook friend sent me this. I feel obliged to pass this one. This information is critical.




Award-winning journalist Will Thomas has reported that lab analysis showed spray samples contained over 360 different varieties of mold and fungi in addition to gene-splicing markers and extremely thin, red human blood cells.The chemtrail samples also contained a new breed of designer chemicals about which little is known in the public domain but which appear to be very dangerous, plus aluminum particulates.Chemtrail particles are carried by air currents, spreading a fine dust of pathogenic materials throughout the environment. The dust is nearly impossible to avoid since people can ingest it simply by breathing, eating and drinking. It is logical to assume that those who have initiated this spraying program are well aware of its inescapable properties. What is more disturbing is the ease with which a more deadly substance could be substituted for the current chemtrail mix. Should this happen, it seems likely that the chemtrail program could exterminate all above-ground human populations in North America in approximately one week.DESIGNER FUNGUS AND CANCERMedical doctors often misdiagnose fungal conditions because they are taught that fungi cannot live in the blood stream (become systemic), nor can the resolution of the microscopes (1,000 x magnification) commonly used by doctors reveal the presence of fungi in blood samples. However, there is a microscope (8,000 to 15,000 x magnification) that can, and does, reveal fungus in the blood. This microscope has a camera that can record the enlarged images on video, providing irrefutable documentation.The inventor of this microscope, Dr. Robert Bradford of American Biologics, was actually run out of the United States for his efforts to help mankind and now has an office in Tijuana, Mexico. Doctors possessing these super-microscopes are intensely "regulated" by the federal government, which closely monitors their research. Under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules, patients cannot be shown images or test results from the microscope. Research is also subject to inspection at any time of the day or night, and the FDA charges the targeted researchers $250 each time they show up.Dr. Marijah McCain, founder of the Herbal Healer Academy in Mountain View, Arkansas, has conducted extensive studies with her $40,000 super-microscope. In one study she discovered and documented a contagious leukemia virus. In another study, testing thirty patients, Dr. McCain found that eighty-three percent had systemic fungus in the blood. Her research also shows a direct link between the presence of fungus in the blood and the spread of cancer. Dr. McCain said, "Every single patient that I have seen that is terminal with cancer has the most incredible fungus overgrowth in the blood stream. Cancer is a slow-moving growth of mutating cells. The (allopathic) doctors will tell you it's fast moving and it's going to kill you very quickly. What can kill you is the fungus because the fungus moves very quickly and it's caused directly by the use of the chemotherapy. I have documented this in every instance."What Dr. McCain is saying is that fungus/yeast is a plant and the growth of plants is accelerated by some chemicals and by radiation. She has also discovered that many cases of arthritis are not arthritis, but systemic fungus/yeast in the blood that clogs the arteries, causing them to swell.Dr. McCain has been relentlessly hounded by the FDA and had numerous attempts on her life."The FDA activities are covertly directed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) using executives from top-secret contractors like Monsanto Corporation who are appointed to high FDA policy-making positions despite obvious conflict of interest"MICROBIOLOGIST MORTALITY GOES UPInterestingly, there now appears to be a global assassination program of the world's top microbiologists. Since 9-11-01, fifteen leading microbiologists have met untimely ends due to everything from gunshots to baseball bats to falling off bridges. Many of these men were considered the world's leading experts in infectious disease. See for more details.DOCTORS BECOME ALARMEDEight doctors have come together to start the Morgellons Research Foundation, a grassroots organization, dedicated to finding the cause of an increasingly prevalent skin disease of unknown origin. Their website, , is a treasure-trove of medical documentation that includes photographs of the microfibers. The disease consists of skin lesions that contain "fiber-like objects as well as clear filament-like objects of unknown origin." "We are attempting to isolate this organism and determine how it is able to cause the intense itching, stinging and disfiguring skin lesions which are the main symptoms of this disease."At the moment, the doctors say most reports are coming from California, Texas and Florida. "The working hypothesis of this foundation is that an infection with Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) (the bacteria that causes Lyme disease), may alter the individual's immune system and allow this unknown organism to become an opportunistic co-infection." So far, ninety-five percent of those afflicted with this skin disease who were tested for Bb have tested positive. The fibers have been analyzed by FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) and are composed of cellulose. A mystery fungus is also thought to play a role in the disease.Because the symptoms and physical findings are so unusual, most physicians just assume the patient is misinterpreting their condition. Many adults comp laining of a hardening or thickening of the skin, hair loss, lymphedema, skin lesions, profound fatigue and joint pain, are receiving a diagnosis of Delusional Parasitosis. The Morgellons doctors added that, "Objects described as granules are often found associated with (the) skin lesions as well. Several people have had lymph nodes surgically removed due to obstruction." You can contact the doctors at or fax them at (760) 457-3441.BARIUM FOUND IN CHEMTRAILSMr. Clifford Carnicom has cultured chemtrail spray samples in New Mexico for the past decade. His test procedures and results are posted at suppresses human T-cell production, making the human body very susceptible to infectious agents. Barium also has electromagnetic properties and may be both amplifying and more evenly dispersing pulsed-energy waves first uncovered by a deceased University of Chapel Hill professor, Dr. David Fraser, in 1975. These waves are now most likely blanketing all cities and towns in North America for the purpose of mood and mind control.Pulsed-energy mind-control technology for mass populations was first tested on Medford, Oregon, making it the suicide capital of the nation overnight in the mid-seventies. See my article, "The Secret War Against Medford, Oregon."- Clifford Carnicom


(PART 2)


If in an environment of 30% humidity you have what appears to be a cloud forming, it is logical to allow for the possibility of a foreign material or aerosol that is gathering what little moisture is available into that cloud formation. In this regard, Carnicom has developed a hypothesis that correlates well with the known facts. Since it is impossible for clouds to form under relative humidity conditions below 70% without the introduction of an aerosol of fine particles, then such particles must be present. Logically, these particles should contain nuclei with a water-loving nature, such as salt.Carnicom concludes that barium salts are the answer. When barium carbonate is burned it forms barium oxide. Among other properties it possesses, barium oxide absorbs moisture, absorbs CO2 and induces respiratory distress.It appears that the chemtrail aerosol is designed to function like a net, capturing moisture in the atmosphere on a planetary level, and then redirecting that moisture into space. Says Carnicom, "There is a case developing that moisture is actually being drawn out of the sky by this material and that the rainfall patterns are being altered."It seems to work like this: Chemtrail clouds draw moisture and carbon dioxide out of the surrounding air and the atmosphere gets dryer and thinner. As long as the chemtrail clouds are still present, they reflect the sun's heat back into space, making the reduction of sun-shielding atmosphere less noticeable. But as soon as the spraying stops over a given region for a number of days, the land and air become extremely dry and overheated. This occurred over Montana, Washington and British Columbia during the summer of 2003, causing massive forest fires. In British Columbia, the Nelson Daily News reported the driest conditions in fifty years. Anyone paying attention to the sky saw heavy spraying throughout the year over these forested regions, but by the end of July all spraying stopped.The same series of events may have been used to trigger record temperatures and forest fires in Europe. "We've not seen such an extended period of dry weather and sunny days since records began (in about 1870)," said Michael Knobelsdorf, a meteorologist with the German weather service, referring to Europe as a whole."What's remarkable is that these extremes of weather are happening at such short intervals which suggests the climate is unbalanced. Last year in Germany, we were under water. Now we have one of the worst droughts in human memory"If the chemtrails are being sprayed to protect mankind from a thinning atmosphere and the resulting rise in solar heat, why did they stop spraying in some areas during the hottest months of the summer in 2003? And more importantly, why didn't they resume the spraying to help control the widespread forest fires that began the following week?THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY'S ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE PROGRAMDuring October and November 2008, some 150 scientists from 40 institutions in eight nations - including ASP investigators - are taking part in an international field experiment designed to make observations of critical components of the climate system of the southeastern Pacific.A total of five aircraft - including DOE's G-1 Gulfstream research aircraft, operated by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) with instruments developed at both PNNL and Brookhaven National Laboratory - and two research ships are sampling the lower atmosphere and upper ocean during the experiment.Planning and preparations are well underway for the forthcoming ASP field project. ASP research will focus on aerosol chemical and microphysical properties with special reference to their ability to serve as cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). The project will be conducted under the auspices of NSF off the coast of Chile in October 2008. Equipment has been installed on the G-1 and test flights conducted.The study will examine how aerosol chemical and microphysical properties, and the ability of aerosol particles to act as CCN, differ between remote marine air-masses and marine air-masses that have been influenced to varying degrees by anthropogenic aerosols, and on how these differences in aerosol properties influence the microphysical properties of the clouds that form in these different environments. TOWN STANDS UPIn 1999, 550 citizens of Espanola, Ontario, brought a petition before the Canadian Parliament asking the Canadian government to stop the U.S. military from spraying. Town residents said the spray appeared to be making people sick. At a public meeting on chemtrails, the Ontario Minister of Environment refused to release air quality findings for Espanola. Unlike our island neighbors to the south, no government has interceded to protect North Americans from the US military aerosol campaign.Some political leaders are no doubt being told that the artificial cloud spraying program is necessary to reverse global warming but must be kept secret so as not to panic the public. But if reflecting the sun's light and heat back into space is the purpose, why do the jets also spray at night? Why have they been seen spraying on naturally occurring overcast days? And why are they inundating the earth with a fungus genetically tailored to thrive on human blood?

Stormy Weather - The Government's Top-Secret Efforts To Control Mother Nature

Mark Metcalf
Will Thomas

Thursday, October 16, 2008

You can take the Christian out of the Evangelical but…

you can't take the evangelical out of the Christian.


When Christians wake up to the fact that *their* religion is based on gross misunderstandings of Judaism and doesn't have a leg to stand on except for the truths of Judaism they sometimes espouse; they immediately go on a crusade for atheism.

*Christianity* is fake. The rest of the religions are genuine and, though they have been distorted, are largely true.

Someone asked me:

"How can they all be Genuine..Wouldn't only one be Genuine???"

I answered:

All of the colors of the spectrum are light, but they exist on different frequency ranges. All the colors are needed to produce white light.So it is with religions. They all possess universal truths in common, but each are suited to the very specific moral/spiritual gifts and abilities of the Peoples to whom they were given.Each is necessary for the full moral/spiritual expression of Humanity.

Christianity, having arrogated and intentionally distorted the Torah of the Jews and perpetrating horrendous violence on so many Peoples, is not counted among the genuine religions of the world.Christianity is the only religion that one had better leave. Unlike the others, there isn't anything in it that can be purified and salvaged. Anything true in Christianity is Judaism. The rest is utter lies and worse.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Want more proof that Torah calls for Anarchism?

Four times in the Book of Judges we are told that "there was no king in Israel in those days" (Judges 17:6; 18:1; 19:1; 21:25).

Judges 17:6 is usually rendered in English thus: "In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes."

But that is not what the Hebrew says. It says:

בַּיָּמִים הָהֵם אֵין מֶלֶךְ בְּיִשְׂרָאֵל: אִישׁ הַיָּשָׁר בְּעֵינָיו יַעֲשֶׂה

Which means: In those days there was no king in Israel. The people were honest and as one, doing what is right in His eyes.


Monday, October 06, 2008

VIDEO: Of Course There Are Angels

A discussion of Angels in their supernal and earthly aspects.

In Part 3 and 4 I discuss the true understanding of the story that most people read as "the binding of Isaac".

This is the link to the first segment on You Tube:

I am currently uploading it onto Google, where it will appear in one segment.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

PLEASE! Do NOT allow yourself to be incited to violence.

There are agents out there, some of whom are posing as people who are sympathetic to the libertarian movements, who are calling for violence.

Don't let them bait you.

This is the video by Lyndon LaRouche to which I respond:

This is my response:

PLEASE! Do NOT allow yourself to be incited to violence.

That's just what they want.

That's the excuse they're looking for to start the mass detentions and depopulation.

A commenter on this video suggested boycotting key companies as the response of choice. Way To Go!

Get rid of your TV too.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Space & Time as Described by a Vastly More Encompassing System Than Classical Math

If you think you understand math, and if you think you don't understand math because you just don't geddit, this is a must see video for you.

On Google:

On You Tube:

Classical math is one very small subset of a vastly more comprehensive mathematics.

Herein, I introduce that math and demonstrate the time and space it describes.

There are errata in the video:

I should have said that one of the values of ב is 1001^-998.

Also, I said that another of the values of ב, the simplest value of which is 2, is 1001 x 2000 = 2,002,000. That is correct, but the careful viewer will notice that it is a product of ב x ב, not ב x א. It is a correct value of ב with the diacritical grammatical point, which doubles its value.

Finally, I gave values for the letter ח when I intended ז. The correct basic values for the letter ז are: 7, 1006, 2005, 3004, 4003, 5002, 6001 and 7000.

I stated the value 4 for the letter ד both at the beginning and the end of the list of basic values. It should be: 4, 1003, 2002, 3001, 4000.

For more background see: