Monday, December 27, 2010

האם נעשה משפט? אין ספק כי לא נעשה צדק

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tzfat Weirdness Continues -
Strange Sounds & Black Hawks

רעשים מוזרים ומסוקים שחורים בשכונת עופר, צפת - שוב

Satellite/Orb Over Tzfat, Israel

קמטריילס (הריסוסים מהמטוסים) בשמי צפת

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

According to Peter Gad Naschitz, Esq., Israel is still under English Admiralty law. As such, Israel is still under the British Mandate.

Thus, the policies being carried out by agents planted in the Israeli government against the Palestinians, over 50% of whom are genetically Jewish, are *British* policies.

If you'll see my videos on my You Tube channel, SilverRedIndigo; you will also see that Israel is profoundly under the sway of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

Most Israelis are 2nd or 3rd Generation Experimentation Subjects

When I first moved into this building in the OFER neighborhood of Tzfat, Israel; a resident, who had just been released from prison, came over to me and said: "You're new here. Too bad you came here. You'll find that ever year you spend in this neighborhood will be like 10 tens in prison."

I'll never forget those words.

This video, which shows footage of the living conditions in the OFER neighborhood of Tzfat, is an accompanying video to: ZEFAT, Israel: A Short Tour of the Poor Parts.

In this video I go more into why the conditions are such as they are and the intended psychological and physical social engineering effects of the living conditions, in conjuction with the mind control

This is what is being done to Jewish Israelis so that they don't even begin to think about why Israelis society is such as it is.

This is what is being done to Israelis to diminish their IQ, their sense of self, their sense of what they can hope for and accomplish.

Of course, this comes on top of the ongoing fictive wars, the cell phone antennas, the cell phones, the vaccinations, the chemicals in the food and the water, the brainwashing in school and in the media, the installing of foreign agents in the Rabbinut so that they teach paganism instead of Judaism...

Is it any wonder the Israeli people are not protesting the atrocities being perpetrated by the Vatican and European monarchy loyal gentiles that are controlling Jerusalem and acting like perverse animals using Jewish names so that we will be blamed for their deparavity?

Please also see this accompanying video:

Slideshow of Living Conditions in the OFER Experimental Section of Zefat, Israel

This slideshow will bring home to every sensitive person the intensity of the
living conditions being brought to bear upon the poor in Israel to make them feel small, weak, incapable of changing their own lives not to even speak of
changing society for the better.

Doreen EllenBell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel