Monday, August 21, 2017

Why the whole banking system is a scam - Godfrey Bloom MEP

Now *he* is a Jew after my own Heart.


Dr. Steve Pieczenik, US intelligence Psychiatrist, relays vital-to-know information about the Jews in Hitler's army.
Might that be why so many Jews in the "Israeli" gov't are so testy about the word Nazi that they had the use of the term outlawed?

Sunday, August 20, 2017



דְּבוֹרָה = ד + דגש קל + שוא נע + ב + חולם + ר + קמץ + ה
761 = 1760 = 2759 =  = הצדיקים השלום
= שבת ילדיה  = נחמות כל אור = נחמות כל תקון
=  נחמות שרה רבקה לאה רחל זלפה ובלהה

Thursday, August 17, 2017


These conditions are not fit for murderers. Lori Shem Tov is not a murderer. She is a Mother whose Children were taken from her by the state and given, full custody, to her ex, a drug addict and drug dealer whom Lori divorced to protect her Children. Lori protested the kidnapping of her Children with all her might. She protested and protested some more and in her blogs she revealed the corruption in Social Services and the blind eye to the corruption of the Courts. She "insulted" them - and has been in prison for 90 days - pre-trial.

Lori was accused of reporting to her lawyer that a pregnant woman was hit with pepper spray intended for another prisoner. The other prisoner's fetus died (7th month) and they refused to take her for an abortion, telling her that she could wait.The story got into the news and, rightfully, sickened the country.Lori was accused of telling her lawyer about this and they put her in solitary. Lori Shem Tov is one of the most extreme examples of Jews being punished for being moral Jews by the gov't of the state that presumes to call itself Israel - but certainly not the only one. It's the norm here.

נווה תרצה: תנאים תת אנושיים בבידוד והפרדה

Monday, August 14, 2017

An Eye for an Eye a Tooth for a Tooth

An Eye for an eye a Tooth for a tooth means that the part of our mortal body we dedicate to the building of a city of Peace will be rewarded with an eternal Member in kind.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


הויה אלהים שופט = 1067 = 68
 כל חי = בניו =


אלהים שופט = 1041 = 42 = לבי
 בלהה = יוכבד =


  יהושפט = 410 = ת"י = ית
 שופט באהבה = קדוש = דרור =

על כל סטודנט למשפטים לאמץ לו  דמות מבין שופטי ישראל ולאמר בלבו: עד כמה שאוכל אדמה לו
!ככתוב: חזק ואמץ


השופט = 400 = הנשמה
השופט הוא הנשמה של העם. על השופטים לדעת זאת ולזכור זאת תמיד שיראת השמים תהיה עליהם


השופט = 400 = הנשמה
השופט הוא הנשמה של העם. על השופטים לדעת זאת ולזכור זאת תמיד שיראת השמים תהיה עליהם


השופט = פה ושט 
שופט הוא פה וושט האלהים  
!על השופטים לזכור זאת תמיד


יהושע בן נון, עתניאל בן קנז, שמשון בן מנוח, דבורה הנביאה - אלה שופטינו לעד ועל כל שופט להדמות להם

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

אוי לחברה בה יש אפילו נאשם אחד יותר צדיק ומוסרי משופט יחיד

זכות יסודית של כל נאשם היא להשפט ע"י 
הגדולים ממנו מוסרית

It is a basic Human right of any Accused to be tried by their moral superiors.

No one should ever be both the Accused and the most moral person in a Court.

על כל שופט בישראל להיות אמיץ כיהושע בן נון וכדבורה הנביאה. על שופט להיות לוחם צדק ללא חת או מורא

על שופטי מדינת ישראל לאמץ את דמות כבוד השופט לואיס ברנדייס כמופת עבורם

מי החליט כי די בכך כי שופט פקח? על שופט להיות ענק מוסרי. ענק מוסרי בהכרח גם פקח - אבל לא ההפך

לא די בכך כי שופט בקיא בחקי המדינה. שופט חייב להיות גאון מוסרי ולוחם מיומן למען הצדק

על מוריהם לצרוף ולרקע את אופי השמפטנים עד שהם חזקים כברזל, בל יושחתו כזהב

To be a Judge in Israel one must be a fearless and brave Warrior for Justice like Yehoshua bin Nun and Devorah.

Evil is often the impact of the morally ordinary vested with extraordinary power.

A Judge's character must be smelted and tempered and found to be as strong as wrought iron, as incorruptible as gold.

A judge cannot be made of flimsy fiber. 
A Judge must be trained, tested and found true to withstand the rigor of Moral War.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017



Thank God, we were successful. I have, with HaShem's help, written the basic understandings, and proofs, of what we have accomplished on my Facebook page in Hebrew.
The combined and coordinated efforts of all of those who donated to the building of a World of Joy and Peace, of Security and Opportunity, of Health and Abundance, of all Good wherein Love may be fully expressed and grow infinitely have culminated.

All of the time frames in which all of these efforts were, are, and will be invested have converged into One Day which is never ending Shabbaton and Jubilee.

We will not see a stone building arising out of nowhere or dropping from the Heavens.

We will see a Confluence of Time that is Shabbat Shabbaton and Jubilee never-ending.

We are going to observe marked and impressive changes in the behavior of the astronomical bodies and we will see their orbits align correctly. We are already observing this. The changes will grow ever more astounding.

We are going to see Heaven and Earth mirroring one another and we will see Time frames mirroring one another and we will see the fulfillment of efforts that were not completed in their times completed in others.

We will see marked changed in the behavior of matter on Earth. Matter itself will become expressions of the greatest Wisdom and it will not allow itself to be used as a platform or instrument of evil.

We will see these changes gradually, but not too gradually to go unnoticed or to seem ordinary. They are already fully in place, but we will perceive and understand them gradually in order to be able to fully comprehend what we are seeing and savor the Sights, Sound, Flavors, Scents and Feelings of the Wisdom and be fully satisfied in every time by the Wisdom.

We won. We have proven ourselves worthy of the Good and receiving the Good. Let us Bless and thank God for the endless abundance of the Creation, all that is therein – and Enjoy to satiation forever.

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