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Let Us Make Man is Not a Correct
 Translation of נעשה אדם

With Hashem's Help, let us clarify what the sentence wrongly translated as "let us make man" really says.
The sentence נעשה אדם has been misunderstood by the rabbis as being the verb לעשות, which means to make. So, they think it says: Let us make man.
Because of their misunderstanding, they start tripping over their tongues when Christians, even more confused than the rabbis, ask the rabbis what this means if not that God is three - God forbid!
They start mumbling some nonsense about God conferring with the angels.
This sentence does not contain the verb לעשות, to make. It contains the verb להעשות, which means to become. It is in the passive.
The sentence נעשה אדם, is a sentence that has a verb and an object, but no subject.
The reason for this is because it is God on the level above any designation whatsoever, the level above Ein Sof, the level above HaVaYaH, becoming Man, meaning HaYehudim. The Jews.
People make the mistake of thinking that it is from the level of God In And Of God's Self that the creation of Man occurs.
No! It is from the level of Man than the Gentiles are created. HaYehudim create the Gentiles when we learn Torah. That is why it says that Adam is created in Elohim's Image. Torah has already taught us that Elohim is HaYehudim, the Jews.
Psalms 82:6. The designation there is Elohim.
Most Jews are not aware of the fact that they are God embodied. In order to remain embodied We had to be in a state of amnesia. Had we gone into GodConsciousness before the Creation was strong enough to withstand the Influx, the Creation would have been obliterated.
That age is ending. HaYehudim are now becoming able to be in full GodConsciousness and remain in the Creation. The Creation is ready.
This is exactly like every other Mother having to keep her baby protected in the dark, even from her own self, until the fetus is strong enough to be born and viable. Only then can Mother and Child see one another's face and hold one another in their arms.


נעשה אדם

נעשה אדם הוא משפט הכולל פועל ומושא, אך לא נושא כי הנושא הוא ה' מעל הדרגה של הויה, מעל הדרגה של אין סוף, ואין שם לה' ברמה ההיא.
[ הויה = 26 = הוא הגו = הוא גוה = כל בית ישראל יחד = 1025
= 26 = הקדושים]
הפועל במשפט אינו לעשות, אלא להֵעשות בבנין נפעל.
דהיינו, המשפט אומר ה' ברמה הכי גבוהה נהיה אדם.
ה' ברמה מעל הויה, מעל אין סוף, אינו עושה אדם מאותה רמה, אלא נהיה לאדם, ומהרמה של אדם הוא בורא, יוצר ועושה את הגוים.
[ הגוים = 624 = חוה אדם]
מהרמה של ה' נעשה אדם, דהיינו אנחנו היהודים
[ היהודים = 640 = הויה גו האדם]
ה' בורא, יוצר ועושה את הגוים ואת החיות ואת הצמחים ואת עולם הדומם
[אלהים = 646 = אלה אדם]. לכן כתוב כי בצלם אלהים עשה אותו
אנחנו, היהודים, הויה ברמה של אדם. לכן, אנחנו נקראים היהודים [אתם רואים את השם הויה בתוך השם היהודים?]
אנשים חושבים כי ה' בורא את האדם מהרמה מעל אין סוף. לא! קודם ה' נעשה לאדם, הוי אומר אנחנו היהודים. והיהודים הוגים בתורה. וכך העולמים נבראים, נוצרים ונעשים. מרמה של אדם ה' בורא את העמים. אנחנו, היהודים, בוראים את הגויים כאשר אנו הוגים בתורה
[הגוים = 624 = חוה אדם = אדם הוגה] הבינו זאת והבה נתנהג בהתאם

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Consequences of Cursing the Jews

Exactly 9 minutes and 39 seconds. 939 is the value of the expression: הברית החדשה
 which is the RENEWED COVENANT that Hashem promised to YisraEl, as taught by our Holy Prophets.

 It is not your "new testament", which is not even the correct translation of הברית החדשה. 

Hashem is saying that what is said in this video is true and our Covenant with The Ancient Holy One is being renewed - even as the consequences of the lies of your "new testament" are coming upon you.

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Watch This If You Want To Wake Up | You Are Being Programmed

Thursday, September 13, 2018

When verdict after verdict is beyond all reason, when jurists call the court system "a total jungle", when parents are driven to suicide and Children are sold or transferred to institutions unnecessarily, when jurists brag that the Jesuits have summoned them to act as advisors at the Vatican, when Pedophiles wanted by Interpol are protected from extradition while Whistleblowers are prosecuted obsessively and relentlessly - is there any escape from entertaining the real possibility that Satanists are running the Israeli courts?
The goings on in the Israeli court system would indicate that Satanists are dictating verdicts. Human sacrifice straight up.
The Man Who Wasn't There

This is Roman Zadarov. His wife Olga wrote this book entitled: The Man Who Wasn't There.

He has been in prison for some 11 years for a murder that just about everyone in the country, including, perhaps especially, the State Coroners, at least one Supreme Court Judge and the murder victim's Mother don't think he committed - based on hard evidence.
If he is not exonerated, he will die in prison. His wife will live her entire life without him and their Child will never know her likely innocent Father.
The murderer is likely a woman who is "someone's" daughter.
I have the special privilege of my Appeal for "insulting a Child welfare officer" being heard by one of the judges who put Zadarov away.
Zadarov confessed. So did I. Zadarov confessed because he was scared and hounded by the police. A confession does not constitute guilt.
I wrote "Under Pressure" instead of signing my name to the confession the second time. I saw that my interrogation was a set-up. The police didn't have the videos they claimed I made. 
A document that the Prosecution hid from my lawyer and from the lower court contradicts their time line. It was discovered among the documents in Lori Shem Tov's file and was presented to the District Court. Yet, they did not throw out the case.
In both of our cases, our confessions *contradict* the evidence.
But we were both found guilty anyway.
According to Jewish law a person cannot incriminate themselves with a confession. Two witnesses have to see the crime committed for there to be a guilty verdict.
In civilized countries confessions have to be backed by evidence.
But "the State of Israel" is a Fascist hole in which it is criminal to be moral. The "State of Israel" was founded as the final solution to those pesky moral Jews. Theodor Herzl coined the term "the final solution". This state was devised as the acid bath of the last remnants of Jewish morality. It's not working. We're still Jews.
Necrophilia is legal here. Pedophiles are protected from extradition. Whistleblowers and upstanding citizens are incriminated.

Trump Strikes DEVASTATING BLOW to Palestine - He Just KICK [sic] THEM OUT!

Matters are not as are represented. A large percentage of "Palestinians" are genetic Jews who were forcibly converted to Islam only a few generations ago. The gov't of "the State of Israel" allows them no channels to return either to Judaism and live in this state.
The entire gov't of "the State of Israel" is what you'd call deep state and they are rabidly anti-Semitic. That's right. The gov't of the "State of Israel" hates Israel. That's right. Bibi's wife doesn't even make bones about the fact that she hates Jews. A number of her former employees reported to the press that they quit because she treated them badly and made slurs.
So, is Trump and his team going to work toward solving the real issues here - getting the anti-Semitic, deep state out of this country and allowing "the Palestinians" who want to return to Judaism to do so?
Trump consistently takes the side of the deep state occupying the Jewish People against the Jewish People. He has been informed about what is really going on in "Israel" and he sides with Netanyahu and the other Jewish crooks against the Jews who live according to Jewish morality.
Netanyahu is about as loyal to, and representative of, the Jews as Obama was to the Americans. Why does he have Trump's unwavering support?
Netanyahu is strictly deep state and Trump has his back. Something is not quite right.
I give Trump full credit for the good he does for America. But as my GrandAunt used to say: What care I how good he be if he be not good to me. 
Trump is not good for the meek and humble Jews. He doesn't think it's successful to be meek and humble in this world. We do. So far, Trump has always sold out the Jews who choose to walk with the God of Israel to those who chose Mammon.


The Gold Standard

As background, you may want to see my video: Why The Occult Banking System Must Be Dismantled

The true Gold Standard is about having an economic system that encourages, incentivizes, fosters and develops the noble traits of King David. 

Gold was chosen as the economic standard because, like David, it is incorruptible, malleable and conducts power well.

The substitution of real noble characteristics with metals that have physical properties that mimic the character traits was an occult practice that dehumanized economic activity and trade.

דוד = 14 = יד = אוהב = אהוב = זז = זהב

Friday, September 07, 2018


9/11 is on the 2nd day of Rosh HaShanah

Dear President Trump: Victory is ensured. Fight like Hell. Love the Good like Heaven.