Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Atheism is Not a Cure for Genetic Damage

Many people who come from a Christian background are justifiably horrified by the cruelty and irrationality of Christianity. Unfortunately, they think they can escape cruelty and irrationality by becoming atheists or fleeing to another religion.

If you are Euro-Gentile, your ethnic group has committed so many atrocities that your DNA is damaged.

You will take your distorted and truncated perceptual abilities with you wherever you go. Whatever ideology you accept or reject will be seen by you through the filter of a mind severely distorted by your damaged ability to perceive.

So, you are not going to be OK just because you leave Christianity.

The same distortions in you that led the Whites to totally misunderstand Torah, to see horrors instead of holiness, are part and parcel of your genetics. They follow you out of the Church and accompany you on every journey in life.

You'll be just as traumatized as an atheist than as a Christian and will do no less damage to yourself, to others and to the environment.

Please see: The Ghost in Your Genes on You Tube for an explanation of Epigenetics.

The mad science of today has proven that science is not a refuge of rationality and not an alternative to moral/spirituality.
The descendants of the Christians who perpetrated the Greek conquering campaigns, the Roman conquering campaigns, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the World Wars, MK ULTRA are now working for DARPA, Monsanto and Baxter. They carry the self-same damage to their DNA that the brutality of their ancestors caused.

The problem is in your genes. You cannot flee your genes. But perhaps they can be compassionately genetically engineered to help you get back to a point where you become capable of being part of the Human family and existing harmoniously with this world's ecosystems and capable of understanding why that is important and desirable.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Could Never Understand Why Euro- Gentiles Criticize Israel So

After all, don't they have real atrocities of their own to attend to at home? Are not the Aboriginal peoples still languishing on poverty-stricken reservations and being used routinely in experiments?

I suddenly realized it has nothing to do with concern for the Palestinians at all.
Their real concern is fear. It's very frightening for Xian Whites to realize how much power and money we Jews have accumulated and know we have real reasons to want to get back at them.Jews are so not given to thoughts of revenge, that it never occurs to us that they are afraid that we will take revenge on them.

Jews, whose entire lives are spent in moral self-assessment and reflection and self-criticism and mutual moral criticism and rectification immediately and automatically think that if Euro-Gentiles are criticizing us, it must be that we are really doing something wrong.

As people who were taught never to take vengeance, it never occurs to us that the basis of their criticism is not morality at all, but the fact that their conscience is telling them that the Jews have every reason to take revenge, and now have the ability to do so.

The matter is so simple that I feel embarrassed that I never saw it before. I just never saw it because my knee-jerk reaction to moral criticism as a Jew is to search myself for wrongdoing without considering from whom the criticism is coming and why it really might be being leveled. I am sure that many, many Jews do not see it because when we are criticized for hurting someone we immediately go into: OMG! I'm not OK! mode.