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Laws of Physics

This article: Is the Universe Leaking Energy?
Total energy must be conserved. Every student of physics learns this fundamental law. The trouble is, it does not apply to the universe as a whole
By Tamara M. Davis

was the afflatus for this response.

There goes the Universe not behaving itself in accordance with our Laws again! This is getting irksome and needs to be nipped in the bud.

Perhaps greater control over the Universe would be exerted if there were, in addition to the body of Common Physical Laws, Admiralty Physical Laws (for when travelling in space), you know, like a UCC for when surfing the EM waves and an ever-growing, more constrictive, restrictive, suppressive body of statutes.

Perhaps we can enter into contractual arrangements with the Bosons so that they clearly understand the parameters of what they can and cannot do, can and cannot be.

I think we've been a bit too liberal in the application of laws to the Universe. It's getting too big for its britches and uppity and sometimes acts unpredictably. We have to put tighter controls on that or things could get out of hand.

Physicists might have to bite the proverbial bullet and call in the cretins from Mensa who framed, reframed, cut and edited their Constitution till it fit like an Iron Maiden.

I know. I know. It's nasty to have to hobnob with the hoi polloi.

Perhaps, if the sub-atomic particles (call them subs repeatedly to whittle away at their sense of sovereignty) get too uppity, we should issue all of them a card with their names on it in CAPS and a serial number, which is listed with the stock exchange. We'll tell them we are doing this so that they can reap retirement benefits when they get old. This is a very clever trick as it will dehumanize them without them knowing it - until we are ready for them to know they've been dehumanized. HA! If they ever demand their rights to existence we'll let them know that they are nothing but commodities listed on the stock exchange through the Indy media. That way they'll have the illusion that they've discovered a great secret truth, which is, that they are really slaves - which they weren't until they began to think they are because they discovered our little deception, which they thought was truth. Oh, how fiendishly clever we are!

The name in CAPS on their SS cards is not their real identity, of course. It's sort of a straw wavicle that we've set up in their stead which is really a fictitious corporation that we invented so that they'll give up their sovereignty and become corporate bodies, so we can sue them. That' always slows them down! This switch of identities can only be done at sea level and meshes nicely with the body of Admiralty Physical Laws which we've invented to limit their commercial interactions. They'll think their name is NEUTRINO, when it's really Neutrino. Most of them will never notice the difference or, the brighter ones who do, will think that their names are in CAPS because we consider them important. That way we can fool them into signing all sorts of contracts and admitting to things and get them otherwise all entangled in Courts of Physical Laws in which the judges aren't judges, just magistrates. And they'll have a complex for life thinking their own mothers turned them into slaves by reporting their berth, I mean birth, to the authorities who issued their berth certificate number and turned them into unknowing slaves. That will leave them emotionally crippled for life and so their potential energy will be greatly diminished, the better to make them docile and malleable (or is it ductile?). You follow? Dastardly brilliant. N'est-ce pas?

If, on the off chance, anyone is not familiar with the references in my parody, please see this link for an introduction:

I like the above link best, because it doesn't involve any ideological agenda. It just explains the matter.

Blacks Law Dictionary:

"For more than a century Black’s Law Dictionary has been the gold standard for the language of law. Today, it is the most widely cited law book in the world."

The following articles also have important excerpts from legal dictionaries. Just filter out the ideological bent if it doesn't suit you:

The point is: The economic elite, who see you in terms of how you are defined according to the systems of law that the elite of yore devised, are those to whom scientists grovel for funding.

Do not play tricks with your conscience. Yes, the opportunistic and demeaning concept of 'human being' and 'person', and considering us as vassals for all legal intents and purposes *do* impinge on science and on what are accepted as "the Physical Laws" - and what scientific results are expected.

If we wish to do real science, and math for that matter (the concept of discrete point is profoundly political); we will have to clear away the existing socio-economic and political morass that does not allow for genuine intellectual endeavor. In order to do real science, we must, first of all, create the conditions that allow for what Russell Lord described as: "the gift of a fresh eye and an untrammeled curiosity."

In his essay, written in 1896 entitled "Anarchism : Its Philosophy and Ideal", Piotr Kropotkin, a world renowned geographer and geologist wrote:

"What used to be called "natural law" is nothing but a certain relation among phenomena which we dimly see, and each "law" takes a temporary character of causality; that is to say: If such a phenomenon is produced under such conditions, such another phenomenon will follow. No law placed outside the phenomena: each phenomenon governs that which follows it - not law...

Harmony thus appears as a temporary adjustment established among all forces acting upon a given spot - a provisory adaptation. And that adjustment will only last under one condition: that of being continually modified; of representing every moment the resultant of all conflicting actions. Let but one of those forces be hampered in its action for some time and harmony disappears...

In fact it is certain that in proportion as the human mind frees itself from ideas inculcated by minorities of priests, military chiefs and judges, all striving to establish their domination, and of scientists paid to perpetuate it, a conception of society arises in which there is no longer room for those dominating minorities.

It is frightening to see that there has been a regression in the openness of scientists from the time that Kropotkin wrote that essay until today. They are not more rigorous in their method. They are merely more timid about what they allow themselves to serve as findings.

The political-social-economic expressions of Anarchism are only an infinitesimal subset of ONTOLOGICAL ANARCHISM. The Universe is NOT RULED BY LAWS. It is dynamic harmonies of cooperation and integration. Those integrations are ephemeral. Live with it. They will remain ephemeral whether you feel comfortable with that or not.

The obsessive-compulsive need to control humans that led to codes of law and statutes, regulations and contractual agreements that aren't agreements at all but imposition of the will of the brutal on the less brutal is the same provenance that drives the equally obsessive-compulsive imposition of wholly artificial and imaginary laws on the universe.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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