Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Please see the entry HARRASSED from yesterday.

As I write this it's around 21:00, June 23, 2010

When we left the house yesterday, I closed the bedroom door because I don't want the cat to go in there. So, the only wind coming into the room was from the one window, which is on the side opposite to the closet and parallel to it. So, the wind blows parallel to the closet and on the other side of the room.

The curtain I found open when I got back yesterday was *against* the direction of the wind, and my boxes of Tampons were in disarray. I'm just saying what the items were that were moved, so that you'll get an idea of the size and weight. Bite me, I like to keep my Tampons in a neat, size-order row of boxes.

Today was every bit as windy, if not more so, than yesterday because today is considerably cooler. The heat spell has broken up and the after winds are quite strong.

I didn't go out at all day today.

I stood in the bedroom when the winds were strong both without and then with the door open to create a cross-draft intentionally.

The curtains billowed a bit, but most certainly did not come open and there was no way that there was enough wind to blow even the weight of a box of Tampons.

After eating lunch, at about 13:30, the familiar wave of sudden-onset, crashing fatigue overcame me and I *had* to go to sleep. It is not tiredness that I can fight back. I woke up about an hour ago.

My Husband just got back home. He was supposed to go to the post office after eating, when it opens at 15:30. When he got home just a short while ago, he said: " I'm sorry. I didn't get to the post office. After I ate; I went over to the easy chair with my drink, (mineral water with grape juice and ice). I fell asleep - in the chair, without saying blessings after the food. When I woke up it was 18:45 (he was sleeping in the chair from about 14:00!). The remainder of the drink was on the little stool we have next to the easy chair. He had to run straight to afternoon-evening prayers.

The two of us were out cold for hours!

Barry, someone is doing something to us – not just me, to my whole Family. If they've got a problem with my political views, why does my Family get hassled?


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