Saturday, June 26, 2010

Continuation of HARRASSED

It's 22:46 on 26 June 2010 in the wild, wild ME as I begin to write this.

Since whoever it is came into our home we are far more tired, sleep much more deeply and for a longer period of time than we used to.

I didn't understand until today why my Husband fell asleep in the arm chair with his drink until today. He explained that he went into the kitchen to get the drink and on his way back to the table to drink it was so overtaken with fatigue that he sat down in the easy chair. He then fell asleep for almost 4 hours.

Tonight, he is having trouble going about doing the dishes from Shabbat. He never has trouble with that. He always comes home from synagogue, takes off his jalabia and goes straight to work doing the dishes. Tonight he sat in the easy chair for an hour trying to get the strength up to do the dishes.

OK, in our case; one can say: Look, you, Doreen, are overweight. Dan is 70 years old. Of course you're a bit tired than usual.

But one of our young, healthy, thin Relatives came for Shabbat today. He came at 13:00. I was still sleeping and had to be awakened. After lunch he seemed to look a bit tired. I asked him what time he had gotten up. He said: 11:00. At about 15:00 he said: OK. I have to get home. I need to shower and do a few things. Next thing I know he was sleeping deeply on the couch. I was very tired too and also went to sleep. My Husband told me he came home at 18:45, our Relative was deep alseep on the couch. He woke him, but he had trouble getting up and felt groggy. He had gone home by the time I got up.

I talked to him a few minutes before writing this. I admitted that the sleep just overtook him.

Something is wrong in this house. We didn't feel tired when we went out to the restaurant HaAri8, even though we had a pretty heavy meal. We don't feel it when we are out of this apartment.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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