Saturday, February 19, 2011


"Egypt and the UN TROOPS INSIDE THE US and NWO

The main objective or agenda right now is the formation of the world government or should I say the "acceptance" of the World Government, by the US people is the last objective and they are very close to it. The activities in Egypt are a CIA/Illuminati operation in the beginning final phase to bringing together now the 10 unions formed. They are practicing their use in the USA once the violence starts here and then we are into it. Several of us in the Know have wondered whether the violence would precede the PROSPERITY or would Prosperity be first then the violence. This is for certain. The Arab states, GCC is looking to now form a Union like the EU but first they must have the violence in order to bring order that will follow once the Illuminati has involved all the GCC states. They will replace the leaders and cabinets with mostly PRO-Islamic members and then they will target Israel. The time frame we don't know yet. Three occasions our shadow government planned a coup of the US government in favor of the UN takeover just during the 20th century but all three operations failed. One resulted in the assassination of a president. After JFK, all presidents were traitors to this country for their behind the scenes planning for the final blow since the Constitution was declared null and void in a Federal court case in 1938. They know Americans would not take this lying down. So, a massive effort to soften the US military began in 1962 to now in four stages. In any case, back to the Iraqi dinar, the GCC will eventually form a coalition after a Muslim rises up to speak to his Arab brothers that they should stop killing each other. The idea is to form a common currency among all the Arab states, and then a Union. The last union formed will be the North American Union, (Canada, Mexico and the U.S.) which was already approved and signed in 2005 by Fox, Paul Martin and George Bush. The currency will change to a treasury note instead of the worthless dollar.

So, Right now there are in fact up to 6 million UN troops scattered around the US in bases from 80-100 bases underground to an unknown number above ground. Chinese are slowing taking control actively since the establishment of the FTZ's or Foreign Trade Zones replacing little by little Americans and the Chinese, Russians and Various Cuban/South American troops are deployed around the US since the late 1990's now preparing their invasion once a crime wave similar to Egypt is launched. I'm posting a very lengthy expose on my site detailing this operation. All this in the US has been going on while we watched the missiles off the coast of Calif, NY, Texas, and the HAARP caused the Death of the Birds and fish, to now, our eyes are on the CIA orchestrated Egyptian takeover. Mubarak has never been a dictator and never was and not even now. This media portrayal is designed like they did Castro (CIA/Masonic plant), Milosevic (CIA/Masonic Plant), Saddam (CIA/Masonic Plant), and now Mubarak (CIA plant) who is part of this facade and is filling his role perfectly. The Globalist anticipated that the Egyptian military would not fire on the Egyptian citizens as they determined in the 1990's by inquiry of the US Soldiers in a questionnaire given out to several thousand therefore came the decision to use Chinese, Russian and UN troops to take the weapons once this US operation takes place.

So, now it's a waiting game to see that incident will spark "peace" in the middle East and what made up crisis will spark the violence in the US, prosperity or violence first we don't know but it will be one or the other."

The lady who wrote that commentary has been sent a friends request here on Facebook. As soon as she gives the OK, I'll be honored to let you know who wrote it.The lady who wrote that commentary has been sent a friends request here on Facebook. As soon as she gives the OK, I'll be honored to let you know who wrote it.

You can add to that: Binyamin Netanyahu, CIA/Masonic plant.

The following PMs are/were Masons:

David Ben-Gurion - Freemason
Moshe Sharett
Levi Eshkol
Yigal Allon
Golda Meir - Co-Mason
Yitzhak Rabin - Freemason
Shimon Peres - Freemason and Jesuit (Roman Catholic) trained
Menachem Begin
Yitzhak Shamir
Benjamin Netanyahu - Freemason
Ehud Barak - Freemason
Ariel Sharon - Freemason
Ehud Olmert - Freemason

Let's understand clearly what is meant by CIA.

When the The Office of Strategic Services (OSS), started during WWII in the US absorbed Nazi mind control and social engineering scientists, they changed their name to CIA.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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