Friday, July 28, 2017

Special Thanks are Hereby Extended to AIPAC and all the Jews Who Sold Out to the Degeneracy of Capitalism

Thank you so very much for bringing ignominy upon all of us Jews, for giving the anti-Semites reason to hate all of us, for making us all look untrustworthy, for making all of us look complicit - for endangering the lives of the poor and middle class Jews who cannot hide in compounds from those who might act on the disgust you have aroused in them.
Thank you for coming to Israel and putting pressure on the Israeli government to traffic Israeli Children.
Thank you for bribing Israeli politicians to make life hell for the poor in Israel.
Thank you for all you do to keep the munitions industry running sprightly.
Thank you for bringing dishonor on our Torah and our Tradition of morality to the point where people react with sick laughter when a Jew quotes a moral teaching.
Thank you so much for assuming center stage of the world's consciousness of the Jews and making them forget the efforts of the Jews who sacrificed their very lives for Humanity in every generation.
Thank you for everything. You've worked so very hard.

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