Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What Einstein Meant

We don't really move. We create matter and make it move when we turn our attention to a matter. The resulting changes in our perception and the changes in the Creation that result because we turned our attention and experienced different e-motions make it appear that we are moving. But consciousness exists above the Creation and so does not move because there is nowhere in which it can move in itself. Only in the Creation can consciousness seem to move by thinking of various matters and therefore "turning" our attention.

As we gain greater mastery over our thoughts and our e-motions, our perception and our influence become less and less localized. We come to trust that we will not do damage and we release ourselves from the self-imposed limitations.
We no longer perceive ourselves as being in such a limited body and we begin to understand, slowly, slowly, stage after stage, that our Bodies are the infinite Universe. (As a bonus, we stop asking questions like: Are there aliens out there?)

As we gain mastery over our thoughts and emotions, we allow ourselves to have greater impact on matter. We do so with increasingly less effort and over greater dominions. Eventually, all we have to do is change the beam emitting from our eye.

Einstein talked about "light" because he knew he had to couch his teachings in terminology that scientists would accept. But what he meant by light was consciousness.
Eventually, the light of consciousness becomes infinite, as we learn to love infinitely - and then we realize that our Bodies are infinite too - all the matter in creation.

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