Thursday, August 18, 2016


Yet Another Man Thinks He "Learns HaZohar" and Speaks About "Spirituality"

Spirituality is not a Jewish concept. Morality and Holiness in material reality is the Jewish goal. You speak that way because you do not have a Womb and cannot reach that level of actualization.

The Zohar is an unripe fruit.

Like Women, men have a brain and a heart. But you do not have a Womb. It is in the Womb where the highest level of conceptualization occurs.
The advantage of having a Womb exists on all levels of Women's life and existence.

This is most true in understanding Torah. Men can only suckle from Women's Wisdom. You cannot nurse. Men are born from the Womb, but do not give birth from the Womb. This is the truth of male existence on all levels. You must accept this reality and understand what it means in terms of your Torah study.

When men try to understand with their minds, and even their hearts, that which can only be conceived in the Womb, the result is bizarre emotionalism and hallucinations.

You must understand your proper place in creation if there is to be peace. You are attempting to arrogate the level that only Jewish Women can attain and you are causing chaos.

הזהר = 217 = רזי = אורי = הרואה
= דבורה = דבר העתיקה הקדושה
= 1216 = 217 = ראה עתיקה הקדושה

You cannot attain the level of Devorah. You are not on the level of receiving the D'var of HaAtikah HaKadusha or seeing HaAtikah HaKadusha. Know your place.
Such things are not a code to be cracked in an online course in English. Trust me when I tell you, you do not "read the Zohar".