Sunday, August 28, 2016


"Bats account for about 20 percent of all mammal species
With more than 1,200 species included in the order Chiroptera, bats represent one of the largest orders of mammals. They are surpassed only by the order Rodentia, which boasts a whopping 2,277 species — 40 percent of all mammalian species."

Now here is where it gets especially interesting - an informative for us.

"Bats have only one baby per year. Similar to humans, bats typically only have one bat baby (called a pup) per year. Just like people, bats will occasionally have twins."


"Female bats can control when they get pregnant and give birth.

To ensure external conditions are optimal for a newborn bat, mother bats are equipped with a variety of biological tactics that allow them to put off fertilization, implantation or development of the fetus."


In some species, mating will occur in the fall, but females will store sperm in their reproductive tract before finally fertilizing their eggs when spring arrives. In other species, the egg is fertilized immediately after mating, but instead of implanting to the wall of the uterus, it floats around until favorable conditions arrive. Yet another adaptation exhibited in some bats is delayed fetus development, in which fertilization and implantation occurs as usual, but the fetus remains in a dormant state for a long period of time.

From this I learned not only that Humans must have the ability to do this too - but that since Conception occurs both in the Woman *and in Consciousness* the problem with the world we are living in is that we are conceiving reality without control - in exactly that Women who are not able to control and time their pregnancies have unhealthy pregnancies at all the most inconvenient times.

If we had the control over our the conceptualizations of our Consciousness that bats have over their pregnancies, we would be able to bring worlds into existence at will - and at the best possible times, under the best possible conditions for optimum development.

The secret to learning to do this is to develop our Compassion optimally. The Hebrew word for Womb in Rechem. The Hebrew word for Compassion is Rachamim - same word as Wombs. And the Hebrew word for matter is Chomer - same letters as the word for Womb Rechem. The Hebrew word for Brain in Mo'ach. Those are two of the letters in Rechem (Womb) and in Rachamim (Compassion) and in Chomer (matter). The letter reish that is added to Mo'ach in the other words represents Rosh - Head.

We have to be sensitive to the events of our Lives in order to understand the most salient messages and teachings we are being offerred. My Generation was the first in which Women were given widespread, affordable access to birth control. The message of controlled Birth is central for our Generations.
But we are not meant to be dependent upon technology and chemicals for the ability to control our Conceptions and Birthing. We are meant to gain the Self control needed to control our Conceiving and our Births - be they in the Womb or in the Soul.

Yes, we *can* control the birth of reality into existence - IFF we know that it is We who are birthing reality into existence *and* are functioning on a very high level of Compassion and caring for that which we birth into existence. If we do not gain control over our Compassion we give birth in exactly the same way that women who are not in control of their Bodies give birth - or worse, as women who disrespect their Bodies - and to the same dire consequences - on a planetary and even cosmic scale.

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