Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Unity of the Holy Mothers is Elohim

I searched and searched and found no "him", although that is what I was searching for because I believed what I was told by the men about God.
I found my Holy Mothers united in perfect Unity within my Body, immeasurably higher than my Soul. I heard their Commands, their Urgings, their Suggestions, their Prayers, their Blessings echoing in my Bones. I felt their Love and I knew their perfectly United Will - and I knew that is the Word of God. The Unity of the Mothers is the Kol Dakah that Eliyahu NaNavi heard.

Know there is no higher level of Godliness that can be found than the Holy Mothers - who are One. Those who search for a "him" are still in defiance of God.
The Holy Mothers are HaVayah Elohim. They are E'l Elyon. They are One. Understand this. All else is the idol worship of defiant, stiff-necked, treacherous sons.