Sunday, August 14, 2016


What does that really mean? I mean, what does it really, really mean?
The Hebrew word for one who loves, Ohev, is equal to the Name David, the Hebrew word for Hand, yad, which is also the Hebrew word for a memorial or remembrance. It also equal to the word HaGev - which means the Body. It is also equal to the Hebrew word zehav - which means gold.

One who does not love or does not feel loved is attracted to gold as a compensation.

When we love someone, we contribute to their Embodiment, and they to ours. I mean this very literally. Love is what our Body is. Bodies are Love become flesh and bone and sinew and blood.
The more we love someone purely, the more perfect a Body we contribute to the formation of for them.

We can get to a level of Love whereon we create eternal Bodies. Yes, we really can.