Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Exotic Oil Factory

If I were to tell you that there is a factory in which a very exotic and magnificent oil is synthesized, an oil very much in demand and very precious; and if I were to tell you how that oil is synthesized in that factory; no doubt your imagination would conjure up images of a factory building. You would imagine the factory building as being very large and well-equipped. You would imagine the workers in it. You would imagine raw materials being brought in and you'd imagine the production and extraction processes. No doubt, you would also imagine the tidy sum that such a fancy product could fetch on the market.

And even as your mind was conjuring up these images, the cells in your Body would be producing that very oil – unconsciously and autonomically. And you would not know.  You would not know that it is your own Body that was being talked about. Your dissociation from your own Self is just that profound. You would not recognize your own Self being described.

And why would you not know? Why are you many orders removed from your Self? You would not know because I did not say specifically that I was talking about your Body. And you would not realize that I was talking about your Body because you do not attribute that level of wonder and sublimity to your Body – or to anyone else's body either. You do not think the Body is worth the price of a fancy oil.

And so it is with those who think that HaShem is talking about a "temple" in Torah.

Not only do they not think the Body is so Holy that it is HaShem's Temple, they would enslave their own Bodies, and that of others, to work in a building of stone, using cold, dead metal implements and carry out all sorts of bizarre ceremonies that their imaginations had conjured up because they did not understand that their own Bodies are being talked about in Torah.

And so, they go on not knowing either how to construct a Human Body or know the wonders a Human Body inhabited by a fully-aware Soul is capable of – because they do not love themselves, or anyone else, enough to understand. They do not want to understand.

Instead of knowing how to use their Bodies to create, they use their Holy Bodies to go against the Biblical injunction: to not make a graven (mental) image.

P.S. By the very same token, You do not realize You are being addressed, now, when Torah calls you Avraham, or Sarah, or Moshe or Rachel or Ya'El or David or Shlomo - or HaVaYah.