Thursday, October 01, 2015

Why Are the Rich Rich 
and Getting Richer?
(And what does this have to do with the recent lunar eclipse)?

People say, and rightfully so, that money goes to money. Why is that?
It's because the monied love the material world. That's why. And the material world responds and gravitates to those who love it. It also mirrors those who love it and this is the most important thing about material to realize.

The love of the greedy and grossly materialistic is unhealthy love, to be sure, but it is love. And so, material "sticks" to them. It gravitates to them - in heaps.

We have been taught to be "spiritual", that is: to think that spirit is greater than material. We've been taught that in order to keep us in a state of paucity and to give us the illusion that we are more elevated if we are "spiritual" than interested in the material world.
The material world is where it's really happening. God incarnate as material is infinitely higher than God uncreated. It is an immeasurably higher level.

The problem is: The material world is a mirror that reflects the thoughts, feelings and actions of those who interact with it. Since those who know love the material world the most are people of low moral standing, the material world is concomitantly low in its expression. The phenomenal world is now corrupted as are those who love it most.

The way in which we wrest the control of the material world from the greedy and the corrupt is by loving the material world every bit as much as they do - but in a pure and healthy and generous way.
Not only will this cause material to be attracted to us, it will take on far more elevated expressions of being.

It is essential that we learn how to attract the physical world to us without the intermediary of money. We have to learn to interact directly with the physical world and it will be attracted directly to us.

The elevation of the physical world is The Redemption. The physical world is The Holy Temple. All other temples have been models based on misunderstanding.

What is called "the multiverse" nowadays is our true Body. There are no microcosms vis-a-vis macrocosms. There is only the "zooming in" and "zooming out" of our attention in order to understand the phenomenal world in various ways.

Our Bodies *are* "the multiverse - and it is our Bodies. As we bring our Bodies into higher states of health and expressing love in healthier ways; we will necessarily and matter-of factly elevate all of the matter in Creation.

Matter wishes to draw close to us and cooperate with us. That was the overriding lesson of the "super moon".
There really aren't "other" astronomical bodies, "out there". There are only parts of our physical existence that we have distanced ourselves from and disavowed. As we send out welcoming messages to them, they will merge once again with us.

Be Compassionate and welcoming to the phenomenal world. Invite it to work with you to wonderful purposes - and you will see that it isn't inanimate at all. That is the building and restoration of The Temple.

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