Saturday, October 17, 2015

The State of Israel vs. Doreen Dotan

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. I say that only because the money bag bankrolling the Prime Minister of the State of Israel is none other than Sheldon Adelson, the man who became a billionaire running a string of casinos. Can you just see the kinds of bets being placed by millionaire and billionaire gambling addicts on the outcomes of the policies of the Israeli government?

My lawyer is called to appear in court tomorrow to work out the schedule of calling in witnesses.
If the State Attorney doesn't have a sudden fit of lucidity, the trial will begin.

In short, what's going on is this:
There is a file of record that bears the name: The State of Israel vs. Doreen Dotan. I have been accused of the high crime and misdemeanor befitting only the most degenerate of miscreants of insulting a Social Worker.
Israel retained an Ottoman law that forbids insulting any public official. Yes, this is for real.
The maximum sentence is 6 months in prison and a 14,000 NIS fine.

The State Attorney's Office (I'm told from the very top echelons of the office, so I presume the order to indict me is coming from a level far higher than that) is calling for actual jail time for me.
If the fact that the State of Israel, the government of which thinks they are worthy to sit at the same table as heads of democratic nations, retains an atavistic law from Muslim invaders isn't repulsive enough; it gets worse.

There is no video of record in which they claim the "offense" took place. They have NO EVIDENCE. I'll say that again. They have NO EVIDENCE.
I was interrogated by the police twice about a video I allegedly made, in 2011 mind you, without benefit of the police having any such video.

I received the indictment one month before a HUGE scandal of corruption involving the State Attorney's office broke in the news. That was about two years after I was interrogated for the second time. I was told by my former attorney that if they don't contact a person in a year, that usually means they closed they case. So, the State Attorney's Office dug this case up just before their own corruption spurted out, pus-like, all over the Israeli press.

The Judge hearing this case has STRONGLY recommended that the State Attorney close this case. The national office of the State Attorney refuses to do so, which means that someone higher up still is squeezing their balls to go on with this case. The State Attorney is just a salaried apparatchik who does what he is told.

So, I am to be brought to court for the high crime of "insulting" someone, based on no evidence.

The account that used my name and photo on You Tube still exists with another bogus name and photo. According to YouTube's TOS's that is grounds for immediate termination of an account. Yet, despite my complaints over months about that account, and the reports of some of my subscribers; You Tube refused to take the impostor's account down. That tells me it might be the account a dirty tricks department in some agency.

For a little extra panache, I might mention that the trial is scheduled to take place in the court house in Nazereth.
Yes, this time, for real and historically documentably, a Jew is going to be put on a religious and conscience persecution trial in Nazereth.
Does this make me the real Mashiach?

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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