Thursday, October 08, 2015

Here in Israel, the trends in the American mass media that hold the public in thrall hit the waves with a bit of a delay.
That time lag, and the translation, verbatim, of the exact same (non)issues put into poignant relief just how phony and inconsequential it all is.
I remember when I was in America, all those pressing (non)issues seemed real enough and seemed to demand attention and and consideration and discussion ad nauseam and action. I remember the pressing feeling that: Hey! I'm a caring person! I *have to* deal with this!
It was only upon leaving and looking back at America from a distance that I was fully able to appreciate how contrived all those issues in the media that monopolize our thoughts really are.
My heartfelt advice is: Concern yourself with the eternal Truths. Today's news is going to be under somebody's puppy tomorrow, where it already belongs today.

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