Sunday, October 04, 2015


Yes, I made a video

My YouTube channel still allows me to upload.
Have mixed feelings about posting on YouTube, but the video will likely reach the largest audience on YT.

We've been told that the major thrust of religion is to be "spiritual". We've been told that material is essentially evil.
We were sent on a wild goose chase by those who know that the material world is where the action is really happening and it is this realm that must be conquered.
This video explains what material is and why the transcendent can only be expressed by those who understand clearly what material is and how to interact with it.

I would recommend an article related to the subject of the discussion in this video that I wrote by the name of  "Why Are the Rich Rich
and Getting Richer? (And what does this have to do with the recent lunar eclipse)?"
which can be found on this blog.

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