Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nullification of all Debts After The Sabbatical Year is Mandatory and Has Never Been and Never Can Be Overwritten

The Sabbatical Year is ending. 

True Jews, true descendants of Avraham and Sarah, look forward to performing the Mitzvah of Nullifying Debts comes Rosh HaShanah.
Their Hearts fill with Gratitude and with Joy that we, the People of Israel, were granted this special gift - the ability to rid the world of debt, of the shame of poverty and the attending misery and corruption of unjust financial distribution.

Our Imaginations are filled with Visions of a world in which there will be no Debt, a world in which each and every Person lives in abundance and in peace, unafraid of debt and all its horrors and insecurities. We delight in these Visions of happy People all over the world, Jew and Gentile alike.

These noble sentiments and visions are the birth of the World to Come within us. Every Jew who nullifies any and all debt will see the nascent World of Justice and Joy that our Prophets promised us in the Name of our God come to fruition. Their Ancestors will rejoice in them and the Descendants will eat the sweet fruits of the Seed of the World to Come that the Keepers of this great Mitzvah planted with their own hands.

And if some godless creature who claims to be Israel but is not filled with the love of God and the Creation, flaps a document of "prozbul" in their face and attempts to entice them to sign on the document, which constitutes a Writ of Divorce from the God of Israel and an abrogation of our Portion in the World to Come, that Jew will flee as if from a demon.

The final Test of who is Israel and who will enter the World to Come is the keeping of the Nullification of Debts after the Sabbatical Year. 

As we forgive the Debts of those who owe us money, so we are forgiven the Debts our Souls owe to God and to Man.

May You and Yours be Inscribed for a Blessing!

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