Thursday, September 24, 2015


I came across some videos of people who have been diagnosed with "Multiple Personality Disorder" and my heart broke seeing their pain and confusion.
So, I'd like to explain what the phenomenon is and how it should be experienced without causing pain and distress.
We all have an entire "Committee" of people within us - they are a Counsel of Sages. They are Advisers. They are Ancestors and Teachers who have mastered lessons that we have to learn in life. So they've been "put on our case" to help us along.
Each of them, in turn, are composite personalities too, but let's feel comfortable at this level before we go on.
Actually, any time we think about something and weigh different ways of understanding the issue or consider possible outcomes or when we struggle to come to the most moral and balanced decision; what is actually happening is that our Advisers are having a discussion.
It's only a painful experience if we don't love ourselves and/or others and don't allow ourselves to hear their Counsel in gentleness.
Most people aren't aware of this at all as they inhabit our "pre-conscious" and "subconscious" until we are ready to face them and embrace them.
Unfortunately sometimes those who become aware of those they have within their "pre-conscious" or "subconscious" have some kind of a "crack" in their consciousness as a result of trauma and experience it negatively - voices telling them disturbing things rather than comforting and advising without sound - just consciousness to consciousness.
Ideally, we don't become aware of the fact that our conflicting thoughts are actually a discussion of Sages, each lending the benefit of their Wisdom, until we have learned to love very deeply. In that way, what we feel is gratitude when we discover them and not fear.
We are supposed to experience them as a Counsel of the Wise - each giving us input in a loving and gentle way, which we can then share with others in Love.

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