Monday, September 28, 2015


Having discussed energy* and having made it clear that energy is naught but concerted activity and that the nature of the energy produced is dependent upon the intention with which the concerted effort is carried out, we are now in a position to discuss what Matter is.

*[The article "IT'S ALL ENERGY. So, Lets Understand What Energy Is" can be found below on this blog].

The Hebrew word for matter is
חמר, pronounced chomer [guttural ch]. The word chomer in Hebrew has many meanings. Chomer is translated into English thus: to foam up; to boil; to ferment; to burn; to parch; to heap; to burden; to make heavy; to be stringent; stringency; severity; to aggravate; to drive an ass (an ass in Hebrew is chamor); ass driver; to make red; wine; clay; mortar; and, by extension, material. [A COMPREHENSIVE ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY OF THE HEBREW LANGUAGE FOR READERS OF ENGLISH by Rabbi Dr. Ernest Klein. Copyright 1987 by The Beatrice and Arthur Minden Foundation and the University of Chaifa].

Not a very pretty sight is it? We can see that Matter is, of its nature, a fitting platform and basis for corruption.

HOWEVER…there are two anagrams of the same letters that make up the word Chomer
[חמר]. One is רחמ, pronounced rechem or racham, which means both womb and compassion. Another anagram is the letters that comprise the word chomer is מחר, pronounced machar, which means tomorrow.
Another important fact to know about the word chomer in Hebrew, is that it is equal to the expression
במראה, pronounced b'marah, which means 'in a mirror'.
Matter is the mirror of our Souls.

Our only hope living in this material world is the refinement of the material by increasing compassion to the greatest extent that we can. The purpose of this Creation is not to become "spiritual". The entire problem with Creation is that there is a difficulty in the translation of the infinitely transcendental into the material. The purpose of the Creation is to refine Material and make it a fitting environment, a fitting vessel as the Kabbalah says, for that which is born from the Womb of Compassion. To focus on "spirituality" is to defeat the purpose of Creation. God wishes to be Actual. I'll say that again. God wishes to be actual. God does just fine being maximally, incomprehensibly transcendent. So, there is no need for Humans to work on that. God's got that down pat. The problem is trying to get Infinity to be expressed in Materiality – to get Matter to reflect God's Face.

While social and political action are important in that they are driven by compassion; so long as we have not refined Matter itself, the low lives and the corrupt that live and proliferate in the lower levels of Matter will subvert our efforts every time. We see this in the Pope's recent overtaking of Bernie Sanders' campaign. Simply put, the current level of Material, such as it is, supports life forms such as those that creep around the Vatican and their various minions.  If we are to be free of them, we will have to create a physical, phenomenal world that is not a welcoming environment to predators and low lives.

As is said in 12 Steps groups: "Halfway measures availed us nothing".

Torah [which when understood and lived correctly is the highest possible expression of Terra] says: And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might (also translated as all your possessions). – Deuteronomy 6:5
This also works if you love all Creatures who possess a Body with all your heart, all your soul and all your might and resources. Because if you love God's Creatures with all your Being; you are loving God with all your Being, whether you are aware of it or not. Loving God's Creation is loving God's Firstborn Child.
What is important is that we give it our all. We must love to the greatest extent that we are capable of. We must constantly work to increase our capacity to feel compassion and act in love and compassion.

Why? Because our Bodies are comprised of Matter. We are living in what is nowadays called a "fractal". Everything is contained in everything. Our Bodies are actually the entire Creation and the entire Creation is our Bodies. That's why the "nebula" look like such familiar forms. When we purify the Matter of our Body by increasing its capacity to love and embody Compassion [we do this gently and in increments, understanding that the Body will put up resistance], we are actually purifying all of the Matter in the entire Creation.

In this way, we are making the world inhabitable and hospitable to higher forms of life and higher forms of integration and less and less hospitable to low lives of all sorts.

Let us undertake diligently then, to refine ourselves and to steadily increase our ability to love and feel compassion and our capacity to act in love and compassion so that we will continuously refine the phenomenal world so that our Tomorrows will be Gentle and Peaceful and Joyous and Secure and Abundant and Radiant.

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