Tuesday, April 04, 2017


The Hebrew word Yeshuah, which means Salvation and *Deliverance*, is equal in value to the Hebrew phrase that means 'the mouth of Woman'. It should sound to you like the English word issue - all that issues forth, all that is an issue.
The Hebrew word Yeshuah (Salvation, Deliverance) is also equal in value to the Hebrew word that means 'the actualization' or 'that which is perceptible or palpable'
The Hebrew word for Mother is Em. In English is it pronounced Am. Em is Being Itself.
There is also a feminine form of this root T'shuah. This is pronounced in English tissue - yes, the tissues of our Bodies.

There is no entrance to any world, including the Realm of Heaven, except by way of the Jewish Woman.
I do not know if this is what Yeshu was trying to say and his words were distorted or if he attempted to usurp the Yeshuah of Jewish Women - but the interpretation herein is the Truth of the Issue. 

The Hebrew proof are on my FB "wall".