Monday, December 26, 2016

Third Night of Channukah 5777

This is the third night of Channukah. Okey dokey. Let's explain what's really going on here.

We've been hearing that a fantastically powerful wave of light is going to envelop Earth. They knew it would be after Christmas, which was the first night of Channukah this year.
It is going to happen tonight.

The light from which all of the lights of the Channukiah are lit is called a Shamash. Those are the same letters as the word Shemesh - which means the sun. The word Shamash also means a beadle or ceremonial officer. That is what the sun is.

The High Priest, Aaron, is he who lights the sun, which then gives lights to the planets in the solar system. That is the real meaning of lighting the Menorah in the Holy of Holies. It's not about lighting a candelabrum. It's about making our eyes work!

The light from the Shamash (Shemesh, the sun, the officiating servant) propagates and lights the planets as it goes. On the first night of Channukah the light reaches Mercury (Cokhav in Hebrew). On the second night of Channukah, the light reaches Venus. On the third night the light reach Earth (Eretz). That's tonight.
The light of understanding, the light which will usher in the Messianic Era reached Earth tonight. The World we have waited for is now being born and the light it brings will grow stronger throughout Channukah and beyond.

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