Friday, December 16, 2016

Recomposition of the Decomposed

Do not think that resurrected limbs will be beautifully-formed and supple and will move with alacrity. When we rise from the death of unknowing, having experienced only the dimmest dreams of the lowest levels of awareness, and having experienced only the basest impulses; we emerge decomposed and we stink.
We are now able to recompose ourselves in accordance with our own will and eventually we will be Sovereign, Self-Determining and capable of acting out of true Honor and Compassion.
Do not allow those who deride you as you falter and fall, again and again, to shame you and make you feel foolish, ugly and clumsy. It is immeasurably greater to learn to stumble with the limbs of one's own composition than to move with some measure of grace with artificial limbs rented to us that can, at any time, be taken from us.

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