Saturday, October 01, 2016


There is no one who enters this world who does not have experiences or witness others having experiences so painful and so horrific that this world simply does not contains the tools for their correction. When we forgive having had, or having witnessed, such experiences; we broaden and deepen our awareness. In so doing, we broaden and deepen our ability to create the conditions in worlds. Thus, through forgiving, we become able to create worlds in which the conditions of the repair needed are possible.

However, it is written: And the LORD said: I have pardoned according to thy word. – Numbers 14:20.
What does in 'accordance with your word' mean?

We are all in this world because we have lessons in forgiveness to learn. The most important lesson in forgiveness we will ever learn is how to create worlds in which forgiveness does not exist because there is no need whatsoever for it.

Forgiveness is not a meta-value. If it were, it would mean that there would have to be reasons to forgive in all worlds. It would mean that there would have to be suffering and hurts and betrayal in all worlds, God forbid. "I have pardoned in accordance with your words" means 'because you are in a state of consciousness in which you see yourself as in need of pardon and you feel the need to pardon others, I pardon – but that's because you think you need it, not because it is an all-encompassing need that exists on all levels and I very much want you get to the level upon which you will no longer attract hurtful situations to yourself and you will no longer hurt others and therefore be in need of forgiveness and forgive-getting'.

All of the People we encounter in the world are aspects of ourselves. We see aspects of ourselves as integrated whole Others because Infinity cannot be divided. Others, to us, are aspects of Us. We, in turn are, to those Others, aspects of them.

We live in a world in which we need to expand our awareness through forgiveness because we still have a good amount of cruelty in ourselves and cannot imagine getting to higher levels of  Godconsciousness without sacrifice and suffering. We, therefore, need to forgive ourselves for this cruelty and renounce it so that we may move on to kinder and softer ways of learning and growing.

Please God, may this New Year bring us to the level whereupon we no longer think that have to suffer and forgive in order to grow.