Tuesday, September 20, 2016


The following is a verbatim translation (mine) of the testimony of one of the witnesses for the Prosecution at my trial yesterday. It is not complete. I did not edit out parts on the basis of their favorability or not to my case, but only some of the "drag".
Let it be said, to her credit, that she is no longer working for the police.

In the following exchange A will stand for Attorney and W will stand for Witness.

A: Who was the Detective in charge of this file?

W: I do not remember.

A: How did the investigation begin and how do you enter into this file?

W: I was requested, I don't remember by whom, to get a confession from the accused*.

*Note: The Hebrew term used actually means the person who is guilty, not the accused. In Israeli courts, the accused are referred to as guilty parties as a matter of course.
A: What evidence, if any, was put before you before you prior to your extracting a confession?

W: I suppose questions that they gave me in this particular case. I don't remember beyond that.

A: If that's the case, then what you did in this case was purely technical.
W: I don't remember what the situation was.

A: You question the accused on the charge of having published humiliating material and incitement to harm. Why did you not present her with the video?

A: I don't remember. I received orders to get a confession. That is what I did.

A: It wasn't peculiar in your eyes that you did not have the video about which you were questioning in your hands?

W: I'll say it again. I don't remember the situation.

One of the witnesses was a computer expert from Lahav 433 (Israel's special crimes unit). He insists he saw the material and that he delivered it over to the State Attorney.

It was at the State Attorney Office that the videos that I made went missing – the real videos that I made that, I suspect the State Attorney do not want the Judge to see because they contain a request from me to the people who were harmed as Children by the Social Worker who is accusing me and whose husband, then a sitting Judge who is said to have committed suicide while she was under special protection because she claims that someone was threatening her, to organize peacefully and serve a collective Complaint against this Social Worker for Child Abuse of Children in her care over and above the routine abuse of taking children who can be rehabilitated out of their homes in order to keep the institutional business running.

The State Attorney prosecuting my case was mentioned specifically, by name, in an expose devoted to the problem of manipulation and hiding evidence on the part of State Attorneys. The expose spoke specifically of evidence from the State Pathology Lab.

The third witness against me heads the special security unit assigned to Social Workers in Israel. Yes, they have their own special security unit, which reports directly to the Ministry of Justice. If the man describing his duties was not exaggerating, it is quite an operation too. Any attempt to expose the Child Trafficking in Israel comes on the radar of a security force paid for by the State that reports to the Ministry of Justice.

This witness, who heads the security unit assigned to the social workers, says that he has a thick file on the Social Worker who is accusing me. It would be interesting to see that file. There are, he said, some 50 similar files on social workers who feel "threatened" by the truth being told about their workings. They claim to be in danger. In fact, it is their Child Trafficking business that they are protecting.

I do not use the term Child Trafficking loosely. The most Honorable retired Judge Chana ben Ami has stated publicly that there are quotas of Children that the Social Workers must present for adoption and that she was pressured by Social Workers to sign that Children were available for adoption on the basis of falsified evidence presented to her.

Former Head of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, Yosef Silman, has stated publicly that he was fired because he took pity of the number of Children being removed to institutions form profit and reduced the capacity percentages from the 100% they demanded to 80%. He says he estimates that half of the Children removed from their homes for profit need not be.

It should be said in his favor that the current Minister of Social Affairs and Social Services, Mr. Chaim Katz, has said publicly that the amount of money received for each Child in institutions is going to be reduced. He is also implementing programs to allow more Children to be treated in the communities and live at home.

Last point herein: On the way to court my Husband picked up a copy of the newspaper Israel Hayom (19 09 16) in which there is an article that says that an Israeli start-up company that investigates genealogy, My Heritage, is going to be lending its services to do DNA testing on the Yemenite and Balkan Children who were stolen who suspect that their adoption was illegal and unethical and want to try to find their families and the families from whom the children were stolen.  It is now official. The Children are referred to as Kidnapped.
There were Ashkenazi Children stolen too. One of them is the Sister of the accused attorney Ronel Fischer.

I came home from court feeling absolutely sick. Evil in Israel is not only banal, it is institutional and routine.
 It is also very profitable monetarily. However, when one sees what it does to people's Souls, as I saw in court yesterday; one is sickened to one's core.

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