Sunday, September 18, 2016


When one is fully immersed in one of the true Wisdom disciplines, one's Body changes gradually. The learning and practice become imprinted on the Body.

Gradually, the learning becomes a *somatic*, not an intellectual, experience.

So long as one is learning with one's Mind alone, one is in a state of dissociation of Mind from the Body. At this stage we have still not taken up permanent residence in our Body. We are floating above ourselves. We think that Mind is greater than Body and hold ourselves aloof from our Body.
Be absolutely certain that anyone who speaks about "spirituality" has not attained Wisdom.

In a normal state of consciousness, the senses are experienced as that which allow us to experience the "outside world", which appears to exist in and of itself.
The senses are spoken of symbolically, but not actually as that which they are thought of as experiencing. So, we hear said: That was a tasteful thing to do or say. This hints at a nascent awareness of the fact that the sense of taste is identified with being able to perceive that which is tasteful in words or deeds and that taste itself is Wisdom.

Gradually, the senses themselves become the Knowing itself.

We experience seeing as Wisdom. We see Wisdom. We also perceive our very sight as Wisdom.

Touch is experienced as Joy itself. Not only is touching a Joy, but the sense of Touch is Joy.

Taste becomes Wisdom and that which perceives Wisdom. We are able to understand the complex teachings in the various complex tastes.

Our sense of smell becomes the very embodiment of the fact that smell imparts knowledge. We are able to understand the Wisdom in a scent. We can understand the various messages in the levels of the complex scents.

Our sense of Hearing becomes the experience of Knowing Wisdom.

In this state, we still use the senses to perceive, but, more importantly they *are* the Wisdom itself – and we are profoundly, profoundly grateful to our Ancestors who bequeathed these Bodies to us and we invite them to come and live with us and experience our senses with us. This is the truth of the Resurrection of the Dead.

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