Wednesday, September 07, 2016

What is Witchcraft?

When people think of witchcraft they think of cackling crones stirring cauldrons or men in  long robes performing strange rituals at Freemason lodges, their faces hidden in cowls.
That's not witchcraft. That's wannabe nonsense.

Witchcraft is the cynical manipulation of the fact that the untrained mind is highly suggestible and planting suggestions such that people live out their self-fulfilling prophecies to their detriment.

 Witchcraft is phrasing sentences in such a way that all kinds of ideas about reality are presumed to be true, a priori, and not subject to change or amelioration.

When one's authority over others is brought to bear in so doing, the witchcraft is all the more reprehensible.

When one pretends that one is a representative of God, and/or a teacher and/or an interpreter of God's will and cynically manipulates suggestible minds, one is practicing witchcraft on the most egregious level – the level of the Talmud.

What baseless, and negative presumptions about God and the immutable nature of reality are to be found in the following quotes from the Talmud?:
"Three precious gifts that are given to the Jewish people, but they can only be acquired through suffering and hardship: The Torah, The Land of Israel, and the World to Come." - Tractate Berachot 5a
Wow! How condemnatory a statement about HaShem and how bleak a world view is that?!
About Women:

Thus, women were given greater understanding (BT Niddah 45b); women are light minded (BT Kiddushin 80b). Women are more familiar with handling guests (BT Berakhot 10b); women are stingier with their guests (BT Bava Mezia 87a). Women are thieves (Genesis Rabbah 45:5); it is not the way of women to steal (Nahmanides, Numbers 5:6). Women are lazy (Genesis Rabbah 45); women do not sit around idly (JT Ketubbot 5:6).
Several sweeping statements address the general tendencies of women to be compassionate (BT Megillah 14b), holy and pure (Sifrei, Deuteronomy, Ki Tezei), talkative (BT Kiddushin 49b), and given to tears (BT Bava Mezia 59a). Women are less easily appeased than men (BT Niddah 31b) and a woman is an unfinished vessel until she enters a relationship with a man who will be her husband and “creator” (BT Sanhedrin 22b). A woman is comfortable in her mother’s house (Genesis Rabbah 60:7) and content only in her husband’s house (Ruth Rabbah 2:16). Women’s needs differ from those of men, so when they are commanded to rejoice for the holidays they celebrate with new clothing while men drink wine (BT Pesahim 109a). Detailed Shabbat laws address how to deal with a woman’s propensity to wear jewelry and perfume.

I suggest you prepare some chamomile tea to settle your tummy before you read the rest of that page.
Understand that girls and boys are taught these pronunciations as unquestionable descriptions about their own existence that issued from the mouths of Sages whose authority cannot be questioned, for fear of being struck down by Heaven, from the time they are babies. None of these statements are necessarily true, of course. They are suggestions to the mind, not descriptions of an immutable reality. And they are devastating suggestions.

The very idea that one should concentrate on "the afterlife" takes one out of this world and sets one up for accepting their own suffering and that of others with stoicism because, the Rabbis teach, there is an eternal reward in "the next world".
These ideas are the basis of many of the ideas that were adopted in still cruder and more dangerous form by the Christians and Muslims. All of the errant ideas in Christianity and Islam are hyperboles of errant Rabbinic ideas.

This is the Talmud in English on line. Take a look at it.
Make a big pot of chamomile tea.

The Talmud is not good for the Jews, nor it is good for anyone else and the people whose minds and emotional structures are saturated with it will bring only misery upon you as they have brought misery upon the Jews. The Rabbis want us to believe that the horrors that have befallen us are due to the basically cruel and perverted nature of the Gentiles. In fact, they were the self-fulfilling prophecies of obedient Jews who were raised on Talmud, believed every word of it and, therefore, drew calamity upon themselves like a magnet by broadcasting hate, pessimism and even perversion to the Creation.

And speaking of Freemasons. There are too many Rabbis who do that too. Here it Tzfat, I was told by a former Mayor that there was no way to become an influential person in town without belonging to the Freemason lodge. He bragged that his grandfather, an ultra-Orthodox Jews, was a member.

I'm intentionally giving you Jewish sources of information. This is not coming from anti-Semitic sites.

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