Thursday, September 15, 2016

Our Subconscious - Our Buried Memories and Feelings and Thoughts are Our Ancestors' Consciousness

We are the Representatives of all of our Ancestors. We are "fronting" for them. We are actually a composite of all of them - not just genetically, but on every level of our being. We *are* them - just remixed.

There is no difference between a buried Ancestor and a repressed or suppressed Memory or Thought.
Our pre-conscious and subconscious *are* our Ancestors.

Until we are aware of this, we are in a state of Dissociative Amnesia and we are at the mercy of those Ancestors trying to find Peace through us, often in unpleasant ways. We, paradoxically, don't normally become conscious of this until we have done a lot of repair work - unless someone who has experienced the process of coming into this awareness tells us what is really going on beneath the surface of our conscious feelings and thoughts.

There is no "out there" versus "in here". There is only Here. When someone is buried in the ground, they are buried in the Ground of Being.

To the extent that they were at Peace when they died, our Ancestors are at Peace within us. To the extent that they were not at Peace when they died, they are not at Peace within us. Those are the feelings of apprehension, "irrational" fears, depression, "irrational" impulses and other unpleasant feelings that we experience, apparently for not proximate reasons.

If we have a heavy legacy of unhappy Ancestors we will be troubled with upsetting emotions, challenged with physical problems and/or confronted with overwhelming experiences. We are not defective if this happens to us! It is actually a badge of merit that says: A lot of very unhappy people have invested their hopes in You. Knowing this won't make our lives less chaotic, perhaps, but we will not feel that our troubles are our fault. We are only faulted with the unkindness we do.

We need not concentrate on our Ancestors,  that is maudlin. Neither should we try to contact them. That is necromancy. Necromancy has awful effects on us. It is not the way to bring about Peace.

There is a reason why the word before is paradoxical. If someone comes before us in time, they are as though behind us. If someone stands before us, they are in front of us.

In our current reality all of the elements for putting our Ancestors to rest are, well, present. If we do the best we can to create Peace here and now, if we greet the descendants of those our Ancestors interacted with to better or worse with welcoming acceptance; we may be assured that we are creating Peace for those who come "after" us - and for those of us who came "before".

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