Sunday, December 07, 2014

Creation is Not Fiat Lux

We have misunderstood a fundamental truth concerning Creation
The Hebrew יהי אור ויהי אור is not fiat lux. It is a long, slow, ongoing and painful/delightful process of Self-elucidation and Self-actualization.
Creation is not an act of mere will.
Creation is a willful act of becoming and being.
God doesn't just will and something else comes into being outside of God. Phrased that way, it is clear that such is an impossibility. What else? Where else?
Creation does not come easy to God.
God *becomes* and is everything that God creates.
While God, the Uncreated, In-And-Of-Itself, is absolutely Perfect (Perfect has to be defined as What God Is), that does not translate into the Created without effort. The Creation cannot withstand the full force of God and must be protected and guarded constantly so that it isn't obliterated. The transcription from God In-And-Of-Itself to Creation is DIFFICULT and painstaking.
I hope that the true nature of Who You are is now clearer. Be patient with YourSelf if that takes awhile to sink in. It is necessarily true that in order to become a finite being, God must assume a finite consciousness.

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