Friday, June 09, 2017


The Time Has Come to Clear Up a Long-Standing Misunderstanding

The Torah, in Hebrew, is neither history nor fiction. Taking either approach to Torah leads to illusion and disappointment.
Torah is the DNA of Creation. It is seed. It is the seed that seeds the consciousness of those who learn it diligently. It saturates our consciousness and, eventually, begins to sprout and grow.

Our character will determine which seeds in Torah impact on us and attract us and which we choose to integrate into our consciousness.

Torah is to realities what DNA is to the Body.

Torah reads like text because it is intelligent. Life is moral intelligence. The seeds have to come to fruition in our consciousness and lives.

If one tries to "understand" it as is, they are eating an apple seed and wondering why it isn't an apple.

The seeds need to be nurtured and protected until they sprout and are viable. This can take a very, very long time. They begin to take root in our fertile imaginations and memories and our actions determine their eventual form.

Reading Torah is translation is trying to grow from mangled, "genetically engineered" seed. In fact, genetic engineering came into our reality precisely because the Torah was translated.

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