Sunday, June 11, 2017



5777 is the year since creation, as presumed by those who do not know that the Hebrew word יום (pronounced yome and meaning day) is equal to the Hebrew word דורות (pronounced dorot, meaning generations).
Since the Hebrew word אחד (echad meaning one) is equal to the value 13, the Hebrew expression day one or one day can mean 13 generations.
On a higher level still, אחד (now pronounced eeched, means unified). So, יום אחד (one day or day one) means unified generations. The expression day one or one day is also equal to the word Goyim.
The second day יום שני can be read at 360 generations because the value of the Hebrew word for second שני is equal to 360. How many degrees are there in a circle? Are we talking about a time second or that which is between the first and the third? In Hebrew, the word for a second of time is שניה, which also means the second (ordinal) in the feminine singular.
The third day יום שלישי can be read as: 650 generations because the Hebrew word שלישי, the third is equal to 650.
Shabbat Day יום שבת, can be read as 702 generations because Shabbat equals 702. Or, if we read the letter nun in the word Shabbat as a regular nun, the expression Shabbat Day is read as in all generations.
One must enter Torah time to understand Torah correctly. Our perception of time changes with each new understanding. We soon see that time is not an abstract concept. The Hebrew word for time, זמן, is the same root that means to invite or to summon. Time is whom we invite to be with us. Invitation, clearly, is far higher than summons.

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