Sunday, August 02, 2015


The Ground of Being is the highest level of Humility. Unfortunately, there has been a conflation of Humility and Self-Depreciation.
So, we are living in a world in which Matter responds to most everyone alike - indiscriminately. That allows all kinds of horrors to take place.

The Material Universe is not supposed to be a maidservant - at the disposal and to the use of any and all, without discrimination, without dignity, without recognition, and taken for granted. Material reality is supposed to be regarded as the Queen Mother.

We should be giving The Universe the very same advice that we would give to our beloved Daughters, and Sons too:
Don't respond to those who don't love you.
Don't let everyone touch you.
Don't give of yourself indiscriminately to those who do not honor and value you.
Don't collapse into the arms of anyone who pays you the least attention.
Give of yourself as you will to those who love and value you and notice the jewels and beauty you hold within.

Imagine a world in which The Universe refused to respond to anyone who didn't approach it with love and utmost respect. Imagine if metals, for instance, did not allow themselves to be smelted alike for those who make jewelry and those who make shackles, those who build homes and those who build prisons.
Imagine if Material did not actualize except for those who reached out to it in Love and the utmost Respect and Gratitude.

Heaven is very discriminating about who is allowed to touch it. Earth must be so too.
That reality is not only possible; it's where we are supposed to be living. That reality is called The Land of Israel in Torah. The Land of Israel is not a geographical area and most certainly not a political entity that can be conquered and defended by force of arms. It is a State of Being that is manifested when we attain the level of Humility whereupon though we know that the Creation will materialize to us even if we abuse it, even if we disregard it, even if we take it for granted - we do not and regard it with sacred awe.

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