Monday, August 17, 2015


When we allow ourselves to feel outrage at injustice and senseless cruelty and perversion and the insufferable lightness of being that allows psychopathic behavior down to our core *and* admit our helplessness in the face of them; we are prompted to ask: Is there really nothing I can do? Am I really essentially helpless and powerless? Wherein might reside the power to fight that which offends and outrages my Soul?

And then we look to Nature. What do we see? An abundance of power! Endless power. Endless abilities.

And when we have refined our inclinations to the point where we genuinely have no desire to wield power in order to harm or to only serve ourselves or to abuse power in any way, but only to fend off incursion and invasion and to serve all the Beings who live in and on the Earth; then a meld between our Will and the Forces of Nature begins to take place. We notice profound changes occurring around us. Our Will and Matter become One and The Same.

But it is not enough that we live on an island of Grace. We want this for all other good and just Beings.

This is what is called The Holy Land - the Land that acts in Holiness in accordance with the Holy Will. The Land is no longer inert and neutral. It is actively Just and acts with alacrity to actualize the Divine Will.

The melding of the Divine Will with the Forces of Nature is what is called Entering the Holy Land. When we take every step in Gratitude and in Respect and Sacred Awe for the power that resides in Nature, then the promise: 'Everywhere you step your foot down, there it will be yours' is fulfilled. We become true sovereign on the Land, and our Sovereignty extends from the heights of Heaven to the depths of the Abyss. This is the true meaning of the Kingdom of David - The Kingdom of the Beloved.

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