Sunday, August 09, 2015

Abstract Thinking is the Apotheosis of Irresponsibility and
the Delusion of Impunity

I've been talking about the necessity of ceasing to think abstractly.

The problem in thinking abstractly is brought into most problematic relief when we speak about "life". People talk about the "secret of Life". Some say "life" will never be understood. So long as we think of "life" as an abstract concept and each living being as particular expressions of that concept, we will never understand Life.

The Hebrew word 'to understand' (להבין), pronounced LeHaveen, is quite literally to give birth to. We don't have to "understand" Life if we realize that we are giving birth to it continuously, in all its variegated forms.

In Hebrew, there is no word "life". There is only the word Cha'im (חיים). It is used, wrongly, in modern times, as a translation for the term "life" in order to have an analogous term for the Western concept "life"; but what it actually means is "those who live".
That is what "life" is: those who live. There is no abstract "life".

Of all of the injustices that Western Man has visited on the Creation, none is worse than the introduction of abstract thinking. It's so much easier to destroy a living being, when we imagine that doing so has no impact on the abstract, overriding concept, which we take to be of primary importance. Abstract thinking is nothing more than the apotheosis of irresponsibility and impunity, which the abstract thinker allows himself or herself by deluding himself or herself into thinking that if a particular is destroyed, the meta-concept remains undamaged, indeed untouched.
There is a very high price for that self-delusion - perpetually being in a state of unreality.

It is essential that we return to Original Thought – which is solid state thought.

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