Thursday, August 20, 2015


The collective thoughts that create the conditions under which all injustice and enslavement occur, and which aid and abet injustice and slavery, are the illusions that matter is inert a priori; that is inanimate necessarily; that the soil is, of its nature, opaque and dense and therefore it can hide a multitude of sins within it if we bury them; that matter is morally neutral; that matter must yield without discretion and without being party to deliberations; that matter must respond to whatever hand touches it, regardless of intent, and that it will serve the purposes of anyone strong enough to lay claim to it by force; that it must remain silent even as it is forced to do any will and give its fruits to any husband.

If we think about it, we will soon enough see that this is *exactly* the message that was, and is, given to Girls and Women historically.

The real price we have paid for enslaving the Female of Humanity, and the Female of Humanity allowing herself to be enslaved and silenced, has been the neutralization of the power of Nature to express the conditions in which we are necessarily free because the Land does not allow the conditions of slavery and abuse to occur.
The Land is not supposed to react with indifference and with equal submission to the hand that mines her resources to build and to the hand that mines her resources to destroy and hoard. These are not necessary conditions. They have been brought about as a result of collective thinking and collective expectations.

We can change the nature of physical reality itself and create conditions in physical reality of freedom as a given by changing how we view one another and relate to one another.
Understand this!

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